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Темы по английскому языку для 6-7 классов



I would like to study at a British university. If I had an opportunity I'd like to study in Oxford. Oxford is situated on the bank of the river Thames. Oxford is the seat of the most ancient university. Oxford university is a soft of federation of twenty-three colleges for men and five for women. Each has a dining-room, a chapel and residential rooms. The college is governed by it's Dons. The university teachers are mostly Dons of colleges. Every student can choose which lecture he will advice him which lectures seem likely to be more useful. He comes to see his Don once a week. The academic year in England is divided into three terms.

Extreme sport.

Extreme sport is any sport height, danger a high level (левел) of physical energy. A feature of such activities is their so-called capacity to induce. A so-called adrenalin rush in participants. Extreme sport activities are closely connected with lethal risk and hurt. In fact if you think of the idea of sport activity in general, you're likely to confirm that any king of sport can lead to death or traumatism. Think of hockey, tennis. What are extreme sport? It was used for adult sports such as skydiving, scuba diving, mountaineering. Several so-called extreme sport, including snowboarding, were included in the Winter Olympic Games.


People all over the sport world are fond of sports and games. Sport makes us healthy, keeps us fit, more organized. Sport holds an important place in our life. Sport helps people to keep in good health. Many people go in for table-tennis, swimming, volleyball. All necessary facilities are provided for them: stadiums, sports grounds, swimming pools. Sport is paid much attention to in our educational establishments. Physical culture is a compulsory subject at schools and colleges. Children are also interested in sports. Many of them play team games as volleyball, football and basketball. As for me I go in for badminton. It needs mobility, liveliness and much energy. Physical culture and sports in our country are part of our culture (калча) and public life.

Traveling №1 Where do you prefer to spend you holiday? Why?

Probably nobody can imagine modern life without traveling. How the words “traveling”, “tourism”, “holidays”. We usually spend summer holidays together my mum and me. First, we go to do a small town situated on the river where my mother's parents live. We stay there for four weeks. I enjoy swimming, sunbathing. Sometimes I help my grandmother to look after her hens and turkeys. I enjoy eating fresh fruit and vegetables. So, I think traveling is the best way of spending your holiday. And if you have a chance choose the way of traveling for yourself have fun.

Traveling № 2 Which means of transport would you prefer to travel by?

Probably nobody can imagine modern life without traveling. People can travel on foot, by car, by bas, by train, by air, by sea and hitch-hiking. While thinking about a means of transport you should take into consideration such factors of traveling as speed, comfort. Traveling by air is more comfortable. I prefer traveling by car. It is very convient. I think traveling is the best way of spending your holiday.

Traveling №3 What attracts people in the idea of traveling?

Probably nobody can imagine modern life without traveling. More and more people are fond of traveling. Millions of people travel around the globe to see other countries, modern cities and ruined ancient towns. Many people think holidays are a wonderful chance to relax, have fun and explore new places. Some people travel on business, others for pleasure to spend their holidays in a warm country. Many people enjoy visiting cities, museums and galleries. So, I think that traveling is the best way of spending you holiday.


Theatre is a place where you can see a play staged. It is also one of entertainments. But still there are hundreds of puppet theatres, conservatories and philharmonics, musical comedy theatres, drama theatres and opera houses. A theatre consist of two parts: the stage and the hall. They are separated by a curtain and the orchestra. Actors and actresses perform on the stage and public occupies the hall, the pit, the dress-circles, the boxes, the gallery, stalls. If we made up our mind to go to the theatre we should go to box-office to buy tickets. Seat can be reserved beforehand. Theatres don't play great role in my life because I live in small town and have no opportunity to visit a theatre. I have always envied the dwellers of large cities. They have so many opportunities to enjoy themselves and to visit theatre. In provincial towns like mine is we have only amateur dramatics.

The Picture.

The “Mr and Mrs Andrews” by Gainsborough. “Mr. and Mrs. Andrews” have a rest in the afternoon devoted to hunting. To the right their extensive estate stretches far in depth. Sheaves of wheat remind that already there came fall and fowling piece and dog of Mr. Andrews let know that he just came back from hunting.

Gainsborough wanted to include in composition of the pheasant hit by this elegant English gentleman but picture wasn't finished. Perfectly written satin dress of Mrs. Andrews isn't finished. Unlike Gainsborough's many contemporaries. I didn't belong to academic direction. Colors magnificent possession on a brush do intuitive sense of style inherent in artist to one of the greatest European masters of the eighteenth century. Though as he I was the portraitist the picture of the English nature was his true calling.

Shopping is a disease.

Specialists identified symptoms of shopping addiction in the 1990s. This mental and spiritual disorder is common mostly with women. Addiction to shopping has been shaping up as an epidemic lately. Researchers found out that about twenty percent of German women acknowledge their insuperable desire to buy something all the time. There is no such statistic data as far as Russian women are concerned, although the passion for shopping has been developing in Russia steadily. Psychologist Nadezhda Yugrina says that shopping addicts do not feel sorry to buy more and more clothes and other goods when they actually go and visit stores. The majority more of shopaholics are women. Most buy items that improve their appearance such as clothes, shoes, make-up and jewellery. If a young woman does shopping after she splits up with her boyfriend. It is proven people who buy on impulse are just trying to cover up their problems. They seem to think spending all their money on things is going to make them happy.


I like to go shopping. If I have an opportunity I want to visit shop of Harrods. Harrods is the largest store in Europe. The choice of goods is unique in its variety and which no other store can match. Harrods stocks hundred different whiskies. Harrods also offers a number of special service to its customers including a bank, a travel agency. It has a staff of four thousand rising to six thousand at Christmas time. Harrods sells five million different products not all of which are actually kept in stock in the store itself. Thanks to its modern technology a customer will be able to order any product from any assistant in the store.


Yes, I do. I agree with the statement, because life is not so easy nowadays. Almost all parents have to work a lot to provide the their children with necessary things. Children need a lot clothes, modern devices (a telephone, a computer, notebooks). Parents want to give everything, but forget about real things their children need. They are love, attention, friendly atmosphere are too tried after wore to pay enough attention to the children. They scream, lose their temper and even hit their children. This results in the fact that children feel neglected. In general, I think it is very difficult to bring up a child.

What do you think of the problem of generation gap?

I think that there is a problem of generation gap. Sometimes our parents don't understand us. They don't understand some problems and things which are very important in teens' life. Some parents don't want to understand modern views. Sometimes they can not solve problems. But they want to cope with them by themselves. They should make their own mistakes. People are said to become with age. Sometimes it is true and sometimes it is not. Our parents have their own ideas and views that their children don't share and understand. They think that their children won't find their place in life. As for me, sometimes I don't understand my parents and they don't understand me, but we love each other and try to solve all problems together.


Cinema plays on important role in our life. Lots of people find going to the cinema one of the best ways of spending their leisure time. After working day one can relax watching good film. There are such genres of film as documentary, educational, adventure, crime and etc. I prefer action, comedy and adventure film. My favourite film is “Bones”. Type is crime and drama. 20th century Fox studio released the film. The story of the film is interesting and try to life. The film shows that the main characters fall in love solving crimes. Hart Hanson directed the film. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz are leading characters. They are famous and popular stars. The film made great impression on me. The film is real wonderful.

Hiking tour.

Advantages and Disadvantages.

I think there are a lot of advantages of a hiking tour. You may see a lot of picturesque places. You can find new place in which you can't go bu car or other means of transport. You can enjoy breathing fresh air, sounds of nature. It is nice to sleep out and look at the stars. It is very cheap.

If you go in a long hiking tour you need take a lot of things such as clothes, food and etc. That's why you must carry heavy rucksacks. If the weather is bad you can catch a cold. You may get traumas. You can get lost. You can't take a bath.

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