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Theme of the lesson: My Hero.

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«Разработка урока по теме "My hero"»

Theme of the lesson: My Hero.

Цели и задачи урока: Повторение изученного материала перед зачетом. Закрепить навыки аудирования.

Образовательная; организовать обучение аудированию и употребление материала по изученной теме в речи

Развивающие; развитие навыков аудирования с целью развития речи; развитие и поддержание интереса к изучаемому предмету.

Воспитывать у учащихся уважение к высказываниям своих товарищей, развивать умение слушать, умение работать в группе.


  1. Начало урока. Учитель начинает с приветствия. Затем дежурный ученик сдает рапорт дежурного.

T:Hello! How are you?

S: Thanks. Fine!

T: Who is on duty today?

S: I’m on duty today. Today the 25- th February. Wednesday. The weather is fine. It’s cold, but sunny. The sky is blue. It isn’t windy. In the morning was foggy, but it’s fine…..

  1. Divide the class into groups.

Ask to make a list of popular teenage idols, e.g. film stars, musicians, athletes and discuss why people admire them. Set a time limit of four minutes. Groups read out their lists and say why these people are teenage idols.

S: My idol’s Oflando Bloom. He had problem at school because he was dyslexic…

S: My idol is Bethany Hamilton. The shark attacked her and bit off her left arm. But she won the NSSA surfing championships in 2005.

  1. I invite you to listen to the story about the girl. Before we start, look at the following words. I’m sure you’ve come across them already. And repeat irregular verbs. ( Учитель тренирует употребление этих слов в речи.) Repeat these words after me. Учитель ставит перед учащимися задачу на прослушивание текста: прослушать текст и подумать над заголовком к нему. Well done, thanks. Let’s come back to our story. This story is unusual.

  2. So listen to the story very carefully. Учитель спрашивает учащихся, какой заголовок они выбрали наиболее подходящий к этой истории. Now, what are your ideas about the title for this story? Учитель задает вопросы по тексту, чтобы проверить понимание его понимание.

  3. Reading: Focus attention on the pictures and explain that they show Aimee Mullins.

T: She is famous in the USA and she is a hero for many people.

Students read and listen to find out why she is famous.

Play the CD. ( 2 times)

Students read and answer the question. Why is she hero?

S: Aimee is famous as an athlete, an actress and a model.

S: She has worked very hard for her career because she has no legs.

Students answer the question p. 24, ex. 1b.

  1. What happened to her when she was one?(She had double amputation)

  2. What sport did she play at school? (She skied and played football)

  3. When did she go to university? ( In 1995)

  4. What sport did she do at university? ( Atheletics: Running, Long jump)

  5. Why is she hero?

  1. Ask students. Can you think of other people who managed to successful careers despite their disabilities. What do you know about them: Michael J,Fox, Lance Armstrong, Stevie Wonder, Stephen Hawking.

  2. Speaking:

Ask if students know the people in the photo. Divide students into pairs. They should choose one celebrity from the photos each. Explain that they are going to read some information about this person’s life and then re-tell it to their classmates in their own words.

The following words: dyslexic, drama, recover, trilogy, bite/bit, competition, championships.

Explain the NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) is the most important surfing association for amateurs in the USA.

Set a time limit of twelve minutes for reading, preparation and speaking. Ask students to listen attentively and remember as much possible. When you finished the task, you repeat to each other everything you remember from the biography your partner has told them about.

Work in pairs. Fast finishers say why you admire the famous people in the task.

  1. Conclusion. We worked well. We knew a lot of news about the famous person, we read, listened and told. All students worked well. And your marks are…..

  2. Homework: 1. Activity book page 18, activity 1.

2. Students find information about a famous person you admire and write it in note form as in Activity

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