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Тест на тему "Достопримечательности Лондона" (5 класс)

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Тест « Достопримечательности Лондона» 5 класс.

Choose the correct variant:

  1. Great Britain consists of ___ parts.

  1. 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

  1. What are these parts?

  1. USA b) Scotland c) Germany d) Northern Ireland e) Wales f) France

  2. g) England

  1. The capital of England is _____.

  2. Who is the head (leader) of the country now?

  1. a king b) a queen c) a president d) a minister

  1. Hyde Park is famous for its____.

  1. pictures b) speaker s corner c) rivers d) animals

  1. Ravens (вороны) must live in___

  1. Westminster Abby b) The Tower of London c) Tower Bridge

Give an answer

  1. It is one of the most famous bells in the world. You can hear its deep tone on the BBC. _____________________________________________________

  2. It is the home of the British Royal Family in London. Outside the palace we can watch a colorful ceremony of the Changing of the Guard.____________

  3. The buildings in which the British Parliament sits._____________________

  4. It is the best-known bridge. It was built in 1897. This bridge is across the Thames.______________________________________________________

  5. It is a large gothic church, built in the 11-th century. Almost all kings and queens have been crowned (коронованы) there. Many famous British people are buried (похоронены) there._____________________________

  6. It is called “ the heart” of the country. It is where Nelson s Column stands.__

  7. It is an ancient fortress (крепость) in London. It was a royal palace and a prison (тюрьма) for important people. Today it is a museum.__________

  8. It is the most famous museum of wax works in the world.______________

Put in the missing words:

For a long time The Tower of London (1)____a fortress, a prison, and a palace. Many queens and kings (2)______there. In the Tower (3)______see the famous Beefeaters and ravens. The legend says: “ Only as long as the ravens (4)______, the White Tower will (5)_____.” The raven master is a person who (6) _____them food.

was, stay, stand, can, lived, gives

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