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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест Афанасьева 7 класс
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Тест Афанасьева 7 класс


Final Grammar Test Form 9

I. Fill in a few or a little in the spaces provided.

  1. She has ............ friends in Spain.

  2. Can you give me ……..help.

  3. I can't speak Japanese. I know only ……. words.

  4. I'd like a cake and …….. coffee.

  5. I need books to read when I am on holiday.

  6. He needs ……… attention.

  7. His ideas are difficult, but understand him.

  8. These flowers need……..water.

  9. I only need hours to dig the garden.

  10. She only wanted...........kindness.

II. Vocabulary. Make the right choice:

  1. (Last/Latest) winter we went skiing a lot. 2. He has already received the (last/latest) information. 3. All the children in our class are (elder/older) than me. 4. My (older/elder) brother Toni is good at mathematics. 5. We have decided to go to Italy (next/nearest) summer. 6. If you go (farther/further) you will see the bus stop. 7. Is it the (last/latest) train to Chicago? 8. Speak (further/farther) on the problem.

9. Here we are at (home/ house) at last. 10. He sounded quite (serious/seriously). 11. He went to bed but didn’t (fall asleep/go to sleep).

III. Insert the right words to complete the sentences with the verb to rush, to turn

(at, upside down to, in/into/out/off)

1. Everyone rushed____ the room to see what was happening.2. Don't rush ____conclusions. This is not her final decision. 3. I'm afraid we'll have to rush the old lady ___hospital. 4. The big cock rushed ___ the little chick. 5. Jane was very hungry and rushed ____ her sandwich as soon as it was brought. 6. Please, don't rush ___without knocking. 7 The children rushed___ when they saw the snow. 8. Remember to turn ____ the lights before you go to bed. 9. She turned ___ to be a friend of my sister. 10. The burglars turned the house _____ .

IV. Put in the articles where necessary.

1. Let's have ___swim. ____sun is shining brightly and it is very hot. 2. John likes to go for ____ walk in ___ evening and he always has____ good time. 3. next train to Glasgow is at four. 4. "I'm tired. Let's have ____break," Pete said. I was at ____loss and didn't know what to answer. We hadn't done even 20% of____ things we were asked to do. 5. In ____ near future, I'm sure, he will tell you _____lie again. 6. Let's have ____ rest .We are very tired.7. When I meet John I usually have ___ talk with him. 8. At last he could relax for ___ while.

V. Fill in the necessary preposition. ( over, in, about, round, for, out, with, at )

1. Are you looking for anything … particular?

2. She is not fussy … her food.

3. She warmed her hands bending … the fire.

4. Somebody knocked … the door.

5. Please, share these sweets … your friends.

6. Reading is a struggle … a little boy.

7. The wind blew … the candle in the dark room.

8. It was cold so she wound a scarf … her neck.

VI. Open the brackets.

1. I (to repair) my bike this week.

2 .…they (to paint) their country house by next July?

3. They (to sit) round the table and (to talk) in the dining room right now.

4. Michael (to sleep) in the living room since 11 o’clock.

5. When I (to come) from school yesterday, my mother (to knit) a new jumper for me. She (to knit) it since morning.

6. It was 8 p.m. and Susan was tired. She (to do) the housework all day.

7. How long it (to snow)?

8. On Sunday we went on a day trip to London. It (to rain) when we (to start) and a strong wind (to blow). But when we (to arrive), the rain already to (stop) and only little white clouds (to fly) across the sky. We (to be) sure we (to have) a wonderful day. And we (to do).

VII. Make the plural form of these nouns:

A video, a zoo, a mouse, a dodo, a ski, a comedy, a roof, a woman, a leaf, a deer, a hero.



1. a few 2. a little 3. a few 4. a little 5. a few 6. a little 7. a few 8. a little 9. a few 10. a little


1. Last; 2. latest; 3. older; 4. elder; 5. next; 6. farther; 7. last; 8. further. 9.home 10. Serious 11. fall asleep


1into/in 2at 3.to 4.at 5at 6.in 7 out 8.off 9.out 10 upside down


  1. a , the 2.a,the,a 3.the, 4. a, a ,the 5.the,a 6.a 7a 8a


1. in 2. About 3.over 4.on/at 5.with 6.for 7.out 8.round


1 . have repaired

2. will have painted

3. are sitting, talking

4. has been sleeping.

5. came, was knitting, had been knitting

6. had been doing.

7 has been snowing

8. was raining, started, was blowing, arrived, had stopped, were flying, were, would have, did


videos, zoos, mice, dodo(e)s, skis, comedies, roofs, women, leaves, deer, heroes.

Total 83

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