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Тест на тему "Употребление времен" 6 класс

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The Use of Tenses

I variant

Complete the sentences using the correct form oh the verb.

  1. What sort of music … you … ?

a) do like b) has liked c) is liking

  1. My friend and I … singing.

a) don't like b) does not like c) aren't liking

  1. Paul is good at tennis. He … very well.

a) play b) plays c) is playing

  1. She … to the library three days ago.

a) doesn't go b) was going c) didn't go

  1. The telephone … . Can you answer it?

a) is ringing b) has rang c) rings

  1. Tom … his sister since he was a child.

a) didn't see b) don't see c) hasn't seen

  1. Olga … in England last year.

a) lived b) has lived c) was living

  1. I don't know this woman. We never … before.

a) didn't see b) don't see c) have seen

  1. While I … to the radio, the telephone rang.

a) was listening b) listened c) has listened

  1. It was very noisy next door. Our neighbours … a party.

a) had b) were having c)have had

  1. … you ever … to Picadilly Circus?

a) were b) did go c)have been

  1. Mark Twain … in the state of Missouri.

a) lived b) was living c) has lived

  1. “Would you like something to eat?” “No, thanks. I … just … lunch”.

a) had b) was having c) have had

  1. She … quietly at her desk when suddenly the door opened.

a) worked b) has worked c) was working

  1. Look! Kate … .

a) is dancing b) dances c) danced

  1. Dick isn't at home now. He … a student with the project.

a) helps b) is helping c) helped

  1. We saw an accident while we … for a bus.

a) waited b) wait c) were waiting

  1. I … Paris in 1995.

a) have visited b)visited c) was visiting

  1. Turn the TV off- no one … .

a) is watching b) watches c) has watched

  1. Cats … very well in the dark.

a) have seen b) are seeing c) see

II variant

  1. Jane … coffee very often.

a) doesn't drink b) hasn't drunk c) isn't drinking

  1. … it … now? No. Look! It's sunny.

a) does rain b) is raining c) has rained

  1. Mike … school in 1999.

a) has left b) was leaving c) left

  1. My sister … three years ago.

a) was born b) is born c) has been born

  1. She'not ready – she … dinner.

a) cooked b) was cooking c) is cooking

  1. He … home when he saw the accident.

a) was driving b) drove c) has driven

  1. When … you … to Canada?

a) were going b) have gone c) did go

  1. Every morning John … at 7 o'clock.

a) got up b) gets up c) has got up

  1. I don't know where my brother is. … you … him?

a) do see b) have seen c) did see

  1. I … a book the whole evening yesterday.

a) was reading b) read c) have read

  1. John is hungry. He … anything yet.

a) ate b) isn't eating c) hasn't eaten

  1. Many birds … south every summer.

a) are flying b) fly c) have flown

  1. It's very noisy. - Suzy … to Rock music.

a) is listening b) listens c) listened

  1. … you … in the garden when I came to the house.

a) did work b) have worked c)were working

  1. Mary isn't at home. She … shopping.

a) has gone b) went c) was going

  1. Agatha Christie … 68 novels, 17 plays and more than a hundred stories.

a) was writing b) wrote c) has written

  1. Tom arrived while the children … dinner.

a) have had b) had c) were having

  1. It is the best holiday I … ever … .

a) have had b) was having c) had

  1. I … to him since I returned from the trip.

a) didn't speak b) wasn't speaking c) haven't spoken

  1. What … your brother … now?

a) was doing b) is doing c) has done


Variant I Variant II

  1. a 1. a

  2. a 2. b

  3. b 3. c

  4. c 4. a

  5. a 5. c

  6. b 6. a

  7. a 7. c

  8. c 8. b

  9. a 9. b

  10. b 10. a

  11. c 11. c

  12. a 12. b

  13. c 13. a

  14. c 14. c

  15. a 15. a

  16. b 16. b

  17. c 17. c

  18. b 18. a

  19. a 19. c

  20. c 20. b

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