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Тематические диалоги по английскому языку для специальности

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8.1 How things work


Reception: Can I help you?

Woman: I can't get into my room. The key card doesn't seem to work.

Reception: Mmm ... Are you putting it into the slot correctly, with the arrow facing you and pointing?

Woman: I think so. The door handle just won't turn.

Reception: When you insert the card, a little green light shows on the lock. Take the card out and turn the handle to open the door.

Woman: I didn't see a light. Do I have the correct key card?

Reception: I'll ask one of the porters to come up with you. ... Tony, can you help this lady ...


Reception: ... Hello, reception.

Man: This is room 323. I've just got into my room but none of the lights work.

Reception: Ah ... Have you got your key card?

Man: Yes.

Reception: The control switch is just inside the door of your room, on the wall. Put your card into the slot there.

Man: Ah! Wonderful. Thank you so much. Reception: Don't remove the card until you leave the room ...


Woman: ... Reception?

Reception: Yes, Lucas speaking. How can I help you?

Woman: This is 531. Our room is very hot and stuffy and we can't open the windows.

Reception: Um, the windows don't open, I'm afraid, because of security. Have you got the remote control to switch the air conditioning on?

Woman: Only the TV one.

Reception: It's the same remote. Can you see an on/off button with an air con symbol?

Woman: Ah ... yes.

Reception: Point the remote at the air conditioning unit and press.

Reception: Use the plus or minus buttons to set the temperature.

Woman: Thanks very much ...

14.2 Customer care and customer service

Woman: ... This afternoon we're going to look at customer care in the hospitality industry. Please feel free to comment or ask a question at any time. OK? Right. The hospitality industry is all about the

customer. A business can only succeed if management put the customer first.

Students: Mmm./Yeah.

Woman: So a business must try to meet and expectations in everything they do. A successful business is always working to improve customer service ...

Student 1: But there must be lost of different levels of service ...

Woman: Yes. There are many differences in type and level of customer care provided. A 5-star hotel has a porter service, but a 3-star doesn't. Customers at a 5-star expect this. They're paying more for this kind of


Student 2: Ah ...

Woman: Also, the needs of different customers are very important. Er ... You may be dealing with individual guests, groups, business travellers, er ... families, or VIPs. Guests may have specific needs

because of disability or diet ...

Student 1: And people from different countries.

Woman: Exactly. They may be from different cultures and speak a different language. Your training encourages close teamwork with management and

colleagues. So whoever your customer is or wherever they come from, you give good service. OK? Your aim is to exceed customer expectations at all times.

Student 3: Why is it so important when guests just come and go?

Woman: Well ... A satisfied customer will come back. And they'll recommend the hotel to new customers. It'll be good for public image and sales will rise. And most important for you, the hotel will be a better place to work in.


14.1 We're here to help you


Woman: Hello, reception? We need some more toiletries in the bathroom - we're out of shampoo.

Reception: No problem. I'll ask housekeeping to put some in your room.

Woman: Can you help with a couple other things?

Reception: Yes, of course ...

Woman: We fly home tomorrow so we need to get up real early.

Reception: I'll book a wake-up call for you now. What time would you like to be called?

Woman: Airport check-in is at 6.30 a.m. so I guess we need a call at five.

Reception: 5 a.m. Room 352. Right, that's logged for you.

Woman: Great. Thanks. Er ... And we need a babysitter this evening - someone to sit with the children a couple hours while we go to the conference reception.

Reception: OK. I'll see if we've someone available. What time would you like ...


Man: Hello,the Queens Hotel?

Reception: Yes, Tom speaking.

Man: We have a reservation tonight. We're just coming up the motorway from London and we need directions to the hotel.

Reception: Right. You need to come off the

motorway at exit 33. At the roundabout, at the end of the slip road, turn left onto the A69. The hotel is just 2 kilometers along that road ... on the right.

Man: Great. Thanks. Do we need to get a parking permit from reception?

Reception: No, but you'll need a card to get out of the car park in the morning. You'll get that when you check in. Is there anything else I can help you with?


Guest: Hi, this is Mrs Wong in room 342. My daughter's party dress needs pressing urgently.

Reception: No problem, Mrs Wong. I'll send someone up to your room. The dress will be back with you by four this afternoon.

Guest: And the bathroom towels need changing. The children dropped them in the bath by accident.

Reception: That's OK. I'll ask housekeeping to bring you some fresh towels.

15.2 I'm really very sorry


A: Our room hasn't been serviced yet today.

B: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll ask housekeeping to do it now.


A: The people in the room next door played loud music all night.

B: I'm very sorry. I'll speak to them about it. Let reception know if it continues tonight.


A: The Internet connection isn't very good. It keeps disconnecting

B: Mmm ... I'm sorry about that. I'll ask maintenance to come and check your connection.


A: The traffic noise kept us awake all night.

B: I'm sorry. Would you like me to try and change you to a room away from the road?


A: We've been waiting 25 minutes for our drinks.

B: I do apologize. I'll bring them straightaway.


A: This fish is really undercooked. It's still frozen in the middle.

B: You're right. I'm really sorry. I'll return it to the kitchen and tell Chef.


A: This glass is dirty. There's a lipstick mark on it.

B: I do apologize. I'll get you a fresh glass.


A: Our bathroom tap is constantly dripping.

B: I'm sorry. That's very annoying. I'll arrange for maintenance to fix it.


15.1 This is unacceptable

Woman: Could you see if our rooms are ready? We've been here for two hours.

Reception: Of course. I'll check if housekeeping has finished servicing your rooms yet. Have we offered you refreshments?

Woman: Yes, thanks. We've already had coffee ... But we're exhausted. We've had a long flight plus a three-hour coach transfer from the airport.

Reception: I understand. I'll speak to housekeeping straightaway. ... They haven't finished yet, I'm afraid. Your rooms won't be ready for another two hours.

Housekeeping is short-staffed today.

Woman: This is not acceptable. Could I speak to the hotel manager?

Reception: Of course. I'll page the duty manager for you. ... Mr Rossi to reception, please.

Manager: ... What seems to be the problem?

Woman: I want to complain about the delay in checking into our rooms. We've been here for more than two hours.

Manager: Right. Paola, will you check the situation with housekeeping?

Reception: I've just checked with them, Mr Rossi. It's going to be another two hours before the rooms are ready.

Woman: We've had a 12- hour flight plus three hours on the coach with no sleep.

Manager: Mmm ... That's not good.

Woman: The travel company has transferred us with no tour representative or information. We don't know where we are in the resort, we're tired and hungry and we want to check into our rooms. What can you do to help us?

Manager: I'm afraid that when the hotel's fully booked in high season we do need several hours for the changeover of guests.

Woman: We shouldn't have to wait for more than four hours before we can check in. This really is unacceptable.

Manager: You're quite right.

Woman: We need a shower, sleep and we haven't eaten since yesterday evening.

Manager: I do understand. I'm very sorry that you've had to wait. I'm sure we can do something to make your wait easier.

Woman: At last, some service.

Manager: You can leave your luggage here behind the reception desk. The receptionist will give you a key to our courtesy room on the ground floor. You

can freshen up there.

Woman: Good.

Manager: Then go into the restaurant or relax in the garden. The waiter will come and take your drinks order. I'll ask the kitchen if they can provide a late lunch menu for you.

Woman: Thank you.

Manager: We'll put together an information pack for you about the town and the surrounding area so that you can start planning your week. And I'll speak to

housekeeping now and ask them to make your rooms a priority.

Woman: Thank you ...

    1. I’m sure we can sort something out


Reception: You seem upset, madam. Can I help?

Woman: Our flight’s been cancelled. They can’t get us on another flight until Thursday. We’ve nowhere to stay. And I have to be back at work on Tuesday.

Reception: Try not to worry. I’m sure we can sort something out. Could you just tell me again what’s happened?

Woman: Our flight back to LA tomorrow morning has been cancelled. There are no seats available on any flight until Thursday.

Reception: Shall I see if we have a room available for the next two nights?

Woman: Oh, yes, if you can.

Reception: OK. I’ll see to it straightaway.

Woman: Thanks.

Reception: You know our Internet service is free. You could email your office and explain what’s happened. The terminals are just over there.

Woman: That’s a good idea. I’ll do that now. Thank you ...


Waitress: Good evening, sir.

Man: A table for six. In the name of Cecchi.

Waitress: Cecchi? Yes. Er ... your table’s not quite ready yet. Would you like to come through to the bar and I’ll take your drinks order?

Man: We did book for eight thirty. We’d like to eat as soon as possible.

Waitress: Of course, sir, I quite understand. I’m sure your table won’t be long.

Man: I hope not.

Waitress: I’ll bring some menus through to you in the bar. We can take your order from there.

Man: Very well...

Waitress:... Please accept a complimentary champagne cocktail as an apology for the delay.

Man: Oh ... Very nice.

Waitress: Here are the menus and the wine list. I’ll come back in a few minutes and take your order. The specials of the day are ...

    1. Lost property


Woman:... Our luggage hasn’t arrived. We waited ages at the baggage carousel. Then ground staff advised us to register the cases with the airline as lost.

Reception: Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. Are the cases labeled?

Woman: Oh, yes. They’re clearly labeled. If they find the luggage this evening, they’ll send it to the hotel.

Reception: Can I help? I could contact the airport for an update. Give me the reference number for the bags and I’ll call them for you.

Woman: No, it’s OK. They have my mobile number. They’d call if they had any information.

Reception: Yes, you’re right.

Woman: It’s very frustrating. I only have my handbag. If the shops were still open, we’d be able to buy a few things.

Reception: There’s a local store that’s open till seven. But... er ... Don’t buy anything unless it’s urgent. Your bags will probably turn up later. If you ask your tour rep, she’ll advise you. Suraya will be here in 20 minutes for your welcome meeting.

Woman: OK. We’ll go and freshen up before then.

Reception: Let’s hope your luggage arrives tonight.

Woman: I hope so ...


Reception:... When did you last see it?

Man: At passport control. I’ve lost it somewhere between passport control and here.

Reception: Mm ... Have you checked all your belongings?

Man: Yeah. I’ve looked everywhere.

Reception: Maybe it’s on the coach. The driver will contact the hotel if he finds it.

Man: Mm ... that’s possible.

Reception: Perhaps it fell out of your rucksack. Hie zip is open.

Man: Oh, you’re right. I wonder how long that’s been open. Maybe someone took it.

Reception: If staff at the airport find it, they’ll contact lost property.

Man: If I spoke Turkish, I’d call them.

Reception: I can call them for you.

Man: Thanks.

Reception: If they don’t have it, the best thing will be to contact your consulate.

Man: Yes. I’ll contact the consulate if lost property hasn’t got it.... Ah! ... I changed some money at the airport. I left my passport on the bank counter. That’s it. I’m sure that’s what I did ...

    1. Can you call a doctor?

Woman: Hello, reception?

Reception: Yes, Louise speaking.

Woman: My husband needs a doctor. He collapsed when we arrived back in our room. His chest is hurting.

Reception: Is that Mrs Yamamoto in room 256?

Woman: Yes, yes. Please hurry.

Reception: I’ll call the doctor right away.

Our first aider will come up to see you immediately.

Woman: Thank you ...

Reception:... David, Louise here on reception. We need your first aid help in room 256. Mr Yamamoto. It sounds like he’s fainted and he’s got chest pains. Shall I call a doctor?

David: Er ... no. Call an ambulance. It could be a heart attack. It’s best if we get him checked in hospital.

Reception: OK. Will you go up to 256 now?

David: I’m on my way ...

David:... How are you feeling, Mr Yamamoto?

Man: Oh, a bit weak and dizzy. My chest hurts here.

David: Don’t try to move. I’ll undo your shirt button so that you can breathe more easily.

Man: Thank you.

David: Just lie flat. These pillows can go under your legs. Er ... Do you feel nauseous at all?

Man: Mmm, yes, I do. I feel very sick now.

David: Right. I’m just going to turn you onto your side in the recovery position in case you’re sick. That’s good. Are you comfortable?

Woman: Is he going to be alright?

David: I think Mr Yamamoto really needs to be checked out thoroughly in case it’s serious. We’ve sent for an ambulance. They should be here in a few minutes.

Woman: Oh. If you think that’s best.

David: Mr Yamamoto, were going to take you to hospital to be checked out ...

    1. A difficult call

Man: Hello. Is that the Park Hotel?

Reception: Yes. Louise speaking.

Man: This is Mr Kraus from Berlin.

Reception: I’m sorry. This is a very bad line.

Could you repeat your name, please?

Man: Kraus from Berlin.

Reception: Can you spell that, please?

Man: K-R-A-U-S.

Reception: K-R-A-U F. Is that F for Foxtrot?

Man: No, no. It’s S for Sierra. We’ve booked two double adjoining rooms for tonight.

Reception: Yes. That’s right, Mr Kraus. We have your reservation.

Man: I called earlier. Our plane was delayed.

Reception: Yes, Mr Kraus. Your call was logged. Don’t worry. Your rooms have been held.

Man: Can you speak more slowly, please?

Reception: I said ... Don’t worry. Your rooms have been held.

Man: Oh, thank you. We’ve been delayed again, I’m afraid. Our hire car’s broken down just a few kilometres from the airport. We’re waiting for another car to be delivered.

Reception: Oh, I am sorry.

Man: We’ll arrive very late - probably after eleven.

Reception: Sorry, but I didn’t quite catch that.

Man: I said we’ll probably arrive after eleven.

Reception: Thanks for letting us know. That’s fine. The night porter will be here.

Man: We’re about 5 kilometres from the airport. Can you give me directions to the hotel?

Reception: I’m sorry. You’re very faint. Could you speak up a bit? Did you say you’re at the airport?

Man: No, no. We’re about 5 kilometres from the airport... on the road to the city centre. Can you tell me how to find the hotel?

Reception: Oh, right. Yes. Follow the signs to the city centre for about another 20 kilometres.

Man: 20 kilometres. Yes.

Reception: Then you pass a large park on your right.

Man: Yes.

Reception: We’re just after the park, on the left.

Man: Thank you.

Reception: Would you like me to reserve a parking space for you?

Man: Breakfast?

Reception: No. A parking space for your car.

Man: Oh, yes, please.

Reception: OK. I’ll do that now. You’ll be given a car park exit code when you arrive.

Man: Thank you.

Reception: Is there anything else I can help

you with?

Man: No, no.

Reception: OK. I hope your car arrives soon ...

    1. Communication on the move

Reception: Hello. Is that Mrs Dekko?

Woman: Yes, speaking.

Reception: It’s Karin from the Hotel Bristol events office. I’m returning your call.

Woman: Oh, thanks for calling back. I’m actually on a train at the moment and the signal isn’t very good. We might get cut off.

Reception: OK. If we do get cut off, get back to me on a landline as soon as you can. Now, how can I help you?

Woman: My company, PRL, has an important new product launch at the end of the year and I’m looking for somewhere to hold the launch. There’ll be around 300 delegates.

Reception: What date did you want?

Woman: Early December. Tuesday, the 5th of December.

Reception: I’m sorry, I just lost you there for a moment. What date did you say?

Woman: Tuesday, the 5th of December.

Reception: Er ... Yes. That date’s good for us. Our main conference suite is available.

Woman: Oh, good. Could you send me some information - details about your facilities, costs, some ideas for catering, etcetera. I’ve got my laptop with me ... so something I can read on the train now would be very helpful.

Reception: Of course. I’ll send you a pdf of our events brochure. That’ll give you some idea of what we can offer. What’s your email address?

Woman: It’s cristinadekko@prl.es. So ... C-R-I-S-TT-N-A-D-E-K-K-O, at, P-R-L, dot E-S.

Reception: I’ll just read that back to you: C-RT-S-T-I-N-A-D-E-K-K-O, at, P R-L, dot E-S.

Woman: Perfect.

Reception: Right. I’ll email you the brochure right away. ... Oh, you’re breaking up...

Woman: I’ll phone you from a landline tomorrow.' Thanks for...

    1. A tour of the conference suite

Man:... Nice to meet you, Mrs Tuttle. I’ll take you over to the conference suite and show you round.

Woman: Thanks ... Oh ... I’ve got about half an hour...

Man: Fine. We can discuss any details over the phone or by email.... Well, it’s a purpose-built centre with a full-time service team.

Woman: Good. We’ve got some international delegates coming. They generally have lots of requests.

Man: Oh ... that’s fine. There are ... er ... nine meeting rooms altogether, of various sizes. Everything is on the ground floor and all the rooms have air conditioning and natural daylight.

Woman: Right.

Man: So, this is the conference reception.

Woman: Mmm ... very nice.

Man: Now, this first room on the right is the main hall.

Woman: Ah ... good. How many can it seat?

Man: It will easily seat 200 for your plenary sessions and it’ll be fine for your reception.

Woman: OK. Now, what about the breakout rooms?

Man: Well, they vary in size. There are three big ones like this.

Woman: Mm ...

Man: Seating capacity depends on layout. Boardroom style they seat 30 comfortably. We can lay them out however you’d like - boardroom, U-shaped, classroom ...

Woman: Actually, we might want to change the layout for different sessions ...

Man: No problem. Just give us your programme.... Then there are these three smaller adjoining rooms. They seat around 15 boardroom style.

Woman: Mm ... OK.

Man: All the breakout rooms have flipcharts and whiteboards.

Woman: Right.

Man: Then with the two final rooms you have ... er ... the option of partitioning them with the sliding doors or having two large rooms.

Woman: I see.

Man: The big rooms easily seat 50 classroom style. Now, if we go back along the corridor, I’ll just show you the restaurant...

    1. Planning an event

Woman: The Meeting Place.

Man: Hello, this is Bob Delaney from Box International. I’d like to organize a training seminar at the hotel.

Woman: Hi, my name’s Greta. What dates were you thinking of?

Man: The 5th to the 7th of June next year.

Woman: OK ... Yes ... The conference centre is available for those dates. So, if you can give me a few more details ...

Man: Well, we’re planning a three-day seminar for 300 to 350 people. We’d like a plenary session each day. And we’d need around ten breakout rooms as well.

Woman: Right. No problem. The main lecture theatre seats 400 people. It’s fitted with multimedia equipment.

Man: Great. And what about the breakout rooms?

Woman: We have 12 breakout rooms, each seating 35 plus. They’re all fitted with whiteboards, screens, flipcharts and LCD projectors. And there’s free wireless broadband throughout the centre.

Man: That sounds good. And the ... er ... catering?

Woman: Well, the day delegate conference package includes a buffet lunch and sit- down evening meal - plus refreshments during the day. The full residential package also includes overnight accommodation and breakfast.

Man: How much is the day delegate rate? I think about a third of the people will be non-residential.

Woman: Our standard day delegate rate is 666 per person. But we should be able to offer you a discount.

Man: Right. And the residential rate?

Woman: Our standard 24-hour residential rate is Cl80 per person, but again with large groups we can offer you a discount. Would you like me to do you a quote for both day and residential delegates?

Man: Please.

Woman: These rates include room hire and the equipment I’ve mentioned. Could I have your address and I’ll send you an information pack...

    1. Settling hotel bills


Man: I’d like to settle my bill. Room 234.

Reception: 234. ... I’ll just do a printout for you. Have you had anything from the minibar?

Man: Yes. Two Cokes and a mineral water.

Reception: That’s fine. They’re complimentary. Have you had breakfast this morning?

Man: Yes. From the buffet.

Reception: OK ... Here you are. This is your four nights’ accommodation, four breakfasts, phone calls, newspapers, and room service on Monday and Tuesday evening.

Man: Hmm ... I don’t think the amount for phone calls is right.

Reception: One moment. I’ll just check your calls.... OK. Here’s an itemized list of calls from 234. Mm ... the total’s the same, I’m afraid.

Man: Er ... That looks about right. OK. My company has an account with you ... Can you invoice them for the room and breakfast and I’ll pay the extras?

Reception: That’s fine.

Man: I’d like to pay in cash. Do you take euros?

Reception: Only local currency or dollars, I’m afraid. But the foreign exchange desk is open.

Man: OK. What do I owe you in local currency?

Reception: Er ... That comes to 1,026 dinars.

Man: Do you know what the exchange rate is?

Reception: There’s a list on the desk over there. It’s updated every morning.

Man: Right. I’ll just get some currency ...


Reception:... So, here you are, Mrs Costa. Including the single room supplement and your restaurant bill, that comes to $3,267.

Woman: Restaurant bill? But I paid in the restaurant for dinner. And this is wrong. You’ve overcharged by one night.

Reception: Oh, I do apologize.... Yes, it’s our mistake. Er ... The total now is 2,843. How would you like to pay?

Woman: With Mastercard.

Reception: Fine. Can you put your card into the machine?... Now enter your PIN. Right. That’s gone through. You can remove your card. Thank you.

Woman: OK.

Reception: Here’s your Mastercard receipt ... and your hotel receipt.

Woman: Thanks.

Reception: Er ... Would you like help with your luggage?

Woman: No. I’m fine, thanks.

Reception: OK. Bye. We hope to see you again soon ...

    1. Payment security

Trainee:... How do most people pay?

Trainer: Business people generally pay by credit card ... but a lot of travellers use their debit card.

Trainee: Right.

Trainer: Also we get charge cards like

American Express, traveller’s cheques, travel agent vouchers and of course cash.

Trainee: Do we accept foreign currencies?

Trainer: Local currency plus dollars and euros. We do sometimes get forgeries of large notes. If we suspect a note is a forgery, we don’t say anything to the customer. We just come into the back office and inform the manager.

Trainee: OK. It’s not very good for customer relations...

Trainer: No, it’s not. When a customer queries a bill, too, we have to be careful. We always check the bill... sometimes we make mistakes ... but if the customer is in the wrong, it’s best to take them into the office and explain so that other guests can’t hear.

Trainee: Yeah.

Trainer: When guests arrive, we always ask how they intend to pay. If it’s by debit or credit card, we ask for the card and take a swipe of it. We reassure the customer that no payment is taken from their card at that point.

Trainee: Have we had any problems with cards?

Trainer: We have a list of stolen cards here on the desk. And sometimes cards are invalid because they’re out of date.

Trainee: Right.

Trainer: For credit and debit card payments over the phone we always ask for the expiry date of the card and the starting date if it has one - also the 3-digit security number on the back of the card.

Trainee: As well as the long number on the front of the card?

Trainer: Oh, yes. Take that first. We also often take payment by traveller’s cheques. The cheques are all signed by the holder when they’re issued so if the signatures don’t match when they sign in front of you, there could be a problem.

Trainee: Of course.

Trainer: We also check the signature in the passport so we know the cheques aren’t stolen.


Your health and safety is important to us

I'd like to say a few words on the hotel's

health and safety regulations. Now, this is a serious subject, so please listen carefully.

Firstly, fire. The hotel has regular fire drills so please find out where the assembly points are for your area. We test the alarms regularly, and you must keep the fire exits clear at all times so please check them carefully.

Secondly, accidents. We must keep the hotel clean and tidy at all times, as guests could trip on torn carpets or slip on dirty floors. If you see an accident, find a first aider immediately. We have several members of staff who are trained first aiders, and their names are at reception. Please read the list carefully.

Thirdly, the kitchen area. Many cleaning products are poisonous so these must be marked clearly and kept away from food. When lifting heavy objects, bend your knees and don't strain your back. And finally, when using the food slicer all staff must put the guard in place. Now are there any questions? Yes ...

Sound the alarm!

Mary: It's the re a arm. Is it a test drill or is it real?

Jo: I don't know ... Hello?

Pat: Mary, there's a fire in the kitchen. One of the ovens is on fire. Evacuate the guests from the rooms.

Mary: Can I send anyone to help you in the

kitchen, Pat?

Pat: No, it's OK. Tom and Mark are here using the fire extinguishers, and the fire brigade's coming.

Mary: Right. I'll make an announcement. This is an announcement. We have an emergency situation in the hotel. Would all guests please leave the building by the nearest exit. Please go to the assembly point, in front of the hotel. Jo, here's the guest list. Go to the assembly point and take a roll call. Check all the

names and room numbers as the guests come out. Take the mobile with you. I'll call in a few minutes with the names of any guests who checked out this morning, or who haven't checked in yet.


Emergency first aid needed

Porter: Anna, one of the guests has just fallen over and cut his head badly. It's Mr Schmidt from room 397.

Anna: Right. I'll get the first aid equipment and come straight up. Don't move him. We should call an ambulance.

Porter: Yes. I've just called one.

Anna: Here, Mr Schmidt. You shouldn't move. Drink some water. I think you fainted in the heat. It's very hot today. Have you eaten anything today?

Mr Schmidt: No, no. I haven't had lunch yet. I didn't feel well this morning.

Anna: How are you feeling now? Are you in pain?

Mr Schmidt: I feel better now but my head ...

Anna: You should see a doctor so we've

called an ambulance. They'll be here soon.

Mr Schmidt: Oh ... yes. Thank you. Thank you.

Anna: You've cut your head so I'll put a plaster on it to stop the bleeding ...

Can you call a doctor, please?


Mrs Spiros: Reception, it's Mrs Spiros in room 542 here. Can you call a doctor please for my little boy? He's very hot and has been sick all morning.

Reception: Yes, Mrs Spiros. We have a doctor on call, Doctor Fong. I'll call him immediately.


Man: My wife has a terrible toothache. Can you give me the number of an emergency dentist?

Reception: Yes, of course. It's 652 3974. There's a pharmacy across the road. I'm sure the pharmacist will give you something for the pain.


Porter: Louise, quick. One of the waiters needs first aid. He's burnt his hand badly on the coffee machine.

Louise: Right. Tell him to put his hand in cold water. I'll be right there. Nick, get an accident report form out. Put the date and time on the top of it, please.


Porter: Anna, one of the guests has fallen down the stairs. I think she's broken her arm.

Anna: Right. I'll call an ambulance. Tell her she shouldn't move. Then, call Louise in reception. She's a first aider and will know what to do.


What can you offer the business traveller?

Woman: Can you tell me about your in-room facilities?

Reception: Of course. All rooms have satellite TV with pay-per-view facilities so that you can watch films, play games, and listen to music. There's Internet access for sending emails, accessing websites, and for

finding out information about the hotel, for example, services, facilities, and car hire. Both the minibar and the electronic safe are standard in all rooms. We have

24-hour room service and a babysitting service ...

Woman: What about facilities for business


Reception: All the rooms have multi-line phones. But the printer, photocopier, and fax facilities are in the business centre just opposite reception. The centre's fully equipped and offers broadband Internet access.

We're planning a conference

Woman: We're planning a conference for one thousand people in Barcelona. Can you tell me a little about your conference facilities?

Man: Certainly. The hotel has a total of twenty-eight meeting rooms. The theatre-style room is the largest and holds 1,200 people, then there's the boardroom-style, and finally the classroom-style which is the smallest. The 19th floor has a rooftop banqueting room with panoramic views of the city.

Woman: Fine. What about audio-visual equipment?

Man: We can organize digital projectors, slide projectors and screens, PowerPoint facilities ...

Woman: Good. And what about business


Man: We have high-speed data lines, and full secretarial services, and we can also arrange video conferencing facilities for you.

Woman: Excellent. Can you send me your

information pack? I'll contact you next week.


Are we service-minded enough?


Guest: Reception, I requested a non-smoking room, but this room really smells of smoke.

Reception: I'm very sorry. Your request should have been registered. I'll change your room immediately.


Guest: Excuse me, but my room hasn't been serviced. The bed hasn't been made and the bathroom hasn't been cleaned.

Reception: I'm very sorry. It should have been done this morning. I'll call the housekeeper straightaway.


Guest: Reception, there's still no hot water in our room. This should have been mended yesterday.

Reception: I'm very sorry. I'll call maintenance right away.


Guest: I didn't have a wake-up call this morning, but I asked for one for 6.30.

Reception: Room 152. Yes, you should have had a call. I'm very sorry, I'll look into it.


Guest: I asked for your overnight laundry service but my shirts haven't arrived back yet.

Reception: I'll chase up housekeeping right away, sir, to see what's happened to your shirts. They should have been ready before 8.00 a.m.


Guest: Excuse me, we still don't have any

air-conditioning in our room. It hasn't been fixed yet. I told you about it yesterday.

Reception: I'm sorry, sir. This should have been dealt with. I'll send up a service engineer immediately.

Did you enjoy your stay?

Personnel : Hello, Mrs White. My name's Roger Scales from the personnel department at the Bay Hotel, and I'm just calling you about your recent visit. I know there were problems when you stayed with us and I wanted to check that we dealt with them properly.

Mrs White: Oh ... yes ... OK.

Personnel: I see there were problems with the disabled facilities.

Mrs White: Well, the disabled access in the hotel was very good really. You know, to the bars and the restaurants, but the main

lift wasn't working when we arrived. So, that's why we needed a room on the ground floor.

Personnel: I see, and did we give you a room on the ground floor?

Mrs White: Yes, you did, but the room you gave us was very noisy. That first night, we couldn't sleep at all.

Personnel: Oh dear. That shouldn't have happened. Did we give you a different room on the ground floor?

Mrs White: Yes, you did. The next day you gave us a beautiful room next to the gardens. It was very quiet, and the manager sent us some flowers and a

complimentary bottle of champagne. So, in the end we had a very pleasant stay.

Personnel: Good. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Well, we look forward to seeing you again.

Mrs White: Yes, thank you very much. Goodbye.

Personnel: Goodbye.


Could we have our bill, please?


Mrs De Canio: Hello. We're checking out now. Could we have the bill for room 234, please? I asked for it to be prepared.

Reception: Yes, your bill's ready for you, Mrs De Canio. Here you are. Everything is itemized: your room, meals, telephone calls, pay-per-view, and the minibar. Service and VAT are included. How would

you like to pay?

Mrs De Canio: With Visa. Here's my card. Reception: Could you sign here, please? Thank you. Here's your receipt and your Visa slip copy. Thank you very much. We hope to see you again.

Mrs De Canio: Thank you.


Woman: Excuse me, we're leaving now.

Could you bring us the bill, please?

Waiter: Certainly, madam.

Woman: Have you included the drinks from the bar?

Waiter: Yes. I've included them here.

Woman: Ah. And is service included?

Waiter: No, madam. How are you paying?

Woman: I'm paying in cash. Do you accept euros?

Waiter: Yes, we do. The total in euros is just there. Would you like a VAT receipt?

Woman: No thanks. This is fine.

How would you like to pay?


Cashier: The invoice for your room and meals goes directly to your company.

Mr Badel: Yes, that's right. Cashier: So, here's your bill for the extras. How are you paying, Mr Badel?

Mr Badel: With Mastercard.


Cashier: Your hotel vouchers are for room and breakfast, Mr Franks. Your bill for the other meals and drinks comes to 230 dollars. How would you like to pay?

Mr Franks: With US dollar traveller's cheques, please.


Ms Kohl: Can I pay my bar bill separately, please?

Reception: Yes, certainly Ms Kohl.

Ms Kohl: I'll pay by credit card. Do you take Visa?

Waiter: Yes, Visa is fine.


Waiter: That's £17.50 altogether Mr Popovic. How would you like to pay?

Mr Popovic: In cash, please. Here you are, £20.

Waiter: One moment, and I'll get your change.

Mr Popovic: No, that's alright. Keep the change.

Waiter: Thank you very much.


I think there's a mistake

Woman: Could I have the bill, please?

Waiter: Thank you, madam.

Woman: Excuse me, I think there's a mistake. There are a lot of items here but I didn't have much wine or any extra dishes. This looks too much.

Waiter: I'm sorry, madam. This isn't your bill. It's table seventeen's. One moment, I'll get the right bill for you. Here we are. I'm sorry about that.

Woman: Ah. That's better. Here's my Visa card.

Waiter: Thank you, madam ...


Mr Badouvas: Hello. I'm in room 532 and I'd like to settle my bill.

Reception: 532. Here we are, Mr Badouvas. Are you paying by American Express?

Mr Badouvas: Yes, but just a moment. What are all these items? How much minibar bill?

Reception: Forty euros.

Mr Badouvas: Forty euros! Alex, how many

drinks did you have?

Alex: Oh, just a few ... and some snacks

Mr Badouvas: And look at the phone calls! We didn't make many calls. This amount is ridiculous.

Reception: One moment, I'll just check for you. No, you didn't make many calls to there was one very expensive call to Athens on Tuesday evening.

Mr Badouvas: Tuesday evening? Alex ...


Writing your CV

Agent: Hello, thank you for coming in to register with the agency. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Caroline: Well, my name's Caroline Davros. I was born in 1980. I'm single. I live in Geneva with my parents. I left school in 1998 with my baccalaureate professionale.

Agent: And what professional qualifications do you have?

Caroline: I have my BEP certificate in Tourism and Hospitality from City College.

Agent: And work experience?

Caroline: During my college holidays I worked in the Hotel Central as a receptionist. It's a small hotel in Geneva. I took reservations and ran the reception

desk during the daytime. When I left college, I worked in the Sun Hotel which is part of the Triad group. This is when I learnt how to use the Fidelio System. After

a year, I applied for a job at a larger hotel in the same group. I'm now a receptionist at the Sofitel.

Agent: I see. And what qualities do you bring to your work?

Caroline: I love my work. I'm sociable and friendly, and I enjoy helping and advising people. I'm well organized and hard-working.

Agent: Do you have any references?

Caroline: Yes, Mr Schultz, the manager of the Sofitel.


Presenting yourself at an interview

Personnel: So, Michel, tell me something about yourself.

Michel: Well, I'm 21 years old and I was born in Lyon. I've lived in Lyon all my life. I got my chef's certificate eighteen months ago and since then I've worked at the Mercure Hotel.

Personnel: Why do you want to leave?

Michel: Well, I really like working there but I'd like to learn some new menus and work with a new head chef.

Personnel: And what do you know about our company?

Michel: You're part of one of the biggest hotel chains in the world with some of the top chefs.

Personnel: Why do you want to work for us?

Michel: I've spent all my life in Lyon and I'd like to see more of the world. I think I'd learn a lot and it would be good for my career.

Personnel: What could you offer us if we gave you a job?

Michel: Well, I'm enthusiastic, hard-working, and a good team worker. I learn quickly, and I think I have the right skills and experience for the job ...


Personnel: Right. Well, I'm seeing three more candidates tomorrow, Michel. Then I'm going to make a shortlist to discuss with chef. If you're shortlisted, we'll phone you to arrange a second interview ...


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Trish Stott & Alison Pohl. Oxford University Press, 2013.

  1. Highly Recommended. English for the hotel and catering industry (Intermediate-2).

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