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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест для учащихся 11 классов по материалу 3 цикла учебника Enjoy English
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Тест для учащихся 11 классов по материалу 3 цикла учебника Enjoy English


Test to unit 3

  1. Multiple Choice

  1. I find e-mail very ... but I probably spend too much time every day checking it.

a. harmful b. useful c. healthy d. useless

  1. Today people have many electronic ... at their home and use them every day.

a.devices b. treatments c. fakes d. manuals

  1. People to make a piece of equipment ready for use by ...

a. taking it out b. plugging it in c. removing it from a bag d.setting it up

  1. Isambard Kingdom Brunel (9 April 1806 — 15 September 1859) was an English ...

a. inventor b. writer c. engineer d. conductor

  1. To be cutting-edge is ...

a) to be the most modern and advanced point in the development of something b)to be a feature that gives someone or something an advantage

  1. They ... by the police before they realised what had happened.

a. had been stopped b. had stopped c. has stopped d. has been stopped

  1. Samantha ... the honours from her hard work.

a. has earned b. has been earned c. have earned d. have been earned

  1. The circus performer ... by the old lion that died a week ago.

a. had often hurt b. have ofter been hurt c. had often been hurt d. had often hurt

  1. That's a nice idea, but it still doesn't ... our problem. a.claim b. operate c. reveal d.solve

  2. Science has an extremely wide ...

a.gene b.password c.application d.spam

11.... is a copy of something such as a painting or piece of jewellery that is intended to trick people.

a.fake b. fraud c. gadget

12.... is a talk or reports in the newspapers or on television about shocking events.

a.manual b. scandal c.hoax

13.The ... is all prepared from wildflowers.

a.cure b.treatment c.remedy.

14.The doctors cannot guarantee ... .

a.cure b.treatment c.remedy.

15.... rain produced in one country affects others .

a.acid b. layer c.hole

16... names can be sold at really high prices.

a.proper b. regular c.domain

17.The doctor insisted that I … ….in bed.

a.stayed as b. should stay c. can stay

18.Where’s William. He is absent. I’m afraid, he … … .

a. is sick b. is clever c. gets ill d. feels ill

19.I think the remedy for AIDS … … … in the near future.

a.will certainly b. will be finding c. will be found d. be certainly found

20.Nano robots can be … for health care.

a. used b. mistaken c. healthy d. useless

II. Find the best variant

Do you use e-mail? Do you know what it is? E-mail is electronic mail, a (21) of sending messages via a computer to other users. It’s a wonderful new way of communicating! E-mail is cheaper than normal mail and even if you send your message (22)it only costs the same as a local telephone call. This is because your message goes to computer called a mail server and then it is (23) across the Net via other mail servers to its destination. E-mail is also much quicker and can arrive at most destinations in a minute.

In fact, ordinary mail is so slow by comparison that Net users call it ’snail mail’. With e-mail you also have to know someone’s address and everyone on the Net has their own (24) e-mail address. An e-mail address has two main sections: the user’s name and the domain name. The user’s name is usually the name or nickname of the person using e-mail, for example, ’Paul’. This is (25) by the symbol @ which means ’at’. Then there is the domain name which gives information about the computer, for example, ’home’, the type of (26) , for example, ’com’, means a commercial and its location. So a complete e-mail address might look something like this johnny@gmail.com. Then you will have the address at the top of their message and you can just press ’reply’. E-mail addresses can be (27) so write them down carefully. Then you will have the address at the top of their message and you can just press ’reply’.


1) kind

2) method

3) system

4) opportunity


1) abroad

2) away

3) aside

4) alive



2) translated

3) transmitted

4) transferred


1) people

2) personal

3) individual

4) men’s


1) followed

2) gone

3) set

4) got


1) type

2) form

3) organisation

4) way


1) difficult


3) simple

4) complicated

Test to unit 3.

I. Multiple Choice

  1. Technology has really ... over the years.

a. released b. advanced c. rejected d. declared

  1. New multifunctional ... should be easy to operate.

a.devices b. treatments c. fakes d. manuals

  1. To ... is to connect a piece of equipment to an electricity supply.

a. take out b. plug in c. set up d.get down to

  1. Isambard Kingdom Brunel worked in his father's office, and helped to plan the ... .

a. Thames Tunnel b. Eiffel Tower c. Tower Bridge d. Buckingham Plalace

  1. Trial trips are trips that are ...

a) testing trips b) difficult trips

  1. We ... for a ride by the time the other guests arrived.

a. had taken b. had been taken c. have taken d. has been taken

  1. After the cat... up a tree, the smart dog relaxed under the tree.

a. had been chased b. has chased c. have been chased d. had chased

  1. Mary... from her jump off the platform. a. has injured b. have injured c. had injured d.has been injured

  2. The unusually hot weather is ... serious problems for the country.

a.causing b.reducing c. speculating d. reason

  1. Science helps us to become environmentally ...of all the problems.

a.logical b.conscious c. neutral d. creative

  1. ... is a trick in which someone deliberately tells people that something bad is going to happen or something is true when it is not.

a.manual b.hoax c.gadget

  1. is something that is not what people claim it is, and is designed to trick people.

a.device b.fraud c.manifesto

  1. She is undergoing medical ... now.

a.cure b.treatment c.remedy.

  1. It's a popular ... for toothache.

a.cure b.treatment c.remedy.

  1. The ozone ... is essential for the preservation of life on Earth

a.acid b. layer c.hole

  1. The first... was sent out by Ray Tomlinson in 1971.

a.pigeon b.e-mail c.kiss

  1. If you … …the flu, you … take a hot bath, have a cup of warm milk with honey.

a.had, must b. has got, should c. ‘ve got, should d.have, can

  1. Headache is regarded as a … disease.

a.grave b. major c. minor

  1. Eating lots of cakes may … diabetes later.

a.get b. be c. influence d. cause

  1. Nanotechnologies … … …. nowadays rapidly.

a.are being advancing b. are advancing c. were advanced

II. Find the best variant


Lots of people like watching television. After more than fifty years of television, it might seem only obvious to conclude that it is here to stay. There have been many objections to it during this time and (21) a variety of grounds. Did it cause eye strain?

Was the screen bombarding us with radioactivity? Did the advertisements (22) subliminal messages, persuading us to buy more? Did children turn to violence through watching it, either because so many programmes taught them how to shoot, rob and kill or because they had to do something to counteract the hours they had (23)glued to the tiny screen? Or did it simply create a vast passive audience, drugged by glamorous serials and inane situation (24)? On the other hand, did it increase anxiety by sensationalizing the news and filling our living rooms with war and political unrest? All in all, television proved to be the all-purpose scapegoat for the second half of the century, (25)for everything, but above all, eagerly watched. For no (26)how much we despised it, were bored by it or felt that it took us away from the old paradise of family conversation and hobbies such as collecting stamps, we never turned it off. We (27)staring at the screen aware, that our own tiny reflection was in it if we looked carefully.


1) with

2) over

3) by

4) on


1) contain

2) offer

3) take



1) almost


3) quite

4) madly


1) comedies

2) programmes

3) perhaps

4) consequently



2) looking

3) blamed

4) ready


1) one

2) matter

3) difference

4) reason


1) refused

2) received



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