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Инфоурок Иностранные языки ТестыТест №2 по английскому языку для 8 класса

Тест №2 по английскому языку для 8 класса


ФИО _________________________________

Класс _________

Дата __________________

1. Вставьте правильную форму глагола.

1) She ________________________ (be) to London four times this year.

2) The teacher ______________________________ (speak) English since the beginning of this lesson.

3) I promise I ______________________________ (call) you as soon as I have any news.

2. Употребите инфинитив или герундий.

1) I avoid ____________________________ (take) the car whenever possible, especially in big cities.

2) He often makes me _____________________________ (feel) guilty.

3. Преобразуйте прямую речь в косвенную.

1) "Hurry up," she said to us.


2) They said: "We have forgotten to phone our friend".


4. Прочитайте текст и определите высказывания: верно - “T” (true), неверно - “F”(false), в тексте не сказано - “NS”( not stated).

Joseph Rudyard Kipling is considered to be one of the greatest English writers. He was born in 1865, in Bombay, India. At the time of his birth, his parents were recent arrivals in India. They had come to India with plans to start a new life. The family lived quite well. His father, an artist, was the head of the Department of Architectural Sculpture at the School of Art. For young Kipling, India was a wonderful and happy place.

However, at the age of 6, Kipling's life changed greatly. He was sent to England to receive a formal British education. These were hard years for Kipling. The boy suffered from strict school discipline, his classmates’ insults and bullying. His only comfort was books: he enjoyed reading. By the age of 11 Kipling became the editor of the school newspaper.

Kipling travelled a lot but in 1902 he returned to Great Britain with his wife and children. The Kiplings bought a large estate in Sussex and many of his most famous books were written there. One of them was Just So Stories. The book's name had come from his daughter, who asked her father to repeat each tale several times, or "just so," as she often said.

As a writer, Kipling flourished. His portfolio contained gems like The Jungle Book, The Naulahka: A Story of the West and East and The Second Jungle Book. Kipling loved children and understood them very well. His tales fascinated boys and girls all over the world.

In 1907 he was the first English writer to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. It was international recognition of his talent.

1. Kipling studied at college.

1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

2. Kipling continued creating tales for children until the end of his life.

1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

3. At the beginning of the 20th century, Kipling was given a prestigious literary award.

1) True 2) False 3) Not stated


Вариант 2:

1. has been, has been speaking, will call

2. taking, feel

3. She asked us to hurry up. They said they had forgotten to phone their friend.

4. F, NS, T

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