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Тест на тему "Christmas"

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Test Christmas

Вариант l

1. Find the right answer.

1 What are the most popular Christmas colors after green and red?

a. red and yellow b. silver and gold c. white and black d. orange and violet

2. What food is often left out for Santa?

a. nuts b. a pudding c. a turkey d. cookies

3. What is the most popular treetop ornament?

a ball b. an angel c. a star d. a cracker

4. Which country (on territory of which country) started the tradition of exchanging gifts?

a. Germany b. China c. Egypt d. Italy

2. Insert the verbs in the past form.

Sing, put, find, hang, go, be, come

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, the 24th of December. It (1) __________ a nice day. At first my friends and I (2) _________carols in the streets. Then in the evening I (3) _________a Christmas stocking by the fireplace and (4) _________ to bed. At night Santa Claus (5) ____________. He (6) ___________ presents into the stocking. In the morning I (7) ___________ cool roller skates in the stocking.

3. Write in the prepositions in, on, at.

British people celebrate Christmas ___ the 25th of December.

Yesterday Sally got up ___ 6 o'clock.

We decorated the Christmas tree ___ the evening.

4. Write the sentences.

you / Did / a cake / at Christmas / make / ?

sister / magazines / every / My / day / reads / Christmas.

on / to the Christmas party / The children / Saturday / went /.

Test Christmas

Вариант ll

1. Find the right answer.

1. Which state of the USA has a city named Santa Claus?

a. Indiana b. Louisiana c. Maine d. Colorado

2. What colour is Santa’s belt?

a. red b. white c. black d. no belt at all

3. What is the name of the red-nosed reindeer?

a. Scroodge b. Rudolph c. Ernie d.Snowy

4. When is Boxing Day?

a. January 1 b. December 31 c. December 26 d. December 25

Write the Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets.

Mike ---(walk) to school yesterday.

Walt Disney ----(die) in 1966.

My parents -----(decide) to take a few days off work and paint the house.

Mark ------- (not/sing) at the karaoke last night.

We -----(meet) on holiday last summer.

I ---- (hear) a lot about you.

He was so happy that he----------(jump) up and down.

3. Write in the prepositions in, on, at.

I got a Christmas card ___ Monday.

The children found a lot of presents ___ the morning.

We are going to the museum ___ January.

4. Write the sentences.

on / to the Christmas party / The children / Saturday / went /.

the 25th of December / you / on / Christmas /celebrate / Do / ?

Molly / are / and / crackers / now / pulling / Rick.

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