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Тест по английскому языку

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Grade 9


1.Listen to the interview with Emma and mark the statements below are true (T) or false (F).

1. Emma took her exams yesterday.

2. Emma’s mother lives in Oxford.

3. Her parents do not live together.

4. Emma has got a brother and a sister.

5. Her brother is twelve years younger than Emma.

6. Emma’s brother likes to play football.

7. He doesn’t go to school yet.

8. Emma’s father lives in Edinburgh.

9. They often spend holidays together with their father.

10. Emma is fond of pop music.

2. Choose the right variant

1. I __________ 50 years old in 2030.

A is B am C will be D am being

2. Sorry, I __________ here on Thursday. I have to go to the dentist.

A is B ’m C will be D won’t be

3. __________ my brothers live in the U.S.A.

A Neither B Both C Any D None

4. If you throw a stone into the water, it __________.

A sinks B sank C sunk D is sinking

5. He needs____new printer. He should buy one soon.

A some B the C a D an

6. There is____ at home. I`ve been ringing all day.

A no one B everyone C someone D anyone

7. Mercedes______a new car. It`s called the Smart car.

A had built B has built C build D building

8. The hotel _____ by a large fire.

A is destroyed B destroy C was destroyed D destroys

9. Look! The cat is in the tree. We should ___it.

A help B helping C to help D will help

10. What is the symbol of England?

A leek B rose C shamrock D thistle

3. Make sentences with I’d rather…./I’d prefer(to)

1.to go to the cinema or to watch plays on TV

2. to eat meat or to eat fish.

3. to speak English or to speak Russian.

4. Read the text and decide whether the information in the sentences is right (A), wrong (B) or not stated (C)

The Ring and the fish”

Victor and Anita, who live in Italy, are the happiest couple in the world. Two years ago, they were on a boat a few kilometers from the beach. Victor asked Anita to marry him and he gave her a nice gold ring. He wanted to put the ring on Anita’s finger, but he dropped it and it fell into the sea. They were sure the ring was lost forever. That is, until last Friday, when Mr. Morrison visited them. He has a fish shop and he found the ring in a large fish which he was cutting up for one of his customers. The fish thought the ring was something to eat! Mr. Morrison knew that the ring belonged to Victor and Anita because inside the ring there were some words. They were, ‘To Anita, All my love, Victor.’ And so Mr. Morrison gave the ring back to them. Anita now has two rings. When they lost the first one, Victor bought Anita another one. But they think the one the fish ate is the best one.

1. Victor and Anita’s home is in Rome.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

2. Victor asked Anita to marry him when they were on a boat.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

3. Victor put the gold ring on Anita’s finger.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

4. They returned from their boat trip without the ring.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

5. Mr Morrison often visited Victor and Anita.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

6. Mr Morrison caught the fish.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

7. Mr Morrison found the ring when he ate the fish.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

8. Mr Morrison didn’t want to give the ring back to Victor and Anita.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

9. Victor bought another ring to Anita a month after the boat trip.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

10. Victor and Anita like the first ring more.

A Right B Wrong C Not stated

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