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Тест." Фразовые глаголы".(10 класс)

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1. On seeing the snake he …in terror.(moved away)

2. She … before answering the question.(breathed deeply)

3. I have to…some money to pay for the courses.(take money out of a bank account)

4. She is very shy; you should …her.. ( encourage her)

5.Although he had promised to help us, he…. at the last minute(was unwilling to fulfil a promise)

6.The landlord… a contract for the new tenant(wrote out)

7.The car ….next to me, and the driver asked for directions(stopped).


1.This book is so old that it….(is coming to pieces)

2. If you … with the payments, we may take legal action.(fail to keep up with/are late with payment)

3.Our plans … due to lack of money(failed to be completed)

4.This novel … the category of historical adventure.(is divided into)

5.I’ll …whatever your plan for the weekend.(agree )

6.I’m afraid the roof will … if an earthquake hits the area.(collapse)

7. Sara was so beautiful that Mike… her immediately.(fell in love)

8.Lots of people … his tricks before he was caught by the police.(were deceived)

9.Keep some money in the bank to… in case something goes wrong(turn to sb/sth for help when other plans have failed

10.The slowest runner…very quickly after the race had started(failed to keep up with)

11. I think Kate and peter have….They aren’t speaking to each other.( have quarreled)

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