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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Тheme: Fast Food Restaurants
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  • Иностранные языки

Тheme: Fast Food Restaurants


Алматы облысы Талғар ауданы 21 орта мектептің ағылшын тілі мұғалімі : Қамбарбаева Б.М.

Тheme: Fast Food Restaurants

Aims: Negative Effects of Fast Food, Importance of being fit and look nice of the students, Importance of Healthy Food

Duties: 1. To direct using new words in the sentences 2. To avoid from Fast Food 3. To understand of Fast Food in person’s life

Results: 1. They received information about Fast Food 2. They used new words establishing dialogical contact

3. They opened their opinions of critical thinking

Methods: Critical thinking

Literature: 7 “a” grade ’’ English ’’Ayapova. Т.A. Ukbaev.

Visual aids: posters, slides, smiling, warm up, internet, sticks, pictures, showing, mark criterion

Learning technology: dialogical learning

Plan of the lesson:

І. Introduction. Organization moment a) greeting (2min)

ІІ. Checking up home tasks (3 min)

ІІІ. The Main Part. New theme ( 25min)”

a) Watching Video “ Negative affects of Fast Food”(3min)

b) Work at the text ’’ Fast Food Restaurants’’ reading the 4 paragraphs of the text (6 min)

c) Doing Ex.15 P.78 (4 min)

IV. Morning exercises Warm- up ! “Head ,shoulders ,knees and toes “. Muffin Song( 2 min)

V. Work with posters d) Defending ( 10 min)

VI .Conclusion /reflection (2min)

VII. Smiling posters (1 min)

VІII .Marks (2min)

IX. . Home task (1 min)

Course of the lesson

Stages of the lesson

Teacher’s Action

Children’s Action

I. Introduction.

1.Organization moment. a)greeting


Hi , everybody! How are you! Who wants to be a teacher for a minute? Any volunteers? Please, Khalyl !Ask questions!

What is the weather like? What is the temperature today in Almaty?What is the day? What is the date? Ok!

Now ,all of you come up to me !Make a circle !

Let’s listen! Who are you?You must say one of your good character! e .g. Intelligent Asel, kind Nurbek ….

Now, we’ll divide into 4 groups: take one piece of paper! Look at the picture!What have drawn?

The 1st group: “ Chips”

The 2nd group: “ Cola”.

The 3rd group : “ Hamburger”

The 4th group : “ Hot –dog”

One of the students will begin the lesson, greets and the others answers the questions: It’s sunny and warm. It’s 27 degrees above 0.

It’s Friday. It’s the 16th of October.

Charming Almas, Shy Bek, Polite Guldensyn……

II. Checking up home tasks.

What was your home task for today?

1. Dialogue “ At the school canteen”.

2. Ex. 6 . p. 67

Dialogue “ At the school canteen”.

Pupils : Asel and Asulan

Guldensyn and Aibyn…..

III. The Main Part.

New theme:

New words :milkshake, ordinary restaurants, order, counter,

Knives, spoons , plates,

They will carefully listen , repeat after the teacher in chorus.

T- Cl

T- P1- P2-P3….


The teacher gives the paragraphs to each group

Text: Fast Food Restaurants.

The 1st paragraph : Fast Food Restaurants (FFR) are popular all

over the world. In Britain also there are Fast Food

Restaurants. The food we eat there is hamburgers,

cheeseburgers, a pie, a milkshake and coke.

The Second paragraph: These restaurants are not ordinary ones.

There aren’t any waiters. You order your food at the

Counter ,pay for it at the same time. You get your

food In a bag or a box.. There are no plates ,knives ,

forks or spoons there .You eat your meal Then you

throw bags, cups and boxes away.

The 3rd paragraph :FFR are very popular with young people. They

can eat very quickly there. They can eat when they

want :FFR s are open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. FFR

are very cheap.

The 4th paragraph: In such restaurants colors are bright and

atmosphere is informal. Some people criticize these

restaurants. They say the hamburgers are very big.

They say there aren’t many tables but a lot of people

But isn’t that because FFRs are very popular.

Pupils of each group read, translate and retell it .

b) writing

Then the teacher will give them exercise 15 at page 78 and explains how to do this task.

Teacher will give to each group posters and markers and explains them how to do this task.

C) warming- up

Head, shoulders , knees and toes”

Pupils will stand and do physical exercises

d) watching video

Before defending she will show them a video about negative effects of Fast Food.. Teacher’s questions:

They have just seen a video about negative effects of Fast Food. With the help of the video they will draw their own project ‘’Chips”, “Cola,”, “Hot-dog”, “Hamburger”.’’ in the posters and from each group the leaders will defend the task.

e) defending

Teacher will give to each group posters and markers and explains them how to do this task. The 1st group: “ Chips”

The 2nd group: “ Cola”.

The 3rd group : “ Hamburger”

The 4th group : “ Hot –dog”

2 pupils : Black Hat : minuses

2 pupils : Red Hat : emotion

De Bono’s Thinking Hats

Minuses: Black Hat Red Hat

http://www.workplacehealthcare.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/de-bono-hats.jpg Emotion http://www.workplacehealthcare.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/de-bono-hats.jpg

V. Smiling poster

She will give them sticks.


They will put the sticks in the smiling poster.

VIII. Mark

She puts conclusion mark. The 1st group: “ Chips”-------“4”

The 2nd group: “ Cola”.----------“5”

The 3rd group : “ Hamburger”-----4”

The 4th group : “ Hot –dog”--------“4”

4 pupils get “4”

5 pupils get “5”hello_html_728793f3.jpg

4 pupils get “4”

4 pupils get “4”

IX. Home task

She gives them home tasks.

The lesson is over!

Good-bye, children!

They’ll do exercise 16 at page 78 to retell and exercises13,14. at page 77.

Goodbye, teacher!

The group : “ ”.







Class work

Your “mark”



Fast food












throw away

young people





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