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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Тема: «Ecological problems of our native village of Chelbasskaya, Krasnodar territory »

Тема: «Ecological problems of our native village of Chelbasskaya, Krasnodar territory »

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Тема: «Ecological problems of our native village of Chelbasskaya,

Krasnodar territory »

Задачи урока: - практиковать коммуникативно- речевые навыки;

- отработать Л.Е. в устной речи

- формировать уважение и бережное отношение к окружающей среде своей

малой Родины – станицы Челбасской

«Fink globally. Act locally» - the motto of the lesson.

Teacher: Good morning students! Let’s continue our optinal lesson. Today we are going to discuss the ecological problems of our native village of Chelbasskaya.

Pupil: water, air and land pollution;

Rubbish problems

Killing forests and animals and others.

Диалог: pupil 1, pupil 2,pupil 3

P.1: Phew! I’m terrible tired!

P.2: Where have you been?

P.1: I have had a long walk around the village.

P.2: Did you enjoy it?

P.1: It’s a lovely place. I like to go to the forest and the river. Some years ago the

Chelbass-river was such a pretty place to sit on its bank on a hot summer day.

P.2: But today the situation is quite different, isn’t it?

P.1: Yes, that’s all changed now. Some years ago we could catch a lot of eatable fish in

the Chelbass – river. Now people throw pins and waste paper in to it.

P.3: Oh, you are right! Besides, wastes from our cattle farms and pig farms and nobody

cleans the river. Did you see what colour the water in the Chelbass – river ?

P.1: Yes, the water is not clear but brown and there’s rubbish floating in it.

P.3: I think very soon nothing will be able to live in this polluted water.

P.1: It’s necessary to take immediate measures.

Teacher: Now imagine that you the Governor of Chelbasskaya. And say what you do if

you were the Major of Chelbasskaya.

(вставка таблица № 2)

Teacher: I see you worry about our village. I’m pleased. Chelbasskaya is a very beautiful place. It’s large and green with trees. We are proud of Red forest. So we must care of our village for ourselves and for the next generations.

In conclusion I’d like you to say how we personally may take part in keeping our environment clean.

Pupil 1: Develop international cooperation to solve ecological problems together.

Pupil 2: Don’t put poisons into the water, air and soil

Pupil 3: Don’t waste water, gas, energy, natural resourses.

Pupil 4: Don’t turn the planet into a pile of rubbish.

Pupil 5: Plant trees and flowers.

Pupil 6: Turn the lights off when you leave your room.

Pupil 7: Close the door carefully when you enter and leave a building.

Pupil 8: Turn off the TV when you leave the room.

Pupil 9: Place bird houses in your yard.

Pupil 10: Watch but don’t disturb wild animals etc/

Teacher: You are right! Will you recite the poem about our homeland – Russia.

Pupil 11: Oh, Russia, I’m in love with you

Remember, Russia, you are great.

Not in the field of battles past

But in the lush green fields of wheat

And forests, gardens, free of dust.

Pupil 12: I love your deeply dear land

Your lakes with shores of fine sand

Your river, valleys, hills and seas

Your songs and dances, birds in trees,

Your sunrise is a splendid sight,

Which always gives me such delight!

Teacher: Thank you dear friends, for our lesson. You are very active, attentive and bright. I’ve enjoyed your answers at the lesson today.

Краткое описание документа:

Вид урока: обобщающий урок по теме «Защита окружающей среды» 
Цели урока: 
1. Общеобразовательный аспект – обучение чтению с полным пониманием содержания и говорению в монологической форме. 
2. Воспитательный аспект - духовно-нравственное воспитание: бережное отношение к родной Земле, любовь к природе. 
3. Развивающий аспект – развитие памяти, внимания, воображения, логического мышления, способностей к сравнению, умозаключению, развитие умений работать в группе. 
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