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Тест на употребление фразовых глаголов.

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Phrasal Verbs:

Complete the sentences with prepositions:

  1. In winter, when it’s dark it is so difficult to get... in the morning.

  2. Look at the time! Let’s get... to business.

  3. I’m afraid that our secret can get... .

  4. Does she get... with her classmates?

  5. Jack is a terrible boy, he has got... with my keys again.

  6. He can’t get... his illness yet.

  7. If you are going to the Tower you should get... at the next stop.

  8. Hello! How are you getting...?

  9. The boy got... his bike and rode away.

  1. I can’t do the sum. I give... .

  2. My homework is to make... ten sentences with the new words.

  3. Look... yourself during the trip.

  4. Dave takes... his elder brother.

  5. May I give... all these plates and cups?

  6. Please, take this book... to our neighbour, this book is hers.

  7. What documents are you looking...?

  8. Don’t make... . I’ve got something to tell you.

  9. Where have you been? I’ve been looking... you all over.

  1. Jack is a farmer and has a lot of work to do so he gets... early.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s time to get... to business.

  3. If the information gets..., you’ll be very sorry about it.

  4. We get... very well with our neighbours.

  5. The fish was really huge, but it got... .

  6. All young actors have to learn to get... their fear of the public.

  7. I asked the bus driver where I should get... .

  8. How is he getting... with his English?

  9. Get... the bus and go as far as Trafalgar Square.

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