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Тест для 6 класса в формате ОГЭ


Контрольная работа для 6 класса в формате ОГЭ (Афанасьева, Михеева для 6 класса) Балинская Н.В. МАОУ СОШ№123 г. Перми

1 вариант

  1. Read the text and say if the statements are “True” or “False”.

A young lady came to the man who could make toys. She gave him a broken soldier and asked him to make a new clown of the old soldier. The master began to make the clown’s hat, clown’s shoes and clown’s dress. He took soldier’s sword and gave him a guitar to play. «No», cried the soldier , «I’m not a clown, I’m a soldier! Give me my sword back!» .But the master closed the room and went away. The soldier was very sad and unhappy. He took his new guitar and started playing and singing. Suddenly he heard the voice from the shelf. «Who is it playing and singing? It’s wonderful, I want to dance! ». It was a very beautiful doll in a pink dress. She came down from the shelf and began dancing. «Why aren’t you dancing with me, dear clown? », she asked. «I’m not a clown, I’m a soldier. Soldiers don’t dance, they fight», answered he. Meanwhile a big fat rat came out of the corner. She wanted to find something tasty like soap or glue bottles, but she saw the toys and wanted to try them. The solider saw the rat and started playing his guitar again. The sounds of music were so loud that the rat went away. All the toys applauded and the doll thanked the solider for his help.

  1. An old woman went to the man who could make toys.

  2. She asked to make a new clown.

  3. The master made the new clothes for the solider.

  4. The master gave him a violin.

  5. The solider was happy.

  6. A very beautiful doll in green dress began dancing to the guitar.

  7. A big rat came out of the corner.

  8. It wanted to eat the toys.

  9. The sounds of the guitar made the dog go away.

  10. The brave solider become a hero for the toys.

  1. Give the right form of the verb.

11. She ______ home at 11 o’clock next Monday. COME

12. Angela ________ every day at her dancing lessons. DANCE

13. She always_____ breakfast in the morning . EAT

14. Danny usually _______his mobile telephone to school . TAKE

15. My father _____for a walk with my dog last week. GO

16. My friend ______ a picture yesterday. PAINT

17. Mr. Grey ______ Paris two years ago. VISIT

18. We ______mushrooms in the forest last autumn. PICK

19. They ______ at home tomorrow. STAY

  1. Give the right form of the word.

20. Greenpeace is an international ____________. ORGANISE

21. The_____of the air causes many illnesses. POLLUTE

22. __________forecasted rainy weather. WEATHER

23. The ________left much garbage in the forest. PICNICK

24. We can get useful ________ from the Internet. INFORM

25. The weather is __________today. CLOUD

26._______changes can be dangerous for people. CLIMATE

27. Africa is _______for its elephants. FAME

2 вариант

1.Read the text and say if the statements are “True” or “False”.

One little girl had got many toys in the box: colorful dolls, balls in beautiful dresses, cars, clowns and a little orange tiger. The tiger didn’t like the dolls because they laughed at him. They told him that he was not a real tiger and that he was just a soft toy. They also said that he should live in the box with oranges in the kitchen, because he was of the same colour as the oranges. The tiger became very angry. At night, when all people in the house were sleeping, he jumped out of the box and tore all the dolls’ dresses with his sharp teeth. In the morning the girl looked around and started crying. «Look! Jemma tore all the dolls’ dresses last night! Jemma is so naughty!» Jemma was a black puppy who also lived in the house. Jemma heard the girl’s words and became very sad. The girl gave her dolls new nice dresses. The tiger was very happy and the next night he destroyed all of them again. The girl was so displeased that she turned the puppy away. Jemma decided to find out who had spoiled the dolls clothes. She hid behind a big wardrobe. At night she saw a tiger coming out of the box. She began to bark. The tiger jumped out of the window ,became free and ran away to the Jungle. The girl thanked Jemma.

  1. Jemma had got different toys.

  2. The tiger liked the dolls.

  3. The dolls laughed and bullied the tiger.

  4. The tiger tore the dolls.

  5. The girl thought that the puppy tore the wallpaper.

  6. The puppy destroyed the dolls’ dresses.

  7. Jemma hid behind a big wardrobe.

  8. The girl saw the tiger coming out of the box.

  9. The tiger ran away to the jungle.

  10. Jemma thanked the little girl.

2. Give the right form of the verb.

11. Weatherman _________ rainy weather yesterday. FORECAST

12.The mist ______ tomorrow. CLEAR

13. I _______ a rainbow two days ago. SEE

14.My granny usually ________ vegetables in the greenhouse. GROW

15.Ann ________ a snowman last week. MAKE

16.We __________snowy weather last Friday. EXPECT

17. Parents often ________ books to their children. READ

18.They _______ London next weekend. VISIT

3. Give the right form of the word.

19.After hot summer there was a_________of water. SHORT

20.The _______of Moscow is 13 million people. POPULATE

21. People can be poisoned by________waste. INDUSTRY

22.Guns and knifes are dangerous_________. WEAPON

23. The ______is supported by people. GOVERN

24_______people need care in winter. HOME

25. Vegetables and fruit are ___________food. HEALTH

26. ________problems are global. ECOLOGY

27.We usually gather harvest on _________day. SUN

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