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Тест на определение уровня: Beginner или Elementary?

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1. My favourite sport …… tennis.

a) are

b) is

c) be

2. Roberto is Italian. He’s …… Italy.

a) from

b) to

c) at

3. …… you help me, please?

a) Have

b) Do

c) Can

4. Moscow is the …… of Russia.

a) country

b) nationality

c) capital

5. I leave for work …… quarter past eight.

a) in

b) at

c) on

6. The doctor told me that I …… smoke.

a) mustn’t

b) won’t

c) doesn’t have

7. …… that man in the red hat?

a) Whose

b) Who

c) Who’s

8. Is …… your new car? It’s great!

a) these

b) that

c) there

9. This letter is for Tom. Give it to ……

a) him

b) he

c) his

10. We …… to school every day.

a) gos

b) goes

c) go

11. She often …… fish because it’s good for her.

a) eats

b) eat

c) eates

12. She …… a letter at the moment.

a) write

b) is writing

c) writes

13. What …… on Saturdays?

a) are you doing

b) do you

c) do you do

14. Look at Jane! She …… a red dress today!

a) wearing

b) is wearing

c) is wear

15. Yesterday we …… to the cinema and saw a great film.

a) go

b) have gone

c) went

16. When …… Rome? Last summer or last winter?

a) did you visit

b) are you visiting

c) do you visit

17. London is …… than New York.

a) nosiest

b) noisy

c) noisier

18. Paris is the …… city I’ve ever seen.

a) beautiful

b) more beautiful

c) most beautiful

19. …… your homework yet?

a) Do you finish

b) Have you finished

c) Are you finishing

20.…… you help me with my project, please?

a) Will

b) Do

c) Are

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