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Тест для 9 класса.Артикли

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


1…. California is one of the most attractive places in … USA.

  1. The; the b) a;the c) --;the

2. The capital of … United States of America is …Washinghton D.C.

a) The; - b) the;the c) --;the

3. Many ships come to …London along …river Thames/

a) -;the b) --;-- c)the;the

4. I’d like to go to excursion to …. Crimea.

a) -; b)a; c)the

5. …. Volga is the longest river …European part of …Russia

a)a;-;the b)the;the;- c) a;the;a

6)….Australia occupies a number of islands, the main one is …Tasmania.

a)-;- b) -;the c) the;the

7) … New Zealand consists of several large and many small islands.

a) -; b)a; c)the


1.You should speak to Peter ____ is responsible for company relations abroad

  1. Who; b) whose; c)whom

2. Smith House, _____ was built in 1756, is an important local monument.

a)that; b)who ; c) which

3. He came for the weekend wearing only some shorts and a t-shirt, _____ was a stupid thing to do.

a) that; b)whose; c)which

4. Frank Smith, ____ son works for us, can provide an estimate

a)who; b) which c)whose

5. hey attended Peterson University in Four Square _____ the population is less than 50,000.

a)who; b)which; c)where

6. The young man _____ is standing on the corner works at the supermarket.

a)whose; b)who; c)which

7. The house _____ was sold to Ms. Anderson was in excellent condition.

a) which; b)that; c)where


1.Trees were planted…. traffic noise

a) not to reduce; b)reducing c)to reduce

2.We will write Claire’s name in the calendar…her birthday

a) in order to forget b) not to forget c) to forget

3. We spent summer in London …. our English

a) in order to improve; b) improving c) not to improve

4.She bought a cage….her hamster in

a) not to keep; b) to keep; c) keeping

5.This is good… of headache

a) getting rid ; b)in order to get rid; c) so as not to get rid

6.I did not say anything about Sarah’s hair….her

a) to embarrass; b)embarrassing; c) not to embarrass

7.I swept the broken glass…an accident

a) not to prevent; b) in order to prevent; c) preventing

1.I would rather… a book than a magazine

a) to read b) read c) reading

2. She enjoys… at home

a) to stay; b)stays; c)staying

3Where are you from?- I’d rather…

  1. Not saying; b) not to say c) not say

4.My brother prefers…computer games

a)to play b) playing c) play

5To be honest, I’d rather…

a)don’t go b) not go c) not to go

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