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Тест на грамматику 7 класс


7 class

1 Use the words in the box to complete the sentences.

any, some, no, much, many

0 There are _____no________ oranges in the basket.

1 Can you go and buy _______________ chocolate for me?

2 How _______________ did you pay for this blouse?

3 I’m very busy at the moment. I’m afraid I’ve got _______________ time to talk to you.

4 Mark always plays alone. He doesn’t have _______________ brothers or sisters.

5 I don’t want anything to drink. I think I drank too _______________ tea at home.

2.must, mustn’t, have to, don’t have to, can, can’t

0 You __don’t have to__ hurry. I’m sure they’ll wait for you.

1 You _______________ park here. Can’t you see the sign? Parking is forbidden.

2 Tell them they _______________ wash the carrots. I’ve already done it.

3 I _______________ help you. I’m not busy now and I think I know how to repair your car.

4 Don’t argue with me, son! You _______________ do it right now!

5 I’m sorry, I _______________ talk to you right now. I’m in a hurry.

6 Listen to me, boys! You _______________ touch it, it’s very hot!

7 The rules in our school are very strict. We _______________ study hard and always be on time for our lessons.

8 You _______________ have a visa to go to Germany. You need only a passport.

3. Complete the text with the adjectives given in brackets in the correct form.

I have a lot of friends and three of them are even (0) __closer_______ (close) to me than my brothers. Tom is a very good student, certainly (1)_______________ (good) than all the other boys in my class. He also plays basketball very well because he is (2) _______________ (tall) boy in our school team. Mark doesn’t do any sports at all but I like him because he is (3) _______________ (intelligent) person I know. He can tell you a lot about insects and other animals. He is not so good at numbers because for him maths is just (4) _______________ (interesting) than zoology. George, my third friend, is (5) _______________ (bad) pupil in our school. He fails all tests and exams and our teacher says he is (6)_______________ (lazy) student she has ever had. But I think George is (7)_______________ (clever) than my other classmates, he just doesn’t have time to study. He helps his mother a lot with the housework and takes care of his two (8)_______________ (young) sisters. He is also (9)_______________ (kind) of all my friends. I think life is much (10)_______________ (easy) if you have some good friends around.

4.Choose the best option and mark A, B, C or D

0 A horse has got __________ legs.

A for B fore C fort D four

1 We __________ tennis at five o’clock every Thursday.

A playing B are playing C play D plays

2 Last year I __________ to Costa Rica.

A go B am going C have gone D went

3 Where __________ Paul work now?

A do B is C does D have

4 Cats__________ to eat fish.

A like B are liking C likes D is liking

5 Did you see Susan yesterday? – No, I __________.

A haven’t B hadn’t C don’t D didn’t

6 There’s a cinema in the town centre __________ there?

A isn’t B hasn’t C wasn’t D doesn’t

7 Look! The cat __________ on your bed.

A sleeps B is sleeping C sleep D sleeping

8 It’s Sunday so I __________ get up early.

A haven’t to B didn’t had C hadn’t to D don’t have to

9 Does Marcus earn __________ money?

A many B lots C the D a lot of

10 Have you ever __________ to Bangkok?

A go B been C went D gone

5. Choose the correct variant.

1.I am not ... in this TV programme anymore.

a. interesting

b. interested

2. This book is so ... 

a. depressed

b. depressing

3. It was ... fact that I managed to pass that exam.

a. surprised

b. surprising

4. Who were those students ... outside?

a. waited

b. waiting

5. The path ... two forests is very narrow.

a. connected

b. connecting

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