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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыТест по английскому языку для 10 класса по материалу модуля 2

Тест по английскому языку для 10 класса по материалу модуля 2


SL 10. Test 2.

Vocabulary & Grammar

Task 1. Match the words in columns.

1 weekend A loan

2 shopping B chores

3 student C money

4 household D spree

5 pocket E job (5 points)

Task 2. Fill in the correct word.

charge / save / earn / lend / owe

1 Can you … me some money? I'm broke.

2 Do you manage to … any money or do you spend it all?

3 “Jane, here's the 20 pounds I … you.” “Thank you very much.”

4 How much does Kate … from her job?

5 I never go to this restaurant because they always … us more than they should. (5 points)

Task 3. Choose the correct answer A, B or C.

1 Jake loves doing extreme sports; he's very …. ( A cautious B boring C adventurous)

2 Helen is … to win the race. (A outgoing B determined C reserved)

3 Dave dreams of becoming president one day; he's extremely … ( A ambitious B brave C imaginative)

4 James writes children's books; he's very … (A active B creative C brave)

5 Ian makes new friends very easily; he's so …. (A shy B sociable C sensitive) (5 points)

Task 4. Choose the correct preposition.

1 I think you need to take these trousers out/in; they're very loose on you.

2 Harry will take over/up the business when his father gets old.

3 Peter has taken in/up tennis.

4 Why don't you take off/out your coat?

5 Your daughter has taken off/after you. You look so much alike. (5 points)

Task 5. Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold.

1 He looked at her in …. (AMAZE)

2 I hope you have a fast … (RECOVER)

3 … is quite expensive at this ski resort. (ACCOMMODATE)

4 Paul has got a very good university … (EDUCATE)

5 When did the two countries sign this …. (AGREE) (5 points)

Task 6. Put the words in brackets into the correct form: -ing form, to-infinitive or infinitive without to.

1 Kate must … (see) a doctor as soon as possible.

2 Please remind me … (return) the DVD to the video club.

3 My mother made me … (clean) my room today.

4 Would you like … (go) shopping tomorrow?

5 I don't mind … (watch) this film again.

6 Let me … (help) you with the bags.

7 Jane hates … (take) the car to the garage.

8 I can't wait … (hear) your news.

9 He went to the birthday party without … (bring) her a present.

10 Thanks, I'd love … (join) you. (10 points)

Task 7. Choose the correct answer A, B, or C.

1 Luke is brilliant … basketball. (A at B in C on)

2 I'm very proud … (A with B about C of)

3 My father is crazy … photography. (A in B about C with)

4 Are you interested … mythology? (A in B at C with)

5 Mrs Jenkins is fond … paintings. (A at B with C of) (5 points)

Task 8. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use the words in bold. Use two to five words.

1 Vivian prefers playing tennis to playing volleyball. (rather) Vivian …. play volleyball.

2 I don't really like playing board games. (keen) I ….. board games.

3 Fiona loves martial arts. (crazy) Fiona …. martial arts.

4 Sue doesn't have enough money to buy a new car. (afford) Sue … a new car.

5 We can't wait to go to Rome. (forward) We …. to Rome. (5 points)

Everyday English

Task 9. Choose the correct response.

1 A: I'm on my way to aerobics class. Fancy coming along?

B: a Sure! Why not?

b I'll call you about it later.

2 A: Would you like to come to the Chinese restaurant tonight?

B: a By the way, how did the gym go?

b I'd love to but I'm afraid I can't.

3 A: Would you rather go to the cinema or the theatre?

B: a Oh, I much prefer the theatre.

b No, but I'm going on Saturday.

4 A: How about going fishing this weekend?

B: a Oh, I've got an arts class tonight.

b I'm not keen on fishing.

5 A: Don't you think she spends too much money on clothes?

B: a You are wrong there.

b Oh, really where. (5 points)

Total: 50 points

5 – 47-50

4 – 35-46

3 – 25-34

2 – 24 и меньше


Listen to the conversation between two friends and answer questions 1-7, deciding whether the statements are A (True), B (False) or C (Not stated).

1 Sarah had an interesting weekend.

A True B False C Not stated

2 Sarah saw the activity advertised at school.

A True B False C Not stated

3 There were six people on Sarah's raft.

A True B False C Not stated

4 Sarah had all the right equipment with her.

A True B False C Not stated

5 Sarah was the only beginner.

A True B False C Not stated

6 Sarah got a good tan at the weekend.

A True B False C Not stated

7 Sarah wasn't frightened at all during the trip.

A True B False C Not stated (7 points)

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