Инфоурок Другое ТестыТест 8 класс к учебнику Комаровой Ю. А. И ДР.

Тест 8 класс к учебнику Комаровой Ю. А. И ДР.

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Progress Check 1                                                                     Form 8

1. Choose the correct verb in each expression

1)  pass, write, win a novel;

2) make, win, do a race;

3)  invent, go, score something;

4) do, go, make voluntary work;

5) win, score, pass an exam;

6) run, go, do on an expedition;

7) write, make, invent a discovery;

8) get, invent, win a certificate.


2.  Complete the sentences with these words.      confident,  quite,  selfish,  stressed,  mean,  lazy

1)  Tom doesn’t like working. He is __________.

2) Ann isn’t very calm and relaxed. She’s _________.

3) Sam always thinks about himself first. He’s ___________.

4) David never buys anything for anyone. He’s ___________.

5) Sue doesn’t like speaking in public. She’s _________.

6) Pam has got her own business. She’s very ___________.


 3. Write sentences. Use the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.

1) he/ not work/ every day.

2) John / sleep/ now.

3) We/ study English/ three times a week.

4) You/ not use the computer/ at the moment.

5) They/ always/ go to Turkey/ in summer.

6) Look! /it / snow /now.


4. Complete the questions. Use the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.

1) _______ (your friend/wear) a hat today?

2) What time ______ (your classmates/ arrive) at school?

3) ______ (you/ always do) your homework?

4) _______ (you/ read) a book now?

5) Where ______ (they/ go) every weekend?

6) ________ (children/ sing) at the moment?


5. Answer the questions in exercise 4.


6. Correct the sentences. Write one negative and one affirmative sentences.

1) Doris Lessing was a Russian poet. (x British writer)

2) He was an inventor. (x explorer)

3) They were at the concert. (x cinema)

4) Wangari Maathai was from Canada. (x Africa)

5) Gertrude Elion was very shy. (x confident).


7. Write negative (x) or affirmative sentences (v)

In my dream town, …. there weren’t any supermarkets. (x)

1) __________ a lot of shops. (v)

2) __________ a vegetarian restaurant. (x)

3) __________ a big cinema. (v)

4)__________ a school. (v)

5) __________ many trees. (v)

6) _________ mean people. (x)


8. Choose the correct words.

Hi Olga.

Here I am in Australia. I (1) am sitting/ sit in my hotel room at the moment.

We (2) wait/are waiting for lunch. We usually (3) have/are having it in the hotel, but sometimes we (4) eats/eat in a restaurant.

Yesterday we went to a feast. (5) There was/ there were horses and people with traditional costumes. The fireworks (6) were/there were really loud. (7) There was/were a concert in the evening. The music (8) were/was really good. I took a lot of pictures. All for now.

See you soon,


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