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Theme What nice weather

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Theme: What nice weather

The aim of the lesson: to teach pupils new material
To develop pupils skills in oral speech and habitet ability
The aesfretic education
The visual aids: the interaction blackboard, test
The procedure: 1. Organization moment
Good morning children, sit down please
Who is absent today? What is the date, day today?
Today is the 9th of December, Tuesday
How is the weather like today? It’s snowy
No begins ago of the lesson I wish you success, good luck, good health, happiness, to peace, to friendship, to cooperation, to our success, attention, to have a nice time, may all your dreams come true!
2. Asking home tasks Read the text
Cambridge and its environment
Cambridge is in the east of England. It is a small city. The population is
about a hundred thousand. Cambridge is an ancient city. It is famous because it has a very good university. The main industries in Cambridge are
tourism and agriculture. There are also a lot of English language schools.
The land near Cambridge is flat. There are no hills or mountains. The climate
Is in summer and cold in winter. And there is usually some air pollution, especially in the centre of the city.
Answer the guestions
1. In what country do you live?
2. Which season is it at the moment?
3. Is the weather hot and sunny today?
3. Phonetic drill
Everything is good in it’s season
Әр нәрсенің өз уақыты бар
East or West, home is best
Өз үйім, кең сарайдай бөз үйім
4. Presentation new material. Vocabulary
Spring -
Summer –
Autumn -
Winter -
Sunny -
Rainy -
Cloudy -
Snowy -
Foggy -
Celsius -
hot -
cold -
wet -
dry -
windy -
cool -
warm -
freezing –
мұз тоңдыратын
thunder -
weather –
ауа райы

Let’s learn words. Listen to the Pooh /Vocabulary1/
In Great Britain we have four seasons in the year: spring, summer, autumn in winter. We have 12 months in the year. The winter months are December, January and February. They are cold. It usually snows in winter. Sometimes it’s freezing. At the end of the winter the snow melts. Spring is coming. The spring months are March, April and May. In spring the days are longer and the nights are shorter than the winter. It gets warmer. The trees are in blossom – we can see a lot of flowers. Then summer comes. The summer months are June, July and August. Summer is the hottest season. It’s usually sunny in the street, but not always sometimes it’s cloudy and it rains. Children do not go to school - they have summer holidays. The last season is autumn. People in America cool it fall. It’s a nice season warm and dry, but it rains often and it’s windy sometimes. Leaves fall down from the trees. Birds fly away to warmer places. The end of autumn is cold. Winter is coming. It’s very interesting to see different kinds of weather all the year round.
Task 1. Word work. Activities 1. Do you know the weather of the year? Match the phrases, the months names and the pictures
1. It’s cloudy – it’s March
2. It’s raining – it’s October
3. It’s snowing – it’s January
4. It’s freezing – it’s February
5. It’s very hot – it’s windy
6. It’s windy – it’s November
7. It’s sunny – it’s August
8. It’s hot – it’s June

Task 2. Word work. Activities 2. Describe the weather.
Last week the weather is snowing
Yesterday windy
Today it was hot
Last Monday sunny
Three days ago raining
the weather freezing
it cloudy
very cold
very hot

1. Play game. Level 2. 13 a. Put the objects in the pictures
It’s sunny. It’s hot. It’s windy. It’s wet. It’s cold
2. Play game. Level 3. 18 a. Drag the words into the gaps
Cold sunny cool cloudy wet windy snows rains hot
In winter in China it is [cold] and [cloudy]. Sometimes it [snows]
In spring in England it is [cool]. It is often [wet] because it [rains]
In summer in Egypt it is often[hot] and [sunny]
In autumn in America it is [cool]. It is often [windy]

3. Play game. Level 3. 18 b. Drag the words into the gaps
is going to be
Saturday April 3rd; cold, wet, cloudy
Sunday April 4th; cool, windy, cloudy
Monday April 5th; warm, sunny, windy
Today it [is cool[[. It [is windy]. It [is cloudy]
Yesterday it [was cold]. It [was wet]. It [was cloudy]
Tomorrow it [is going to be warm]. It [is going to be sunny]. It [is going to be windy]
4. Play game. Level 4. 6a. Drag the pictures into the maps.
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Penny Island Penny Island Penny Island
Today it is [windy] in the south, and [hot] and [sunny] in the east.
On Thursday it will [rain] in the west, and it will be [hot] and [windy] in the north
On Tuesday it was [hot] and [sunny] in the north, and it [snowed] in the west.
Today it is [cold] and [cloudy] in the west
Yesterday it was [cold] and [cloudy] in the south, and it [rained] in the east.
Tomorrow it will [snow] in the south, and it will be [hot] and [sunny] in the east

Conclusion; English level 3. Check progress, yourself. Test 1.
1. Fill in the gaps a_tum_
a. Autumn
b. Aotumn
c. Autumm
d. Autume
2. Choose the correct name for a group of words;
Spring, summer, fall, winter
a. Time
b. Seasons
c. Years
d. Months
3. ___________ is the coldest season.
a. Summer
b. Fall
c. Winter
d. Spring
4. Where___________ you go next summer?
a. Do
b. Was
c. Are
d. Will
5. Find the mistake in the sentence and choose its correct variant:

The five letter of [spring] is N
a. The fiveth letter of [spring] is N
b. The fivth letter of [spring] is N
c. The fifth letter of [spring] is N
d. The fifteen letter o[spring] is N
6. Put the words in the right order make up a sentence:

Our country it sunny in will be tomorrow
a. Tomorrow in our country will be it sunny
b. In country it will be our sunny tomorrow
c. It will be in our country sunny tomorrow
d. Tomorrow it will be sunny in our country
7. Find the right guestion to the answer: No I’ll not
a. Will you go to school next Sunday?
b. Do you go to school next Sunday?
c. Are you go to school next Sunday?
d. Were you go to school next Sunday?

Giving assesments.
Home task. Exercise 3. Work in pairs

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