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Test for 9th grade

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1. Choose the right article:

Let’s go to …. theatre.

  1. the

  2. this

  3. there

  4. an

2. Which of the nouns is used with an:

a) accident

b) city

c) table

d) pear

3. Choose the best alternative.

…. some chairs around the table.

  1. there are

  2. there isn’t

  3. there

  4. there aren’t

4. Find the right variant:

East or West home … best.

  1. is

  2. were

  3. am

  4. are

5. Give the right answer: ten+ten=?

a) twenty

b) forty

c) sixty

d) fifty

6. Choose the correct answer:

Julia went … the kitchen to get the salt.

  1. to

  2. near

  3. for

  4. along

7. Find the right variant:

… there many students at the lecture yesterday?

  1. were

  2. be

  3. was

  4. are

8. Complete the sentence using suitable adjective


It’s a very nice room. It is … room in the hotel.

  1. the nicest

  2. nice

  3. the most nice

  4. the nicer

9. Find the plural form:

A woman”

a) women

b) womans

c) womanes

d) womens

10. Choose the right variant:

What is Big Ben”?

  1. clock

  2. museum

  3. tower

  4. university

11. Define the right Tense form

I am cutting the grass.

a) Present Continuous

b) Past Continuous

c) Present Simple Tense

d) Past Simple

12. Complete the sentence:

This is … car.

  1. his friend’s

  2. my friend

  3. his friends’

  4. my friends’

13. Choose the right variant.

He left his land in 1950.

  1. nineteen fifty

  2. the fifty

  3. nine five

  4. ninetieth fifty

14. Choose the antonym to the underlined word.

Before death he decided to leave his money to a


  1. earlier

  2. after

  3. above

  4. below

15. Choose the appropriate form of the verb.

We can go out now. It … .

  1. don’t rain

  2. rains

  3. has rained

  4. isn’t raining

16. Choose the right variant.

The Manchester City … with Liverpool next


  1. plays

  2. is playing

  3. played

  4. are playing

17. How can you say “Everybody likes different

things” using the idiom.

a) I have no hope left

b) Money has no smell

c) All in good time

d) It is a matter of taste

18. Choose the general word:

a) piano

b) instrument

c) violin

d) drum

19. Choose the appropriate pronouns.

I lost … watch, … pen and …things.

a) his/her/another

b) ours/this/the other

c) my/my/some other

d) yours/its/the others

20. Choose the appropriate form of the verb.

I … want to read the review because I … already


a) didn’t/had/read

b) had not/shall/read

c) will not/shall/read

d) have to/had/read

21. Choose the appropriate form of the verb.

I … when he… .

a) knew/comes

b) knew/had come

c) knew/will come

d) know/have come

22. Choose the appropriate form of the verb.

The speech … by David yesterday.

  1. was written

  2. will write

  3. is written

  4. has been written

23. Choose the best answer.

One evening, after hunting in the forest all day, I

to the place where I up my


  1. had returned/put

  2. returned/puts

  3. was returning/have put

  4. returned/had put

24. Choose correct word.

Astana is located to the … of the Republic.

  1. North

  2. South

  3. South-West

  4. East

25. Find the right suffix to form the adjective form:


a) y

b) al

c) ly

d) able

26. Put the verb into the Passive Voice.

I … often … to parties.

a) am not/invited

b) are not/invited

c) am not/invite

d) do not/invite

27. Choose the right variant.

This book … here for hours.

  1. was lied

  2. had lied

  3. has been lying

  4. is lying

28. Find the right variant.

When they … the hall, the performance already


  1. enters/began

  2. enter/begins

  3. entering/began

  4. entered/had begun

29. Indicate the right answer.

Where is the United Kingdom of Great Britain

and Northern Ireland situated?

  1. on the British Isles

  2. in Scotland

  3. in Kazakhstan

  4. in America

30. Choose the right variant.

How do you say the number “101”?

  1. one hundred and one

  2. one hundreds one

  3. one thousand ones

  4. one and one hundred

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