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Test 7th form

I. Vocabulary

Fill in the missing words.

A fever flu a cold medicine chemist’s doctor

When people have_____ ,_____ or_____ ,they usually go to the ____ for help or they get some ____from the _____.

II. Grammar

Choose the correct answer.

1. The museum is free. You ___ pay to get in.

a) mustn’t

b)don’t have to

c)doesn’t have to

2.____I eat this apple?

a) can

b) may

c) must

3. The child is sleeping. We ___make a noise.

a) mustn’t

b) shouldn’t

c) couldn’t

4. You ____let the child eat so many sweets.

a) shouldn’t

b) should

c) must

5. Thank you for coffee. Now I ___go.

a) shouldn’t

b) can

c) must

III. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

a) eat/a sandwich/lunch/ for/I /usually

b) sometimes/ me/phones Betty

c) at home/ on Sunday/we/evenings/usually

Тема: The world of animals. Мир животных

Класс: 7


1. Обобщить  и систематизировать изученную информацию на уроках по теме: «Animals». Проверить лексический запас учащихся и умение применять  изученный грамматический материал  в устной  и письменной речи.

2. Развивать коммуникативные навыки учащихся, познавательные навыки, умение работать в команде.

3. Воспитывать любовь и бережное отношение к животным.

Вид: урок-игра.

Оборудование: творческие работы учащихся, картинки и фото животных, карточки, пазлы, кроссворды.

Ход мероприятия:

I.Организационный момент.


-постановка цели урока.

II. Procedure of the game and tasks.

1) The students are divided into 3 teams.

        1) The Dog

2) The Monkey

3) The Bear.

2) The teams write down the names of the animals which they know. In 3 minutes they must tell the  names to the class.  The winner is with the most names. Each name – is a point.

3). The teams are given a poem for a good reading.

The monkey and the crocodile.

Five little monkeys,

Sitting in a tree.

Teasing Uncle Crocodile,

Merry as can be.

                Jumping high, jumping low,

Jumping left and write.

Dear Uncle Crocodile,

Come and take a bite”.

        Five little monkeys

Jumping in the air

Heads up, tails up,

Little do they care.

                Jumping up, jumping down,

                Jumping for and near:

                “Poor Uncle Crocodile,

                Aren’t you hungry, dear?”

Four little monkeys

Sitting in a tree,

Heads down, tails down,

Sad as can be.

                Crying loud, crying low,

                Saying to each other:

                “Wicked Uncle Crocodile,

                To eat up our brother!’

4) The teams are given a poem “My pet dog” . They must read it, think of   music and sing the poem as it is a song.

My pet dog.

I have a little pet dog Sam,

He is as humble as a lamb.

I like his whiskers curing fine,

A set of teeth all in a line.

He is a funny little chap

The milk he drinks up in a lap.

He has two eyes, one nose, two ears,

He also has so many fears.

Each day I take him for a walk

And as we go we have a talk.

About the sun, the moon and stars,

About the sky and planet Mars.

5) Write the names of the animals correctly:

God, noli, gerti, nomeky, omuse, sohre, rabe.

Answer; dog, lion, tiger, monkey, mouse, horse, bear.

6) The teams are given a picture of the animal which is divided into many parts. The task is to make up a picture. The quickest team is the winner.

7) Guess the riddles:

        a) Who is the king of the animal world? (a lion).

        b) It is domestic animal. He likes fish.         (a cat).

        c) This animal likes grass, gives milk. (a cow).

        d) I am white. I can jump and run. I can’t swim and climb. I don’t like foxes. (A hare).

        e) This animal lives at home or in the street. It is a man’s friend. (A dog).

        f) I am green. I can swim and jump. I can’t run and climb. (A frog).

8) Match the name of the animal and its description.

1. The animal is very timid and afraid of everything.     a) Hare.

2.The animal has a read bushy tail.                               b) Camel.

3. The animal sleeps all winter in a den.                        c) Tiger.

4. He has a beautiful yellow skin with Hack stripes.          d) Zebra.

5. She carries her bodies in a pouch.                        e) Fox

6. The animal can go without water for a long time.         f) Lion.

7. The animal with a beautiful white skin with black stripes is a.. g) Bear

8. The animal that has long hair around its neck is a… h) Kangaroo?

Answers: 1-a, 2-e,3-g,4-c,5-h,6-b,7-d,8-f.

9) The teacher names domestic and wild animals mixed up. One student of each team comes up to the blackboard. They must clap hands one time if they hear a domestic animal to times when they hear the name of a wild animal. If they are mistaken, they leave the game. The only left student is a winner, and his/her team hats a point.

A zebra, a bear, a horse, a fox, a dog, a cat, an elephant, a hare, a pig, a lion, a frog.

10) How long do animals live?

The students listen and try to remember how long the animals live. Then they answer the question how long   this or that animal lives.

Rabbits live 5 years, sheep’s-12, cats-13, dogs-15,cows -25, horses-30, camel-40.

11) Finish the saying…

        1. As brave as…. (a  lion)

2 As busy as….(a bee)

3. As fast as…..(a hare)

4. As fat as….(a pig)

5. As heavy as…. (an elephant)

6. As slow as…. (a tortoise).

12) True or False?

1. Frogs cannot live in the sea.(T)

2. Some frogs live in Antarctica (F)

3. They are poisonous frogs in Russia( F).

13) At the end of the game pupils count their points. The winner is with the most points.

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