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Инфоурок Иностранные языки ТестыТест по английскому 11 класс

Тест по английскому 11 класс

1 Read the Classified advertisements below. Choose which section in the box below each advertisement should appear in.











0 BMX Bicycle 2004, unwanted gift, to swap for Robbie Williams books, magazines, CDs, DVDs.

_________To Swap__________

1 Congratulations Bobby, now you are fifteen. Have a great day!_____________________

2 Henrietta Jackson, 3.2k, arrived at 22.30 Thursday 24th May. Mother and child doing fine. A new sister for Ben!___________________________

3 Small grey Pekinese ran away in Fullard Park. Answers to the name Colin, Reward to finder. Ring 669017____________________________

4 Learn to scuba dive in 9 easy lessons! No experience necessary. Fullard College Monday & Friday 7.30pm.___________________________

5 Small, cheap room. No meals. Would suit student. £50 p.w._____________________________

6 Attractive, professional woman in mid-30s, would like to meet young man with Ferrari or similar. For exciting drives and maybe more. Phone 5592231._______________________________

7 CARR | PINTER On Saturday 23rd June John Carr, son of George Carr will marry Sally Pinter at St Benedict’s Church, Fullard at 3.pm.________________________________

8 Exercise bicycle, hardly used. £55 o.n.o. Call 0355921 evenings._________________________

9 Leather handbag containing prawn and rocket sandwich and documents found near the bus station in Fullard Park on Friday morning. Contact Anne at 07732-67755412 ____________________________

10 MAURICE PETERS passed away peacefully in his sleep Thursday 19th. No flowers.


2 Underline the correct verb form in these sentences.

0 I ____________ for you for two hours!

a) am waiting b) have been waiting c) wait

1 She ____________ to London every Monday.

a) is going b) goes c) has gone

2 Please stop the noise. You ____________ those drums for two hours.

a) ‘ve played b) ‘ve been playing c) were playing

3 She ____________ more than twenty books before she died.

a) has written b) wrote c) was writing

4 David ____________ John when he was travelling to London.

a) has seen b) was seen c) saw

5 The rich man ____________ his portrait by a famous artist.

a) had / painted b) has / paints c) was / painting

6 I can’t tell you about their new house because I ____________ it

a) ‘ve never seen b) ’d never seen c) was never see

7 I ____________ in a small flat before I got married.

a) used to live b) would live c) am living

8 Before I got married I ____________ every evening with my friends at the pub.

a) have spent b) would spend c) am spending

9 Hamlet ____________ by William Shakespeare.

a) wrote b) had written c) was written

10 The tests ____________ by the teacher.

a) was marked b) have marked c) were marked

3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.

0 You look miserable. Why are you _____unhappy_____? (HAPPY)

1 My leg was so bad I was ________________ to complete the journey. (ABLE)

2 She had three ________________ years as an oboe player. (SUCCESS)

3 There was a lot of ________________ after the old Queen died. (SAD)

4 I need to see your passport or some other form of ________________. (IDENTITY)

5 Xavier did a wonderful ________________ of an old French poem. (TRANSLATE)

6 Where is your ________________? On your left leg or your right? (INJURE)

7 The body in the snow was completely ________________. (FREEZE)

8 Used cars might be quite old and not very ________________. (EXPENSE)

9 I can’t play the piano at all but my brother plays very ________________. (GOOD)

10 My test results were bad but his results were even ________________. (BAD)

4 Choose the best alternative from the three provided. Circle the correct answer.

1 Have you ever been to ______ Republic of Ireland?

a) – b) a c) the

2 No wonder you failed your geography test if you placed ______ Rocky Mountains in Italy.

a) – b) a c) the

3 The capital of Estonia is ______ Tallin.

a) – b) a c) the

4 I think more taxes should be introduced for ______ rich.

a) – b) a c) the

5 Tom saw ______ leopard on his trip to Asia last year.
a) – b) a c) the

6 ______ Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the Strait of Gibraltar.

a) – b) A c) The

5 Match the words from two columns to form compound words.

0 luxurious a) ingredients

1 natural b) quality

2 debut c) welcome

3 top d) suites

4 lonely e) connection

5 warm f) performance

6 Internet g) hearts









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