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Тест "8 класс ч. 2"

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8th form, Unit 1, test

Choose the right answer:

1.In Russia it’s … in winter

  1. hot b) cloudy and sunny c) foggy d)snowy

2.It’s Sunny in Spain today, isn’t it?- Yes, it’s … ,isn’t it.

a) terrible b) lovely c) miserable d) awful

3. She likes swimming in … sea.

a) - b) a c) an d) the

4. He climbed into his spacesuit and in few minutes was out in … space.

a) - b) a c) an d) the

5. I … a letter at 5 o’clock yesterday.

a) wrote b) was writing c)were d) writing

6. It … all day long

a) were raining b) were not raining c) was not raining d) did not raining

7. What … you … about? – Nothing serious.

a) did …talk b) did… talking c) was … talking d) were … talking

8. The teacher … us questions for 3 hours.

a) has been asking b) have been asking c) was asking d) asking

9. Choose the verbs that are not normally used in the continuous:

a) believe b) ask c)belong d) run e) like f) love g) sit

10. …. Is a sudden shaking of the ground.

a) An earthquake b) A hurricane c) A tornado d) A volcano

11. Translate:

a) disastrous b) to do a lot of damage c) He wouldn’t hurt a fly.

d) space research e) launch a spaceship f) to solve a problem g)a scientific problem h) a human being i) an amazingly hot day j) Flowers attract bees.

12. The boy has … his chair.

a) broken b) destroyed c)damaged d)erased

13. I … by 10 o’clock yesterday.

a) returned b) was returned c) had returned d) has returned

14. Who … the words by Friday?

a) had learnt b) learnt c) did learnt d) did learn

15. Define the tense of the underlined verbs in the sentences:

a) We danced a lot at the disco last night.

b) He was reading a book at 5 p.m. yesterday.

c) What had he done before we arrived?

16. Insert the missing parts:


(16) __________

September 22, (17)______

(18)________ Ben,

Thank you for your (19)_____________.

My summer was great! I visited my granny in the country. I swam a lot and played football with my friends.

Write (20)____ soon.

(21) ____________,


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