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Тест для 5-6 классов на тему "Временные формы глагола"

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 Test Choose the correct variant. 1. Harry ________ a pilot. He works three days a week. a) am b) is c) are 2. "I _________ tired", she says. a) am b) is c) are 3. They spend time together and they ___________ very happy. a) am b) is c) are 4. My class is not very big. There are only fifteen _______________ in it. a) child b) children c) childrens 5.	Nick is a good friend and I want to give him my present: a beautiful ____________ . a) watches b) watchs c) watch 6.	We study foreign languages, English and French because we want to communicate with _________________ from all over the world. a) peoples b) people's c) people 7.	My brother studies in _______________ form. a) the six b) the sixth c) sixth 8.	I have a friend Julia. She is older than me, she is _______________ (20). a) twelve b) twentieth c) twenty 9.	In total there are _____________ (426) pupils in his school. a) four hundred and twenty-six b) four hundreds and twenty-six c)	forty hundred and twenty-six 10.	Tom likes this book very much. The stories in it are short but ________________ . a) interest b) interested c) interesting 11.	"Where is Tom?" "I don't know. He often ________________ for a day or two." a) disappears b) appear c) disappear 12.	"What does _________________ want to do after school?" a) his b) her c) he 13.	"Where is ___________________ umbrella?" "I lost it yesterday in the park." a) yours b) you c) your 14.	My parents have a wonderful cottage near the lake. _________________ cottage is small but cosy and comfortable. a) they b) their c) them 15.	"_____________ are you crying?" dad asks his son Den. a) Why b) When c) Where 16.	" _____________ do you usually meet Robert?" "I often see him in the morning before school" a) Why b) Where c) When 17.	Where did you _______________ your holidays? a) spend b) spends c) spent 18.	I _______________ to school yesterday. a) wasn't go b) didn't went c) didn't go 19.	Did she _____________ anything special yesterday? a) cooks b) cooked c) cook 20.	When _________ you ___________ your glasses? a) did find b) did found c) didn't find Open the brackets. Use Present Simple or Present Progressive. 1.	Tom usually (play) football but today he (play) tennis. - ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.	What language they (speak) in Holland? What language he (speak) now?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.	You (eat) fruit every day? What's the name of the fruit you (eat) now? - ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.	You (remember) where he (work)? - ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.	Nick (want) to know where you (live) now. - ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Make the sentences negative. Put general questions to them. 1. He began reading a book. - He didn't begin reading a book. Did he begin reading a book? 2. She saw him this morning. - _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Nick and Fred drove along the road. - _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. They visited us late at night. - _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. She set the table at six o'clock. - ____________________________________________________________________
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