Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыТест на знание лексики по теме Модуля 3 А

Тест на знание лексики по теме Модуля 3 А

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Module 3 A (11 form)

Variant 1.

Fill in: found, pickpocket, pay, scam, vandals, got off, witness, red-handed, called, suspect, fraudsters, taken, sentence, confessed.

1.      The police are holding a … for questioning.

2.      If you are caught running a red light, you have to … a big fine.

3.      Fraudsters use a … to trick people and take their money.

4.      As soon as he realized that his house had been broken into, he … the police.

5.      Nick has to go to court because he was a … to a car accident.

6.      The judge … the group of teenagers guilty of vandalizing school property.

7.      When Mar saw that her wallet was missing, she thought that a … must have taken it from her bag on the bus.

8.      The two men were charged by the police and later … to court.

9.      I was shocked to hear that my next-door neighbour was one of the … involved in the bank robbery.

10.  Anyway, he … to the crime, the police arrested him.

11.  The young shoplifter … with a warning because it was his first offence.

12.  When the burglars were in the house, the police caught them … .

13.  The walls of new house were spray painted by … last night.

14.  He received a two-year prison … .


Module 3 A (11 form)

Variant 2.

Fill in: confessed, fee, pay a fine, pickpocket, taken, shoplifting, grabbed, gullible, offence, found, threatened, witnesses, imprisonment, suspect.

1.      Weren’t there any … who can tell us how the accident happened?

2.      The two boys were caught … last Sunday. They had stolen some sweets and two bottles of lemonade.

3.      The man they arrested …. to the crime  late last night.

4.      The accused was … not guilty and released from prison.

5.      The man … the old lady’s bag and ran off.

6.      I thought something was wrong when they asked me to pay a … to process my claim.

7.      It is a criminal … to sell stolen property.

8.      My parents … to take away my MP3 player if I don’t do well on my exams.

9.      As the man was at the scene of the crime, he is being treated as a … .

10.   The fraudsters sometimes try to trick … people into sending them money.

11.  He had to … for speeding.

12.  The burglars were arrested and … to court.

13.  The … was caught yesterday at the shopping centre.

14.  The murderer received a life … .


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