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Theme of the lesson: Step 3. Which room do you like?

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Form: 5

Theme of the lesson: Step 3. Which room do you like?

The aims of the lesson:

  1. Educational: to consolidate and generalize knowledge of pupils on the unit ‘Home’, to widen their vocabulary through doing different tasks;

  2. Practical: to develop pupils’ speaking, reading and writing habits, drawing conclusions and analyzing skills, to teach pupils to work creating and developing the habits of independent work.

  3. Cultural: to enrich pupils interests in learning English language; to bring up pupils’ accuracy, responsibility and activity and to respect the relationship between pupils.

Methods: question – answer, explanation, individual work, games technology, listening, logical meaning model, level tasks.

The type of the lesson: Combining

Visual aids and equipment: pictures, postcards, a tape – recorder, a disk, cards, an interactive board and presentations, a textbook, a blackboard.

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:

  1. Greeting: Good morning, pupils!

Good morning, teacher!

Thank you, sit down, please.

  1. Duty’s report: Who is on duty today?

Is anybody absent today?

What date/day is it today?

What season/month is it now?

  1. Checking up home task: - What was your home task?

Your home task was ex12. Draw a picture of the rooms of your house and describe it.

- Are you ready? - Who is ready? - Get ready for your home task T → P1 – P2 – P3 – P4 – P5

  1. Warm up:

Look at the words. Match them to the pictures.

1 – an armchair 8 – a carpet 2 – a washing machine 9 – a clock 3 – a bed 10 – a fire 4 – a cooker 11 – cupboards 5 – plates 12 – a shelf 6 – a television 13 – a table 7 – a lamp 14 – a sofa

  1. The new theme


a carpet

x.1 Complete the following diagrams.


a sofa

a fire



a table

an armchair



a television

a plants

a bookcase

a desk

a clock


a chair



a computer

a carpet


a lamp

a bed

a shelf

a table







a fridge



a dishwasher

a sink

a cooker

  1. Reading and writing.

Ex.2 Listen to the dialogue. Then answer the questions.

Ex. 3 Which rooms do you like? Why? Choose one of the pictures.

Example: I like my room because…

  • I relax in my room.

  • I read books.

  • I talk to my friends.

  • I listen to music.

Ex.4 Put the objects in the picture.

  1. Put the fish in the tank.

  2. Put the phone on the table.

  3. Put the bag under the chair.

  4. Put the book on the shelf.

  5. Put the doll on the sofa.

  6. Put the pen in front of the teddy.

  7. Put the cat on the floor.

  8. Put the lamp next to the TV.

  9. Put the plant under the shelf.

  10. Put the picture on the wall.

  1. Home task.

Your home task: Ex 6. Complete the sentences, and make some more sentences about the living room.

  1. Giving marks to pupils.

Your marks: excellent (5) good (4) satisfied (3) The lesson is over. Thank you for your hard works. Goodbye pupils! hello_html_56f8b16f.pnghello_html_7022d6d0.png

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