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Тест для 7 класса по УМК Spotlight, модуль 3, вариант 1


Test Spotlight 7, Module 3, Variant 1hello_html_3083e143.jpg

Match the words with their Russian equivalent

  1. Fencing

  2. Knitting

  3. Artistic

  4. Imaginative

  5. Fit

  1. В хорошей форме

  2. Фехтование

  3. Артистичный

  4. С хорошим воображением

  5. Вязание

  1. Translate the word in brackets

a) He will do everything to succeed and achieve his goal, he is a very (решительный)_______ person.

b) Mary is so (любопытная) ______________ , she always wants to know all the secrets.

c) Please, (отдай обратно) ________ me ______ my magazine, which I gave you last week.

d) Linda is so (креативная) _________, she designs her own clothes.

e) Do you know (где) _________ and (когда) __________ he was born?

3. Describe the appearance of people, what do they look like?


1. a man with w _ _ _ hair and m _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. a t _ _ _ s _ _ _ _ _ man with S _ _ _ _ hair

3. an u _ _ _ man with a t _ _ _ face and a s_ _ _ on it

4. a w _ _ _- _ _ _ _ _ girl with l _ _ _ hair

5. a b _ _ _ with two p _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  1. Choose the right variant

  1. John is the young boy with the spiky/skinny blond hair.

  2. Bill set in/up a company called Microsoft.

  3. Leon has a scar/tan on his face after the car accident.

  4. Oh! Is she the person which/whose house is for sale?

  5. 2004 was the year when/where we finished school.

  6. Jane is always tired/tiring after work.

  7. Jack is scared/ scaring of bats.

  1. Put the adjectives into the correct order to complete the phrases.

  1. British, funny, tall = a .............., .............., ................ actor

  2. Famous, Greek, well-built = a ............. ............. ................. boxer

  3. Japanese, young, interesting = a(n) ............. ............. .............. student

  1. Fill in the preposition

  1. This writer is famous ….. his poems.

  2. MND is a disease when you lose control ….. your muscles.

  3. Give ….. these clothes to charity.

  4. Do not be jealous … other’s success, work hard and you will achieve your dream.

  1. Put the following dialogue into the correct order.

  1. Yes, he loves football, that’s his hobby. He plays twice a week. .......

  2. He certainly is! Maybe we should start playing football! .......

  3. Football! That’s athletic. He must be very fit. .......

  4. Does he have much time for hobbies? .......

  5. Yes, he is a high-school teacher. It is rewarding, but also very hard work!

  1. Read the following text and mark the statements T (true) or F (false).


The person I admire the most is Albert Einstein. He was born on 14th March, 1879, in the Germantown of Ulm in Wurttemburg. Einstein was the greatest scientist of all time. One of his most famous discoveries is the mathematical equation about the nature of energy: E = mc 2 .

Einstein loved physics and learning. He never stopped exploring the world of science and he

wrote many books and articles explaining his theories. Some of them are at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton.

People in universities all over the world respected Einstein. He was awarded with honorary degrees in science, medicine and philosophy. In 1921, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Despite his intelligence, Einstein is also famous for being a very funny man!

I admire Albert Einstein for his love of learning and the fact that he discovered new things. He always kept his mind active.

  1. Einstein was born in Germany. .......

  2. Einstein loved Maths. .......

  3. He wrote articles about science. .......

  4. In 1911, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. .......

  5. Kerry admires Einstein for his love of learning. ……..

  1. Describe yourself (appearance and personal characteristics)



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