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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест для учащихся 7 класса за I первое полугодие
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  • Иностранные языки

Тест для учащихся 7 класса за I первое полугодие


ТЕСТ для 7 класса 1 полугодие

NAME: ........................................................................................... DATE: ....................................

CLASS: .......................................................................................... MARK: ……………………….

  1. Reading.

Read the text and choose the best answer a, b or c for each of the questions .

William Wallace (Braveheart)

While he was growing up, nobody expected young William Wallace, who was born in Scotland, to become a hero. However, as he learnt more about his country, he wanted to fight to help his people to be free. At that time king Edward of England wanted to be the king of Scotland, so he used to pay a lot of money to Scottish lords so that their people wouldn’t fight against him. Whenever they refused to take the money, because they wanted to fight the English, king Edward’s army killed them. Sadly, William’s father was one of the men they killed, and this fact made William more determined to fight for his country.

William gathered an army of men to fight the English. He told them: “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.’’ These words gave his army courage. William’s army fought many battles, like the famous Battle of Stirling Bridge on 11th of September 1297, where they killed 5,000 English solders. But in 1304, the English won the long fight and ruled Scotland. The next year they caught William, killed him and put his head on a pole beside London Bridge to remind people how dangerous to fight the English.

  1. Why did William Wallace want to fight for his country?

  1. So that he could be the king of Scotland;

  2. So that Scottish people would be free.

  3. because he wanted to be a hero.

  1. Why did king Edward pay a lot of money to some people?

  1. to help them people to be free.

  2. To make them into rich lords.

  3. To stop Scottish people fighting the English.

3. Which statement is true?

a) William’s army only fought the Battle of Stirling Bridge .

b) William’s army fought many battles.

c) the Battle of Stirling Bridge was in 1304.

  1. In which year did William die?

a) 1297

b) 1304

c) 1305

  1. Grammar

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: Past Simple or Past Continuous

  1. They _________________________ (drive) to the airport when the car __________________(break )down.

  2. Can you give this to Sheila? She _________________ (leave) it in my office.

  3. The police ______________________(arrest) the thieves last night.

  4. Bobby _______________________ (walk) along the beach when a gust of wind __________________ ( blow) his hat off.

  5. Les ______________________ (clean) the windows when he ____________________

(fall) off the ladder.

  1. Margaret _______________________(make) toast while Bob ____________________

(read) the morning paper.

  1. The maid ________________________ (break) the valuable vase while she _____________________(dust).

  2. He ______________________ (take) his medicine, __________________ (get) into the bed and ____________________ (turn) off the light.

  3. When _________________________________(Mr Foster /die)?”Three years ago in a boating accident.

  4. The man who _______________________(cross) the road ______________________ (wear) a white T-shirt and brown trousers.

  1. Vocabulary .

Complete the text the words: coastguards, coastline, emergencies, equipment, first aid, life jacket, procedures, protect, warn, water.

Safety at sea

The sea can be a dangerous place. But many people who enjoy ____________________

sports on holiday don’t know what to do in____________________, either on beach or out sea. Some people are stupid enough to go out in a speed boat or on a jet ski without

a ________________________. And there are thousands who haven’t learned the basic of ________________________, which is why lifeguards and ___________________ are so important!

They can ______________ you of the risks and __________________ you from the dangers that are hiding along every _______________________ and on every beach. They have the special life-saving ____________________and they know the emergency ___________________ to use if swimmers are in danger.

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