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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

There Is No Place for Tobacco in My Life !


There Is No Place for Tobacco in My Life !


-to teach new vocabulary on the topic;

-to develop skills in speaking, listening and reading on the topic;

-to show negative aspects of smoking;

-to practice in writing and making a dialogue;

-to develop negative attitude to smoking;

-to develop memory, logical thinking, personal identity, self-sufficiency, strength of character, compassion, desire to help.


cards for pair work and group work,



texts for reading and listening,




1. Greeting

2. Introduction into the topic

Today we are to discuss a very important topic which concerns nearly everybody. It is “Smoking”. Everybody knows that to smoke is bad, harmful and perspectiveless.

All of you know the problem of smoking exists.

First of all, we are often “passive smokers” when we are in the company of someone who smokes. Many of our relatives, friends, classmates or colleagues smoke. So, we have to face this problem. To discuss it, we will need some words and expressions which will help us to do it.

II. Main part

Phonetic drills (pupils read the words after the teacher)

-Words for phonetic drills connected with smoking:

A pipe, a cigarette = a fag, a fag end = a butt, to puff a cigarette, a packet of cigarettes, a cigarette lighter, a box of matches, a brand, a light brand, a filter-tip, an ash-tray, to tap ash from a cigarette, to smoke like a chimney.

-Words connected with the harm caused by smoking:

A health-ruining habit, to cause a weak chest, collapsed lungs, problems in breathing, air pollution, smoke-addiction, passive smoking, smoking-related diseases.

-Words dealing with the solution to the problem:

Health warning, to ban smoking, to use filter tips, to use light cigarettes, nicotine-free cigarettes, an anti-nicotine plaster, to suck a lollipop, coffin-shaped vendings, to launch a prevention campaign, to carry on anti-smoking campaign, to persuadе.


Making up sentences with the words


Listen to the text and mark the sentences 1 to 10 with “+” if the sentence is true or “-“ if it is false.

Do You Want to Kiss an Old Ashtray?

A beautiful girl looks across the dinner table at an attractive young man. He is walking over to her. She is pleased. She pauses while he comes near her. Then suddenly, when he is near, he turns round and walks quickly away. “Ugh”, he says, “she smells like an old ashtray.” It is an anti-smoking advertisement in British cinemas.

In 1971 the British Government made a law about smoking. Every packet of cigarettes must have a health warning on it. Television and radio stations may not advertise cigarettes. Almost half the trains in Britain are “No smoking”. You may not smoke in British theatres.

But people still smoke where and when they can though they know that nicotine in tobacco is bad for them. Habits of younger people are not too fixed, that is why the Government films are for young people. The new advertisements in cinemas show attractive young men and women who smoke. Other young people look at them and say: “Yes, they are attractive, but ugh! Their hair and clothes smell of tobacco; their teeth and fingers are all yellow.”

Do you want to kiss an old ashtray?”

4.Mark true or false statements.

Anti-smoking advertisements are very popular in British cinemas.

The young girl is walking over to the young man at the end of dinner.

She kisses him and says that he smells of tobacco.

Every packet of cigarettes must have a colored picture on it.

In Britain television and radio often advertise cigarettes.

Now in Britain almost half the trains are “No smoking”.

You may not smoke in British theatres.

Habits of younger people are well-fixed.

The Government films about smoking are for elder people.

10) The new advertisements in cinema show attractive young men and women who smoke.

Key: 1+, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6+, 7+, 8-, 9-, 10+

5.Match the equivalents

The truth about smoking will kill you

It impairs your vision

It takes your breath away and gives you emphysema

It causes lung cancer and cancer of the throat

It turns your teeth and fingers yellow and gives you ugly skin

It makes your breath stink and your hair and clothes smell awful

It wastes your time and empties your pockets

It pollutes the air around you and makes your non-smoking friends avoid you

It ruins your sex appeal

It makes you smell like an old ash tray

вы теряете сексуальную привлекательность

оно загрязняет воздух и отталкивает от вас друзей, которые не курят

ухудшается ваше зрение

ваши зубы и пальцы желтеют. а кожа выглядит ужасно

это пустая трата времени и денег

оно вызывает рак легких и горла

от вас несет, как от старой пепельницы

появляется зловонный запах изо рта

оно вызывает одышку и ведет к емфиземе

Key: 1c, 2i, 3f, 4d, 5h, 6e, 7b, 8a, 9g.

6 . Project work.

-T: Now what are your ideas? What else shall we write on our poster? You may add something.

(Smoking is stupid. Smoking is out of fashion now, etc.)

7. Paraphrase the expressions

to be a delicate smoker

to be a moderate smoker

to be a chain smoker

to try to cut down smoking

to get rid of the habit of smoking

to smoke like a chimney

a harmful habit

( to smoke too much or to be smoke-addicted; to smoke once in a while or very seldom; to smoke one cigarette after another; to smoke less, to give up smoking, to stop smoking; to puff a cigarette, to smoke a cheap brand of cigarettes; a health-ruining habit)

8. Reading

To recoil – to be afraid of, to be very scared

A tie to tobacco – a permanent skill of smoking

Rugged – looking strong

Barely – in an open way

Clad (past of cloth) – to be dressed

Grin – a smile in unpleasant way

Mischievously – politely, but unpleasantly

Vaguely – hardly ever.

a) Pre-reading tasks

- Give a definition to such words as “Advertisements” and “Promotion”.

Advertisement – positive information about a thing or a service in purpose to sell.

Promotion – technique of involving a potential client into trying and using the thing by giving free samples.

- Explain your attitude to both of them.

Lebanon Lights Up

Big tobacco companies must be having a field today. In Lebanon they have found the perfect market for their products. While westerners are recoiling from the horrors of lung cancer and refusing to light up, the Lebanese seem to be developing ever stronger ties to tobacco.

All along roads in Lebanon, billboards show rugged-looking men smoking and enjoying the outdoors. Television spots barely take a rest from calling the young to the wonderful world of smoking. On top of that, tobacco companies organize youth activities.

It has become a common sight to see cafes and night clubs filled with young beautiful women giving out free cigarettes. Wearing embarrassingly tight outfits, the women reward those who light up with sweet smiles. Equally handsome men clad in shirts imprinted with the tobacco brand they represent grin mischievously at girls as they offer them packs of free cigarettes.

It was not over yet. The beautiful women then gave out forms for new smoking recruits to fill in a fun quiz base on questions about the cigarette brand. Winners received caps and T-shirts with the tobacco brand emblazoned across and of course, even more cigarettes.

Advertising regulations in Lebanon are loose, people are only vaguely aware of the danger of smoking and most important tobacco companies can survive without having a deal with anti-smoking organizations.

b) While-reading tasks

----Giving the title to each paragraph

Broad perspectives of Lebanon market.

Tobacco advertisements.

Youth activities.


Victory of tobacco companies.

-----Replacement the words in italics by their synonyms.

Big tobacco companies must be prosperous (having a field) today.

All roads in Lebanon show a smiling (rugged) face of a man who enjoys himself.

It has become a typical situation (common sight) to see young women giving out free cigarettes.

Handsome men dressed (clad) in shirts, emblazoned (imprinted) with the tobacco brand also offer packs of free cigarettes.

Tobacco companies can survive without any problems (having a deal) with anti-smoking organizations.

c) Post reading tasks

-----Answer the question.

If you were asked to smoke a free cigarette and were offered some brand souvenirs, would you join the smokers?


Why is smoking dangerous?

Why do people start smoking?

--Possible answers:

Children and many teenagers start smoking not because they like the taste of cigarettes. They want to look more grown-up than they really are.

They feel that it makes them more independent, many teenage girls nowadays start smoking just because it is all some sort of fashion.

Some teenagers start smoking because they have problems in their families or at school.

Some fat people think that it would make them thinner.

Some of their friends smoke.

There is too much advertising of cigarettes.

Some people think that smoking adds something to their image – they say: “I’m cool!”

11. Listening to the joke

The Doctor’s Advice

Once an old gentleman went to see a doctor. The doctor examined him, listened to his lungs and heart, felt his pulse, measured his blood pressure, took his temperature and said that medicine wouldn’t help the old gentleman. The doctor asked him to go to a quiet country place for a month and to have a rest. “Your illness is not serious, so don’t worry!” continued the doctor. “Go to bed early, drink milk, walk a lot, smoke just one cigar a day and you will recover pretty soon”.

The old gentleman nodded and said: “Thank you very much, Doctor. I shall do everything you say.”

A month later the same gentleman came to see the doctor again. “How do you do?” said the doctor. “I am very glad to see you. You look much younger. How do you feel?”

Oh, Doctor,” said the gentleman, “I feel quite all right now. I had a good rest. I went to bed early, I drank a lot of milk, I walked a lot. Your advice certainly helped me. But you told me to smoke one cigar a day and that one cigar a day almost killed me at first. It’s not a joke to start smoking at my age.”

Checking understanding

I level

Answer the questions:

In what way did the doctor examine the patient?

What was the doctor’s advice?

How did the old gentleman look and feel a month later?

How did the old gentleman spend that month?

Do you think the doctor was really a good doctor?

II level

Give a short summary of the text in your native language.

III level

Give a detailed summary of the text in English.

IV level

Give detailed summary of the text in English and answer the question.

What do you think about the patient’s sense of humour?

III. Summing up

We have done a very important job at the lesson.

First, we have learned many new words and expressions. Then, we tried to make them active in our speech and we have discussed a very important problem-the problem of smoking. I hope that after this lesson you will be able to help people to give up smoking. Your home task is to:

---Learn the new words and phrases

---Read Ann’s letter and write the answer

I am 16. I smoked my first cigarette 2 years ago and now I am up to almost a pack a day. I miss it when I do not smoke and I think it is a great way to relax. I have also started dating a boy I have admired for a long time. He is funny, smart, he seems to like me, and he does not smoke. In fact, I heard him tell someone that smoking is one of the dumbest things anyone can do. He has not said it to me, but I am afraid he might, or maybe he will just decide my smoking turns him off to seeing me. I have not smoked in front of him yet, but I have been wondering, should not I expect him to accept me as I am?


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