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Тест по английскому языку для 10 класса

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Variant I

  1. My sister lives____in the country, but she never feels_____.

A alone /alone B lonely /lonely C alone /lonely D lonely /alone

  1. England won the championship,____Germany.

A biting B beating C betting D bidding

  1. English is the____language of most British.

A mother B home C native D nature

  1. The lecture was____, so I slept it away.

A bored B boring C annoyed D exhausting

  1. Did you see her at the party? – Yes, she was____an expensive white dress.

A having B putting on C dressing D wearing

  1. I____a football club a year ago.

A joined B admitted C attached D stuck up

  1. His work was ____photographs.

A to take B to get C to do D give

  1. The weather was bad and he decided to____at home.

A leave B remain C stay D reside

  1. I can’t____a bicycle.

A drive B ride C go D run

  1. I____shopping yesterday.

A made B came C managed D did

  1. If you have bad toothache, it is very difficult to____.

A swallow B chew C speak D breath

  1. People____money in a bank for future use.

A give B pay C keep D spend

  1. Prices are very____in this shop.

A expensive B high C dear D big

  1. A____stands in front of orchestra and directs it.

A musician B baton C conductor D director.

  1. He has a good____of humour.

A sense B feeling C habit D manner

Variant II

  1. I like the____fashion.

A latest B last C latter D late

  1. I wouldn’t like to discuss the question with him face___face.

A with B in C to D by

  1. Her husband is a good____.

A cook B cooker C food maker D cooking maker

  1. We are ____forward to your visit.

A expecting B waiting C seeing D looking

  1. She couldn’t do this work___his help .

A without B except C except for D besides

  1. The sea is rather cold today, so I prefer to lie on the____.

A bank B armchair C ground D beach

  1. She has gone to the baker’s to buy a ____photographs.

A packet B bar C bunch D loaf

  1. She is ____dark glasses to protect her eyes from bright light.

A bearing B wearing C carrying D bringing

  1. The main____in the country is the Nile.

A capital B city C river D ground

  1. Radio waves are____.

A unvisible B imvisible C invisible D disvisible

  1. She____several photos in the forest.

A did B made C put D took

  1. Moscow is ____beautiful city.

A so B such C very D much

  1. He has lived here____2005.

A for B from C since D to

  1. Tomorrow the weather will be____with strong winds and heavy rain.

A icy B stormy C sunny D slippery

  1. How much did you pay for the book? – “____”.

A £8.50 B In the bookshop C To read some Shakespeare D Yesterday


1 вариант

2 вариант














14. C

15. A














14. B

15. A

Критерии оценивания:

«5» - 13-15 правильных ответов «4» - 10-12 правильных ответов «3» - 7-9 правильных ответов «2» - 6 и менее правильных ответов

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