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Тест для подготовки к ЕГЭ11 класс

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11 класс

2.1.5 Add THE in the spaces where necessary.

  1. ___ United Kingdom includes ___ Great Britain and ___Northern Ireland.

  2. Where is ___North Sea situated?

  3. What is the shortest way to ___ Oxford Street?

  4. They visited ___ south coast of ___ England.

  5. ____Hague is the capital of ___ Netherlands.

  6. Washington, is the capital of ____United States.

2.2.1 Rearrange these series of words to form sentences.

  1. Born, of, at, on, 2014, baby, 3rd, The, June, was the, 2 o`clock.

  2. Country, have, The, Browns, the, settled, in.

  3. Have, English, Do, understanding, spoken, you, difficulty, in?

  4. Sing, beautifully, that, song, Joan, can, generally.

2.2.5 Ask special questions.

  1. Mrs. Smith brought fruit and vegetable. (Who? What?)

  2. The 2nd lesson lasted for half an hour. (Which? How many?)

  3. Paul met Ann. (Who? Who?)

  4. The car stopped at the end of the street. (What? Where?)

  5. The English teacher gave a lot of homework. (Which? How much?)

3. Match the two parts of the sentences.

The phone rang….

at 7 p.m.

I have been learning English….

when John arrives.

Kate was reading a book….

when he was sleeping.

I was at the Smith`s….

for ages.

We will speak about it….

when he will come.

last night.

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