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Тест к модулю 3, 8 класс, учебник Spotlight

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Test on Module 3. 8th Form.









Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3

Speaker 4

Speaker 5








Read what Tom the gardener says about his job. Why does he like it?

Why is it important to do the job that you like?  


Let me tell about my job. I think I am the happiest person in the world as I do what I have always dreamt about. I am a gardener – can you believe it?! Yeah! I love my job. I cannot even think about working in an office in front of a computer all day long. I think it’s boring. I get up early in the morning and go to the garden and potter there, listening to the birds singing – it’s absolutely amazing to be in touch with the nature. I hope you’ll find the job that’ll please you!

What job would you like to do? Why?




Match the words with their translation.


1  step by step

изучать вещества

2  to get Master’s degree

B  платить по счетам

3  again and again

C  получить степень магистра

4  to examine elements

D    шаг за шагом

5  pay the bills

E  снова и снова



Fill in down, forward, on, off, over, through. Translate the sentences into



6. The financial crisis has brought the prices _________________.

7. She was a real success though she had to bring ________________ a lot of

obstacles on her way.

8. Emily, you’ve brought ______________ an excellent idea!

9. The fireman brought _____________ an elevenyear old girl yesterday.

10. Please, don’t bring ______________ troubles saying things like that!

11. I tried to bring her _____________ but she was as stubborn as a mule.


Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.


-         He ____________ (12 give) me the book back, ____________ (13 thank) for lending it to him and ___________ (14 say) that he enjoyed it very much; I ___________ (15 know) that he __________ (16 read) it because most of the pages ___________ (17 be) still uncut.

-         He ____________ (18 keep) looking at her, wondering where he ____________ (19 see) her before.

-         I ____________ (20 put) the $10 note into one of my books; but next day it

_____________ (21 take) me ages to find it because I ______________ (22 forget) which

book I _____________ (23 put) it into.



Read the sentences and make up a story.


Parents went on a tour round Europe.

Kate and Tom were left with their Auntie Frankie.

They decided to have a party.

Everybody was happy.

When parents came back, their children prepared a surprise.


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