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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по англ яз тема"Времена и предлоги"
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  • Иностранные языки

Тест по англ яз тема"Времена и предлоги"


test on mixed tenses

1If I ..... some meat will you cook it for me? 
a) will buy c) buy b) bought d) am buying
2. She said that she ... her present car. She tried to find
another one.
a) doesn't like c) didn't like
b) won't like d) likes
3.We saw your son yesterday from the bus. Where ... he ... at that
a) was hurrying c) had hurried
b) were hurrying d) did hurry
4.Tom found that everything he said on the phone ... to his boss.
a) report c) was reported
b) is reported d) had been reported
5. When I speak English, all the others in the class ... at me as I don't know the language well.
a) laughed c) will laugh
b) was laughing d) laugh
6. He ... in the Army for eighteen months. This is his last month.
a) serves c) has been serving
b) is serving d) have served
7. Don't make noise: granny ... to sleep.
a) try c) will try
b)are trying d) is trying
8. A new theatre ... in the city. What a beautiful building it will be!
a) was being built c) is built
b) is being built d) builds
9. Two robbers..... in Chicago two days ago.
a) are arrested c) were arrested
b) have been arrested d) will be arrested
10.I... understand this letter. Will you translate it for me?
a) mustn't c) may not
b) can't d) shouldn't
11. My parents don't let me go to late-night disco. I ... be at home at 9 o'clock in the evening.
a) must c) may
b) can d) have to
12. Peter... apologize for his bad behavior at the lesson yesterday.
a) have to c) had to
b) may d) is to
13. My friend studied hard, and as a result he passed the exams ... of all.
a) good c) best
b) better d) the best
14. This is ... lecture I've ever listened to.
a) more boring c) most boring
b) the most boring d) not boring
15. ... old, ... young, ... rich, .......poor want be happy.
a) - c) the
b) an d)everybody
16. Someone who saw ... robbery called the-police.
a) - c)the
b) a d)those
17. According to this poem ... we need is love.
a) all c) each
b) every d) some
18They wished John and Mary happiness in ... new life together.
a) there c) theirs
b) their d) these
19. Excuse me, but does this car belong ... you?
a) to c) at
b) for d) with
20. I have known him for 5 years and I can rely......him. a) at c) in
b) to d) on

Test 4
1) c; 2) c; 3) b; 4) c; 5) d; 6) c; 7) d; 8) b; 9) c; 10) b; 11) a; 12) c; 13) c; 14) b; 15) c; 16) c; 17) a; 18) b; 19) a; 20) d.

Ecology (5 hours) 10th form

1Ecological association ''Tabigat''

2Kazakhstan is my Motherland


4Test ''Ecology"

5Almaty nature.

New words and expressions.

award wheat scenic

association considerably ascent

achievement vary saxaul

environmental mild spruse

solve attitude cruelty

sewage sanctuary treatment

raw rescue reptile

urgent welfare species

process prevention amphibian

share glacier mammal

resources extinction

uranium shed

deposit bush

reservoir gorge

grain refrigerate

barley landslide

variety capacity

Grammar .Modal verbs.(Ecology.)

1 Must. Must not---Do not do this.

2Have to-----Don't have to. Do you have to?

Had to----Didn't have to . Did you have to?

3.May/ Might----It may rain soon. She might know Talgat.

4.May/might have +Past Participle. She may/might have returned in Astana.

5.May I/ Can I.....? May I take your pen? Can you help me?

6.Must have /Could have+ Past Participle

He could have bought some bread. She must have lost her key.

7 Should /Ought to. You should go to the doctor.

You ought to tell the truth.

Modal verbs. ( International Partners ).

1.Possibility----may,might, could.

He could be sick. It could start raining.

She may/might know English well.

2 .Modal verbs, polite requests.

Could you ,please

Can you, please

Will you ,please

Would you ,please

3 to be able to He is able to swim well.

We are able to speak English. Tom was able to meet us.

4.Articles with Geographical names.

No articles with: a) continents, countries ,islands, cities, mtns, towns, regions.

b)universities, ministries, ministers, names, surnames.

Test "Ecology''

1Mixed tenses. 1His hands (be) dirty.He (work)in the garden. 2.I never (eat) this dish before. 3 We Just (speak) about him when he (enter) the room.4.I (be) sure i never (see) this man before. 5.-----you (know ) him? Yes ,I (know ) him for 5 years.6.When he (arrive) they (eat) and (watch) TV.

2 Modal verbs.

1. I am sorry I(may/must/have to) go. 2.Ann is absent. She (must/should/have to)be ill. 3.He didn't go to the party because he (must/should/had to) look after his brother.4(may/ ought/will)I take your bike? 5.you look pale. You (ought/can/should) go to the doctor.6.(can/must/need) you help me?

3 Gerund or Infinitive?

1.I can't stand people (cry) 2.Do you mind (open) the window? 3.Stop(talk) .Go on(read) 4.We decided (go) to the cinema on Sunday.5.She is good at(speak)French.6.She wants (help)us.6.I know what (do).7.Tom is keen on(play) the piano.8 Mary is fond of(read).

4.Answer the questions: 1 What should we do to protect our environment?

2. What are the main ecological problems in KZ?

Model 1.Health (9hours) 6 form.

1.Holiday activities.

2.Keep warm.

3.Health problems.

4.Health problems

5.Pollution is bad for our health.

6.Does weather affect our health?

7.Travelling for health.

8.test ''Health"

9.Optional lesson.

New Vocabulary:

angry, tired, unhappy, bored, ill

headache, sore throat, liquid , cough, fever, burn.

pollution, the environment.

seasons. foggy, cloudy, changeable.

reach. journey, ferry

when I am ill. when I am cold.

What is the weather like? It is rainy.

It is too hot. It is too cold. It is very hot. It is very cold.

Grammar material. 1.Present Continuous Tense

be+ V ing

I am reading now. I am not watching TV now. Are you watching TV now? No, I am not.

Tom is swimming .He is not running. Is he swimming? Yes, he is.


1) fog-foggy . 2)punish-punishment

snow-snowy invitation-invite

wind-windy organization-organize

rain-rainy 3.) teach-teacher

sun-sunny write-writer

cloud-cloudy sing-singer

4)danger - dangerous

success - successful

industry - industrial

friend - friendly


6 7 9 10 11 классы

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