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Test for 6th form

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Test for the 6th form.

I. Read the text and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

My Favourite Film Star

My favourite actress is Kate Winslet. She's from England, but has got a home in New York City, USA. She's got two children.

Kate is tall with long, fair hair and blue eyes. Kate can cook very well and is good at many sports. Her favourite hobby is reading.

Kate is an excellent actress and is the winner of an Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in the film The Reader. She's also

the winner of many other acting awards. My favourite film with Kate is Titanic. It's a love story about a young man and woman

who are on the famous ship, the Titanic. It's an amazing film with a sad ending.

Tom Hanks is very good, too. He's a very popular American actor. Tom is tall and slim. He's got short, curly, brown hair and

brown eyes. Tom can surf and is good at golf. His favourite sport is baseball. Tom is famous for many great films. He's the

winner of two Academy Awards for Best Actor.

My favourite film with Tom is Forrest Gump. It's the story of a young man's life and his many different experiences. It's one

of the most successful films of all time and the winner of many awards. Tom is brilliant in the film.

















  1. Kate Winslet is American.

  2. Kate is a mother.

  3. Titanic is a funny film.

  4. Tom Hanks is plump.

  5. Tom can't play golf.

  6. Tom has got two Academy Awards.

  7. Forest Gump is a very popular film.

II. Подчеркните правильную форму глагола. (10)

    1. They (go\ are going) to school every morning.

    2. He (sleep\sleeps\ is sleeping )now.

    3. His father (watch\watches\is watching) TV at the moment.

    4. My sister (like\likes\is liking) coffee.

    5. The weather (to be) fine today.

6. He (is driving/drives/ drive) a car now.

      1. They (are writing/is writing/writes) a letter at the moment.

      2. Look! It (is raining/rains/rain).

      3. He (reads/ is reading/are reading) now.

      4. My parents (lives / live/are living) in a detached house.

III. Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple tense.(5)

1. They….. ……..(leave) for Italy last night.

2. Mariа.. (travel) abroad last year.

3. We ………………………………………….(move) to Rome last year.

4. Sam .(go) bungee jumping last summer.

5. Paul …………...(ride) a camel last year.

IV. Choose the correct form, circle it.(10)

1. Who is your athlete?

A best B favourite C popular D famous

2. Anna is good basketball.

A for В to С from D at

3. There are a lot of plants in the

A beach Bforest Cdesert D waterfall

4. You can buy ………………… at the clothes shop.

A a dictionary B flowers C a jacket D bread

5. Sam ….. ….. the Net every evening.

A surfs В listens С sends D plays

6. In Pompeii, people held performances in a large

A temple B marketplace C aquarium D amphitheatre

7. This skyscraper has got 105 !

A surfaces В floors С metres Dflights

8.1 like ………… films because they are scary.

A horror B romance C comedy D thriller

9. The Maasai people are an African

A tribe В nation С group D team

10. Her favourite day of the week is

A October В Sunday С May D April

V. Correct the mistakes(5)

1. The cockerel am singing

2.1 am look at the picture

3. The frogs is jumping in the sun.

4. Nick is have breakfast now

5. Dad are washing the dishes

VI. Write the words in Plural(13)

a day- a party- a sheep- a watch

a mouse- a shelf- achild-

a glass- a country- a women-

a wife a lady- a foot-

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