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Тест на тему: "Словообразование"

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Directions: Read the texts below and decide what part of speech in A, B, C or D best fits each gap in the sentences.

In 332 BC Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia,

(1) Egypt. In 305 BC Alexander's general Ptolemy

became king of Egypt, and for almost 300 years his (2)

, the Ptolemies, ruled Egypt. Although Ptolemy was

Macedonian by birth and the Ptolemies remained (3)_

to Greek culture, they were (4) for one of the great
est periods of building and decorating temples in Egypt.

The Ptolemies did so to win (5) for their rule from

their Egyptian (6) . The Ptolemaic dynasty ended when

Cleopatn, queen of Egypt, (7) suicide after the Ro
mans (8) her forces at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC.

The Roman victory marked the end of ancient Egypt as an
(9) power.

  1. A conquered C conquering
    B conquer D conquest

  2. A descend C descendible
    B descending D descendants

  3. A ties C tier
    B tied D tiring

  4. A responsible C responsibility
    B responsibly D responsive

  1. A accept C acceptance
    B accepted D acceptability

  2. A subjects C subjacent
    B subjective D subjectify

  3. A commitment C committing
    B committed D committal

  4. A defeatism C defeating
    B defeat D defeated

  5. A depend C independent
    B independence D depending

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