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Тест для 8 класса

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Тест для 8класса (Second Conditional)

Вариант 1

If you (to pay) less attention to you appearance you (to have) more for school.

If I (to buy) this tartan scarf (will) it match my new overcoat?

If it (to rain) you (to take) my new umbrella.

I (to put) on this cardigan if it (to be) not too tight.

I (to wear) this shirt if it (to match) my trousers.

If I (to be) you I (to leave) those sandals at home.

If I (to sit) at the front I (to dress) to impress.

A miniskirt (not to be) the best idea if you (to be invited) to a big concert.

If it (to be) hot I (to put on ) the sandals.

I (to wear) high-heeled shoes if I(to be) not tall as I am.

Вариант 2

If you (to use) your imagination I (to spend) less money on your clothes.

I (to buy) this funky bracelet if you (to lend) me some money.

Your Mum (to be) delighted if you (put on)those ripped trousers.

If the shoes (to be) my size I (to buy) them.

If this coat (to be not) out of fashion I (to wear) it.

If you (to kept) on jogging every day this tight tracksuit (to fit) you soon.

If I (to have) an extra ticket I (to bring) a friend along.

If the show (to be held) far from my home I (to bring) an extra set of clothes to change into after the concert.

If he (to be not) short he (to afford) to wear shoulder-padded suits.

If they (to can) they (to go) to Britain, but they can’t afford it.

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