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Тест для 5-6 классов

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Grammar test (для 5-6 классов)

I. Ask the questions

My cousin gave me some interesting novels last week.

  1. Did…

  2. Who…

  3. When…

  4. What…

  5. Whom…

  6. Why…

  7. How many…

  8. Did…………or……

II. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

  1. The children (to see) a nice play yesterday.

  2. He (not/ to write) always with his right hand.

  3. They usually (to have) porridge for breakfast, but they (to have) sandwiches now.

  4. Rose (to visit) her granny last Sunday.

  5. Mother ( to buy) him a new mobile phone the day before yesterday.

III. Fill in the sentences with the question words.

Who, what, where, how, why, when

  1. They don’t know …… she is and …… she does.

  2. It isn’t cold in England…….winter comes.

  3. Can you tell her…… to play chess?

  4. Tom doesn’t know…..to do and…..to go.

  5. The little girl begins crying……she sees mice.

IV. Present Continuous or Present Simple.

  1. In summer the sun ( to shine) brightly.

  2. What (you / to look at)? I (to look) at those flowers in the field.

  3. My Granny (not /to make) cakes on Mondays, but she (to make) one now.

V. Put the sentences in the Past Indefinite Tense.

1. He is often late.

2. I can play the piano very well.

3. Kate never drinks milk.

4. She always gets good marks on Math.

5. They never eat in class.

VI. Put the words in the correct order and write full sentences.

  1. park/Sunday/ she/ went/ last/ to/ the

  2. you/ did / visit/ when/ time/last/Moscow?

  3. apples/ yesterday/ father/ some/ bought

  4. homework/ do/ yesterday/ not/his/ did/ he/

  5. on/ some/ table/there/books/ were/the

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