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Тест " Английский речевой этикет"

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Словарь культурного человека.

Ex. 1.

  1. When you address a middle-aged man whose name you don’t know, you say:
    a) Mister
    b) Sir
    c) Excuse me, please
    Hey, you there!

  2. If you want to address an American tourist (Mrs Jane Hardy) whom you have known for a few days, you say:
    a) Madam
    b) Mrs Hardy
    c) Jane
    d) Jane Hardy

  3. If you want to address an eminent British scientist (Doctor John Lonsdale), aged 50, you say:
    a) Dr Lonsdale
    b) Mr Lonsdale
    c) John
    d) Lonsdale

  4. If you want to address a visiting English teacher called Helen Parker, aged 25-30 (unmarried), you call her:
    a) Helen
    b) Miss Helen
    c) Miss Parker
    d) Miss

  5. If you have not heard what someone said, you say:
    a) Sorry
    b) Excuse me.
    c) Repeat it, please
    d) Thank you

  6. Political Correctness was born in which decade? (5 баллов)
    a) 1970s
    b) 1850s
    c) 1990s
    d) 1960s


Ex. 2.

How would you address the following people?

  1. A girl of eighteen, not married (Judy Brown).

  2. A married woman with two children, aged 35 (Elsie Smith).

  3. A university professor (David Clark).

  4. A doctor who is examining you (Stephen Powell)

  5. An elderly man in the street who seems to have lost his way (you want to help him).


Ex. 3.

Here are some politically incorrect expressions. Can you match them with the politically correct words?

1) Disabled

a) Visually-challenged

2) Hispanics

b) Member of Africa Diaspora

3) Blind

c) Physically-challenged

4) Indian

d) Chicano

5) Nigger

e) Indigenous person


Ex. 4.

Match the civil titles with the status of the individual.

1) Mrs

a) A man whose marital status is unknown.

2) Miss

b) A woman who is married.

3) Ms

c) A woman who is unmarried.

4) Mr

d) A woman whose marital status is unknown.


Ex. 5.

Translate from English to Russian.

  1. Excuse me, you’ve left your umbrella here.

  2. Excuse me, are you getting off at the next station?

  3. Excuse me, is this seat taken?

  4. Pardon me, would you please help me cross the street?

  5. Sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me the time?

  6. I'm sorry to trouble you, but could you move up a bit?


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