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Тест на английском языке на тему ''Parties and Holidays"

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Test ”Holidays and Parties” Level III

I. Choose the right word.

1) People celebrate Christmas on the … .

a) 31st of December b) 1st of January c) 14th of February d)25th of December

2) On the 1st of January people celebrate … .

a) Halloween b) Thanksgiving Day c) New Year d) Veterans Day

3) Mother’s Day is celebrated on the … .

a) The second Monday in May b) the second Sunday in May

c) the second Wednesday in May d) the third Sunday in May

4) Americans celebrate Independence Day on the … .

a) 4th of July b) 4th of June c) 4th of May d) 4th of September

5) In April or May Sunday people have … .

a) Mother’s day b) Father’s Day c) Independence Day d) Easter

II. Match the names of holidays on the left with sentences on the right.

  1. Halloween a) People buy or make Valentine cards and send them to

people they love.

  1. Christmas b) People make Jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins in this


  1. St. Valentine’s Day c) People decorate Christmas tree with little lights or


  1. James Patrick’s, Jr d) parents hide color eggs in the garden or house

children look for them.

  1. Easter e) People wear something green and decorate their

houses with shamrock.

III. Choose True or False.

  1. In Halloween children go from house to house saying “Trick or treat”.

  2. In St.Valentine’s Day people buy or make Valentine’s cards.

3. American people go to picnics, have fireworks in Mother’s Day.

4. People celebrate President’s Day for the honor of Veterans.

5. People in Kazakhstan celebrate Independence Day in the 16th of December.

IV. Fill in the words where it is necessary.

Christmas is a 1)….. holiday. People go to 2)….. in this day and sing a song about

Christmas. People 3) ….. their friends, relatives, parents to congratulate and say “Merry

Christmas”. Many people 4) …… their houses, christmas trees with colourful lights, put up

5)…….. on the fireplace or above the bed for Santa Claus put presents in them.

a) stockings b) decorate c)religious d)visit e) church

V. Put the words in the order to make a sentence.

1. climbs down, Santa Claus, put, chimney, under, Christmas, the, tree, and, presents, the.

2. roast, Day, cook, turkey, People in, Thanksgiving.

3. dancing, eating, is, There, lot, of, New Year’s ,in, Day.

4. In, people, bring, Scotland, coal, piece, of, a, good, for, Year, New, in, the

5. invitation cards,make or, buy,to, invite, guests, for, birthday, party, We.

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