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Theme: "Living with an English family"

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Short-term plan of English language for 8th grade



S10 Living with an English family

Aim of the lesson

  • To revise Real Condition;

  • To improve reading, translating skills;

Waiting result

  1. Revise Real Condition;

  2. Improve word vocabulary;

  3. Quick translate;

Active forms of work

ДЖИГсо strategy, Group work, Dialogue


ICT, textbook, traffic light colors

The procedure of the lesson

Teacher’s action

Students’ action


Organization moment

Class divide into 3 terms.

To divide class into terms used students’ variant.


Ex I p37 Practice reading the words before reading the text. Guess their meaning.

Ex II p 37 Using strategy students read then translate the text about foreign family.

Ex III p 38 Combine the two sentences into one using “if”-clause.

1. If the taxi arrive late I’ll miss my train.

2. If Steve passes his exams he’ll go to University.

3. If Steve will not go to University he’ll start to work in an office.

4. If James become a tennis player he’ll make a lot of money.

5. If he will not win the game he will give up tennis.

6. If Caroline changes her job she will earn more money.

7. If Daniel goes to the village he will have a good rest there.

8. If James goes to the doctor he will prescribe some medicine for the flu.

9. If Dan jumps off the tree he will hurt himself.

10. If she takes some medicine she’ll feel better.

Doing warm-up exercise


Ex IV p 39 Read and understand the text “The farmer and the apple tree” (Part I)

ДЖИГсо strategy, reading, translating

Group work

Reading, translating


Self-esteem: “Traffic-light”

Formative assessment

Home task: Ex 2 p38 To complete the sentences.

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