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Тест для 10-11 классов

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Vernon Davies lived in London and kept birds, which were called budgies ( попугайчик). One day he phoned his friend and asked to feed the birds as he was going to Wales for a week. He said he'd leave food ready in his kitchen. A key to his front door would be left in the letterbox of his friend's flat. His friend forgot about the birds untill the night before Vernon was going to return. He also forgot about the key and tried to get to Vernon's house through a window. He thought that poor birds would either be dead or dying. As a result, when he reached the window, a policeman came and shone a torch at him, asking what was he doing there. "Oh", -he said,- "I was just going to get in to give some food to Mr Davies' birds!"

1. Выберите предложения , не соответствующие содержанию текста

a/ Vernon's friend was absent-minded

b/ His friend got at the house as people usually do

c/ Vernon's birds had to be fed

d/ A policeman wanted to know about the friend plans

2. Выберите правильный ответ на вопрос

Why couldn't Vernon himself give his bird anything to eat?

a/ He had no wish to do it

b/ He had no money to buy food

c/ He was leaving the town

d/ His wife could do it

3. Выберите правильный ответ на вопрос

How did Vernon Davies want his friend to get into his house?

a/ It was open all the time

b/ There was a key left for him

c/ He could phone Vernon and ask to open it

d/ There was a policeman in the house

4. Выберите правильный ответ на вопрос

How was the friend trying to get in?

a/ He found the window to get in

b/ He brought a key with him

c/ He was not going to get in at all

d/ He asked a neighbour to open the door

5. Выберите правильный ответ на вопрос

What did he say to explain the situation?

a/ He said he was waiting for Vernon Davies

b/ He said he wanted to climb

c/ He said he lived in that house

d/ He said there was someone to be given something to eat

6. Выберите нужное

If the weather... fine, we shall go skating

a/ was

b/ were

c/ is

d/ will be

7. I drink...coffee. I don't like it

a/ few

b/ any

c/ very little

d/ a few

8. What shall I do? I... my key

a/ had lost

b/ have been lost

c/ have lost

d/ lost

9.I'll be back...half an hour

a/ at

b/ for

c/ in

d/ till

10. Harry is looking... a job. He wants to work in a hotel

a/ for

b/ about

c/ -

d/ through

11. He... swim very well when he was young

a/ can

b/ could

c/ may

d/ ought to

12. Nobody... went to the concert enjoyed it very much

a/ what

b/ who

c/ which

d/ whom

13. Закончите вопрос

The family likes to watch TV in the evening,...it?

a/ didn't

b/ doesn't

c/ wasn't

d/ won't

14. Выберите правильный ответ

We buy ... bread from a bakery near our house

a/ the

b/ -

c/ a

d/ any

15. The two men are in Germany....

a/ on business

b/ in busuness

c/ by business

d/ business

16. Выберите правильную реплику

-Hello. ........

-Single or return?

a/ Where is the lift?

b/ I'd like a ticket to London

c/ I'd like to book a room for 2 days

d/ I'm married

17. Предложите товарищу встретиться завтра

a/ I am busy to morrow

b/ May I ask you something

c/ I am sorry to trouble you

d/ Why don't we meet to morrow

18. Выберите нужное

....described life in England and showed how hard it was

for the poor and children

a/ William Shakespeare

b/ George G. Byron

c/ Charles Dickens

d/ Victor Hugo

19. Заполните анкету



Place of birth.......

Date of birth........



Favourite subjects at school.............

Ambition in life..........................

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