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Тест по английскому языку для 4 класса

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Комплексный тест по английскому языку для учащихся 4 класса, уровень – А1.


I. Tick True (+) or False ( - ).

  1. One sunny day a fox runs to the country.

  2. The fox fells down into the box.

  3. The lion comes to the well.

  4. The goat comes to the well.

  5. He wants to dance.

  6. The goat is in the well.

  7. The fox is on his back.

  8. The fox is on his nose.


II. Read.

The Black Widow Spider is not a very big spider. In South Africa it is sometimes called the “Button Spider”, because it is small and round and shiny. In Australia it is called the “Redback”, because it is black and red.

There are about six kinds of Black Widow Spider. They live in the hot countries of the world.

Black Widows make very strong webs. They make their webs in dry places.

In some countries Black Widows live on the ground. In other countries they live in trees. Black Widows are very poisonous, but they do not usually catch and eat insects.

Answer the questions.

  1. How many kinds of Black Widow Spider are there?______________

  2. Where do Black Widow Spiders live?__________________________

  3. What colour is the Black Widow Spider in Australia?_____________

  4. Where do these spiders usually make their webs?_______________

  5. What do they usually catch and eat?__________________________


III. Write the past forms of the following verbs.

  1. play - __________ 6.rain - __________

  2. smell - __________ 7.watch - ________

  3. is - __________ 8. walk - _________

  4. are - __________ 9.have - __________

  5. look - __________ 10. use - _________

IV. Complete the sentences. Write the times.


  1. The ABC café opens at _______________________.

  2. The ABC café closes at _______________________.

  3. The Pyramids Restaurant opens at _______________.

  4. The Pyramids Restaurant closes at _______________.

  5. The Museum of London opens at _________________.

  6. The Museum of London closes at _________________.


A Fox and a Goat

One sunny day a fox runs to the country and fells down into the well. “What can I do? Oh, help me!” the fox cries. The goat comes to the well. He wants to drink. The fox says to him: “I am glad to see you, my friend! Come to me, please! It is so nice in the well! It is cool, and the water in the well is tasty!” In some minutes the goat is in the well, too. The fox jumps on his back. The fox jumps on his head. The fox is out of the well.

Moral: Foxes are all like that!

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