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Тест "Обобщение материала по грамматике и лексике"

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Тестовые задания

Уважаемые студенты, Вам предлагаются две части заданий различной сложности.

Разбаловка заданий.

Задание №1-6 – 3 балла

Задание №6-19 – 4 балла

Задание №20-30 -5 баллов

Раздел Reading Comprehension – 10 баллов


Задания на 3 балла

  1. Choose the right preposition:

Yesterday Bob put his ticket somewhere. Now he is looking .... it.

  1. at b) after c) for d) forward

  1. Сhoose the right variant:

I think Sam is …. than Bob.

  1. Responsible b) more responsible c) the most responsible d) responsible

  1. Cross the right variant of the phrasal verb:

She will cross you …. And make you look silly.

  1. about b) over c) out d) up

  1. Choose the right variant of the translation of the proverb ”All that glitters is not gold”.

  1. Не все то золото, что блестит b) Все золото блестит

  2. Все золото дорого d) Все, что золото не блестит

  1. Choose the correct variant:

My brother Nick is very good ... Maths but very weak ... Literature.

  1. in, at b) at, in c) at, with with, with

  1. Choose the right word:

They haven’t seen each other … they left school.

  1. before b) after c) ) for d) since

Задания на 4 балла

  1. Choose the right variant:

The world is getting hotter ... us! Our factories, cars, trains and planes ... the air dirty. When ... sun shines, everything gets hot and the dirt stops the hot air from going ... to the sky. Because the hot air nowhere to go . Everything ... gets hotter.

  1. of, has made, the, at, everything b) by, making, a, up, all

c) of, make, the, up, everything d) for, makes, the, at, every

  1. Сhoose the correct articles:

When İ was at … school, İ always wanted to go to …useful job. İ did … social work at the university and When İ graduated, İ was out of work for a few months. But for … last few years, I’ve been … social worker.

  1. -, a, a, the, a b) -, a, -, the, a c) the, a, a, the, a d) -, the, the, the, a

  1. Choose the correct variant:

He … me about the adventures that had happened to him this summer.

  1. told b) said c) talked d) spoke

  1. Choose the correct variant:

flat is on the 5th floor but … is on the 7th floor.

  1. they, our b) their, ours c) their, our d) they, we

  1. Choose the odd word:

  1. purple b) pink c) yellow d) fat

  1. Choose the right pronoun:

How … time does it take you to get there?

  1. many b) more c) much d) a lot of

  1. Choose the correct tag:

The students are listening to the lecturer attentively.

  1. aren’t b) isn’t they c) don’t they d) didn’t they

  1. Choose the correct variant:

Nick doesn’t want … him … the truth.

  1. to make, tell b) making, telling c) to make, telling d) make, to have told

  1. Choose the right translation of the sentence:

He was fed up with his terrible behavior.

  1. Он был в восторге от его такого прекрасного поведения.

  2. Он был сыт по горло его отвратительным поведением.

  3. Он поддерживал его ужасное поведение.

  4. Он был против его ужасного поведения.

  1. Complete the sentence with the suitable phrasal verb:

Teenagers always want to protest ... the society and to rebel ... the social norms and rules.

  1. against, against b) out, against c) against, out d) out, with

  1. Choose the right word:

People all over the world want to live in … .

  1. dependence b) peace c) war d) inequality

  1. Сomplete the proverb: “East or West home is …”.

  1. best b) rest c) nest d) next

  1. Complete the sentence with the suitable phrasal verb:

Peter Parker was an English language teacher. He was always good … languages at school, so he … to take his degree in French and German.

  1. strong with, making his mind b) perfect with, has made

c) pretty, made up his mind d) good at, made up his mind

Задания на 5 баллов

  1. Complete the statement.

The 4th Tuesday of November is ... in the USA.

  1. The İndependence day b) Christmas c) Thanksgiving day d) Halloween

  1. Choose the right variant.

What is celeb”?

  1. a senior teacher at school b) a business woman

c) a famouse person, film or music star d) Halloween

22. Choose the righ variant:

This Princess of Wales was extremely popular.

  1. Princess Diana b) Princesss Silvia c) Maria Curie d) O. Brain

23. Match the expression with its Russian equivalent:

When first time they met they immediately hit it off.

  1. Когда они впервые встретились, они сразу нашли общий язык.

  2. Они по-настоящему ненавидят друг друга.

  3. Они действительно ценят это.

  4. На самом деле они застрелили его.

24. Choose the right animal to complete the phrase.

Today our teacher of Maths was as cross as a ... .

  1. bear b) fox c) cat d) crocodile

25. Choose the right modal verbs.

Soon he will ... to speak English.

  1. can b) be able to c) might d) may

26. Match the phrasal verb “to go Dutch” with its definition:

a) to meet with someone who is from Danmark

b) to share the cost of something, especially a meal equally

c) to leave without saying “goodbye”

d) to have fun

27. Look at the dates in the right column and match them with the names in the left one.

1. Leonardo da Vinci a. 1837

2. Phil Collins b. 1452

3. Samuel Morse c. 30.01 1951

28. Choose the right answer.

What is the largest ocean.

  1. The Atlantic Ocean b) The İndian Ocean c) the Arctic Ocean d) the Pacific Ocean

29. Choose the right definition for the word “subculture

a) is a group of schoolmates who study together

b) is a group of people with common interests, beliefs, clothes and music

c) is a group of friends that likes to spend time together

30. Choose the right translation of the sentence.

Bobby likes to hang out in different night clubs.

  1. Бобби нравится висеть на крыше клуба.

  2. Бобби любит зависать (тусить) в ночных клубах.

  3. Бобби покрасоваться в ночных клубах.

  4. Бобби нравится приходить в ночные клубы.


Reading Comprehension Test

Задание на 10 баллов

I Read the text and then do the task below


A local boy Richard Kemp got quite a shock last week when he went to buy a bicycle. Richard needed $90 to buy a bycicle. For over a year he had saved all his pocket money to have enough for the bike of his dreams. He worked on Saturdays, too, helping in his Father’s newsagents.

Last Saturday, he finally had the money he needed and so he went to the sports shop. He found the model he wanted but when he went to pay the $90, his pockets were empty – he didn’t have a penny. Richard spent 4 hours looking everywhere for the money. He looked in the streets, he searched his bedroom, and even went to the Police station to ask if anyone had found it.

Finally it was Richard’s father who found the $90 in the washing machine. Richard had changed his trousers and put on a new pair of jeans. But, of course, he had left the money in the trousers and they went into the the washing machine. Yesterday Richard bought his bike at last. He told us that in future he is going to put his money in the bank, not in the washing machine!

II Put the events in the right order.

a.Richard bought a bike

b. Richard had $90

c. Richard’s father found the money

d. Richard put his trousers with the money in the pocket into the washing machine.

e. Richard went to the shop to buy the bike.

f. Richard saved his pocket money and the money from his Saturday’s job.

g. Richard tried to find the money.

h. Rishard found a Saturday job.

III. Match as TRUE or FALSE

1. Richard wanted to buy a car.

2. Richard spent all his money in the bar.

3. Richard’s father found the money.

4. The money were found in the street.

5. Finally Richard bought a bike of his dream.


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