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Инфоурок Иностранные языки ТестыТест по английскому языку для 6 класса на тему "Лексика и грамматика"

Тест по английскому языку для 6 класса на тему "Лексика и грамматика"

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Test 6th form v. 1

Choose the correct variant.

1. This is………classroom.

A. we B. our C. ours

2. That big grey house is…….

A. us B.my C. mine

3. The children………..in the garden.

A. are B. is C. am

4. My sister…….5 years old.

A. does B. has C. is.

5. My ………..name is Mike.

A. friend`s B. friends` C. friend

6. Give me…….sugar, please.

A. a B. an C. some

7. There are……..apples on the plate.

A. many B. much C. any

8. We are going to the museum……..the weekend.

A. on B. in C. for D. at

9. I`d like to introduce you ……..my friend.

A. for B. to C. with D. on

10. My mother goes to work……..bus.

A. by B. in C. with D. on

11. After Tuesday comes……..

A. Thursday B. Wednesday C. Monday

12. My uncle has got two children, my………..

A. brother B. aunt C. cousins D. twins

13. If the person is 52, we say he is in his ………..fifties.

A. mid B. early C. no D. late

14………talk to the driver!

А. Do B. Don`t C. Doesn't

15. Sally………..not like cooking.

A. do B. don`t C. does

16. I ……….go to Spain. I've got a house there.

A. never B. often C. rarely

17. My friends……….doing homework.

A. hate B. hates C. is hating

18. Helen is ………….a book now.

A. read B. reads C. reading

19. Tony usually………..late.

A. works B. work C. is working.

20. My brother and I ………singing very much.

A. like B. are liking C. likes

21. We met ten years……

A. gone B. ago C. past

22. Did they …….home early last night?

A. arrived B. arrives C. arrive

23. Be quiet! You ……make noise.

A. mustn’t B. must C. can

24. A lion is………than an elephant

A. smaller B. smallest C. small

25. We………on holiday last summer.

A. meet B. met C. meets

Test 6th form v. 2

Choose the correct variant.

1. Look at…….. He is my friend.

A. him B. her C. he

2. This car is……….

A. her B. hers C. she

3. She………..a doctor at the hospital.

A. am B. is C. are

4. I……….two dogs.

A. has B. hasn`t got C. have got

5. …………..favourite colour is blue.

A. Tamara`s B. Tamara C. Tamaras`

6. There……two books on the table.

A. is B. are C. some

7. There isn`t………cheese in this sandwich.

A. some B. a C. any

8. Please come to my party……..Sunday.

A. in B. on C. at D. under

9. I don`t like to listen……..classical music.

A. to B. on C. - D. with

10. We go on holiday……….August.

A. in B. near C. at D. on

11. Britain- British, Spain- Spanish, China-……….

A. Chinish B. Chinese C. Chanian D. China

12. After Monday comes………..

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday D. Friday

13. The brother of my mother is my…………

A. aunt B. grandfather C. uncle D. cousin

14. If the person is 59, we say he is in his……..fifties.

A. mid B. early C. no D. late

15. He………….like soup.

A. not B. isn`t C. don`t D. doesn`t

16. I………….go to the gym because I don`t have time

A. always B. never C. sometimes

17. They ……….football after school.

A. play B. are playing C. plays

18. Paula ……..cooking dinner at the moment.

A. am B. has C. is

19. Bill sometimes ……..till late at weekends

A. sleeps B. sleep C. is sleeping

20. Look! The clowns………on the grass.

A. dance B. are dancing C. will dance D dances

21. Mike walked to school……

A. now B. yesterday C. every day

22. You’re on holiday. You……….wake up early.

A. have to B. mustn’t C. don’t have to

23. This book is ………than the one we read last year

A. difficulter B. more difficult C. the most difficult

24. Did you …….out last night?

A. went B. goes C. go

25. She…..a cold a week ago

A. had B. have C. has


  1. Your mother’s sister is your …

  1. grandmother b) aunt c) cousin

  1. Your mother is your father’s …

  1. sister b) daughter c) wife

  1. A mail parent is your ….

  1. father b) mother c) daughter

  1. Your sister’s son is your …

  1. uncle b) cousin c) nephew

  1. Let’s have breakfast. I’ve already … the table.

  1. put b) clear c) set

  1. His little sister usually … care of their pets.

  1. is taking b) took c) takes

  1. Yesterday we … to the disco.

  1. went b) go c) has gone

  1. Have you bought presents for all your … ?

  1. nicknames b) situations c) relatives

  1. Next year my parents …. Great Britain.

  1. are going to b) have gone to c) go to

  1. Попугаи моей сестры

  1. my sisters’ parrots b) my sister’s parrot c) my sister’s parrots

  1. Игрушки моих сыновей

  1. my sons’ toys b) my son’s toys c) my sons’ toy

  1. I have never … to England.

  1. was b) been c) be

  1. Listen! Somebody … the guitar.

  1. play b) has played c) is playing

  1. Parents must talk to their children more …

  1. often b) sometimes c) never

  1. My mother is angry. My elder brother … … rubbish.

  1. haven’t taken b) takes c) hasn’t taken

  1. We … in the center of town.

  1. lives b) live c) is living

  1. He … to play tennis.

  1. don’t like b) doesn’t like c) doesn’t likes

  1. Tom … in Africa.

  1. didn’t b) aren’t c) wasn’t

  1. My aunt … a small garden.

  1. has b) have c) is


  1. Your mother’s mother is your …

  1. niece b) grandmother c) aunt

  1. A female parent is your …

  1. sister b) father c) mother

  1. Your father is your mother’s …

  1. brother b) husband c) son

  1. Your father’s brother is your …

  1. nephew b) brother c) uncle

  1. My aunt is going to cook a big …

  1. pie b) picnic c) party

  1. Her elder sister … a great party a week ago.

  1. has arranged b) arranged c) is arranging

  1. I always get … for English lesson.

  1. up b) ready c) rid of

  1. Привычки моего дяди.

  1. my uncles’ habit b) my uncle’s habit c) my uncle’s habits

  1. Дом моих родственников.

  1. my relatives’ house b) my relatives’s house c) my relatives’ houses

  1. Every day she … the table.

  1. clear b) clears c) cleared

  1. Mary … visit her friends tomorrow.

  1. didn’t b) doesn’t c) won’t

  1. speak English or Russian?

  1. have they b) are they c) do they

  1. My nephew is tired. He just … out the rubbish.

  1. has gone b) has taken c) will take

  1. His … brother joined us later.

  1. elder b) older c) bigger

  1. Children must help their parents with the …

  1. sleeping b) washing up c) watching TV

  1. They …. Discussed the problem yet.

  1. didn’t b) hasn’t c) haven’t

  1. The students … to join the scientific society next year.

  1. are going b) go c) have gone

  1. There … a bird in the box.

  1. was b) were c) are

  1. Did they … to Moscow last month?

  1. went b) will go c) go

1.Read the text.

A Monkey Saves a Little Boy.

Once a man brought home from Africa a very large monkey. The monkey loved the man very much, but

he loved the man`s little boy even more.

One day a fire broke out in the man`s house. Everyone tried to put it out, and no one thought of the

child till it was too late.

The house was all in flames when they remembered that the boy was upstairs in his room. The poor

parents did not know what to do. No one could help them now.

Suddenly a black hand pushed up the window. Then out came the monkey with the child in his arms. All

the people down in the street shouted for joy. The monkey came down, and brought the little boy to his


2. Answer the questions.

1) What animal did a man bring home from Africa?

2) Did monkey love the man?

3) What did happen in the house one day?

4) Who stayed in the house?

5) Did the monkey save boy or not?

I. Choose the correct pre"#000000"> 
1. …Monday I’m going to visit a dentist. 
2. We arrived at the station…6 o’clock. 
3. I’ll be at school…time. 
4. Let’s arrange a picnic…the weekend. 
5. I’m responsible…a social programme. 
6. A group…students will stay…their partners’ families. 
7. Bye-bye. Can I kiss you…your cheek? 
8. I like to listen…rap music. 
9. Why did you miss…the lesson? 
10. It’s nice…you to invite me…the cinema. 
11. We are going to go…a walk. 
12. Let’s go…shopping. 
13. I am going to go out…my friends. 

II. Add the tag endings. 
1. My friend plays football,…? 
2. Your mother is at home,…? 
3. The students can’t speak German,…? 
4. Paul will go to London,…? 
5. You don’t like detective stories,…? 
6. Mary did her homework yesterday,…? 
7. I’m not responsible for sweets,…? 
8. It was group of 17 students,…? 

III. Correct the mistakes. 
1. I is going to play computer games. 
2. John are going to watch TV. 
3. You are going to wear a uniform? 
4. They not are going to walk in the park. 
5. Where you are going to arrange a party? 

IV. Translate the words from Russian into English. 
Местная школа, останавливаться в отеле, расставить стулья в классном кабинете, быть ответственным за культурную программу, договариваться встретиться в 10 часов, предлагать, соревнование по теннису, договариваться о дате и времени, пожимать руки, «Неплохая идея!», приглашение, целовать. 

Test (Unit II) 

I. Choose the right answer. 
1. She is responsible…a social programme. 
a) on b) of c) for 
2. Be at school …time. 
a) on b) in c) of 
3. I propose…that he comes in April. 
a) - b) of c) with 
4. I’ll stay…my friend’s family. 
a) with b) - c) on 
5. How nice…you! 
a) in b) to c) of 
6. Our headteacher is going to invite a group…British students. 
a) with b) for c) of 
7. I like to go..shopping. 
a) - b) for c) to 
8. Let’s go…a walk. 
a) in b) to c) for 
9. We often go…the cinema. 
a) in b) to c) for 
10. My parents listen…classic music. 
a) to b) for c) – 
11. I will arrange a picnic tomorrow,…? 
a) won’t I b) will I c) do I 
12. My friends play sports,…? 
a) are they b) do they c) don’t they 
13. Susan speaks German very well,…? 
a) doesn’t she b) does she c) did she 
14. Thomas is fond of reading,…? 
a) was he? b) isn’t he? C) is he? 
15. They don’t like tennis,…? 
a) don’t they? b) do they? c) are they? 
16. We wear a uniform,…? 
a) don’t we? b) do we? c) did we? 
17. Julie cleaned the flat,…? 
a) did she? b) didn’t she c) does she? 
18. You can’t translate the text,…? 
a) can’t you? b) can you? c) could you? 
19. I…going to spend my holidays in Germany. 
a) is b) am c) are 
20. Andrew…going to miss a Maths lesson. 
a) is b) am c) are 
21. British students…going to arrange a Christmas party. 
a) is b) am c) are 
(21 points) 
II. Your classmate is going to spend his/her Christmas holiday in London. Ask 5 questions about his/her plans. 
(5 points) 
III. Choose the right word. 
1. Let’s…a picnic at the weekend. 
a) make b) arrange c) play d) stay 
2. The students will…with British families. 
a) propose b) visit c) miss d) stay 
3. I’d like to invite a…of students to visit us. 
a) invitation b) programme c) partner d) group 
4. My sister…for the educational and social programme. 
a) started b) went out c) was responsible d) arranged 
5. Our…football team went abroad last week. 
a) local b) foreign c) responsible d) social 
(5 points) 
IV. Fill in the missing words. 
Loc.l, sta., ar.ange, kis. 
(2 points) 
V. Guess what each word is. Write it down. 
(2 points)

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