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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыТест по английскому языку для 10 класса по материалу модуля 4 (УМК Spotlight)

Тест по английскому языку для 10 класса по материалу модуля 4 (УМК Spotlight)


SL 10 Test 4


Task 1. Match texts (A-G) with headings (1-8). Use the headings only once. There is one you do not need to use.





    1. According to a new survey, many pets are the ‘masters’ of their homes. One in ten people in Britain say that their cat or dog sleeps in their bed and eats freshly made food, for example. What about you? Are you the boss of your pet or is your pet the boss of you?

    2. There are quite a few companies producing battery-powered vehicles these days. For example, the Tesla Roadster travels at more than 200kph and accelerates to 100kph in four seconds. Remarkably, it looks a lot like any other sports car. Therefore, the cars of the future will hopefully be greener and quieter than the cars of today, but they will look just as attractive.

    3. Using the underground can be a very fast and efficient way to get around a city. Trains usually run every few minutes at busy times and there are usually several lines that take you wherever you want to go. Moreover, you avoid the chaos of the city traffic.

    4. When the Duckbilled Platypus (утконос) was first discovered in the late 1700s, a drawing of the animal was sent back to Britain. At first, the scientists there thought that the strange collection of features must be a joke. They believed somebody had sewn a duck’s beak onto the body of a beaver-like animal.

    5. With just one small payment a month you can not only save the life of one particular animal that you choose, but you can also help to protect an entire species. Your donation will be put to very good use, funding the care and protection of your animal and helping the conservation of its species. You will also receive a certificate, stickers and photos of your animal to show you how it’s doing.

    6. One of the best ways to reduce the amount of rubbish you create is to shop more carefully. Never buy more than you need, for example, and try to buy products that are reusable, refillable or concentrated. Also don’t forget to take your own bags with you instead of using new ones.

    7. Most of today’s zoos keep wild animals. However, this is not just for the amusement of their visitors, but more importantly for the conservation of endangered species, and also for education and research. Zoos aim to help save the variety of life on Earth through conservation activities such as the breeding of endangered species.







(7 points)

Vocabulary & Grammar

Task 2. Fill in the words.

release / store / eliminate / protect / save

1 What can I do to … the environment?

2 Don't throw this jar away; I can use it to … different things.

3 Unfortunately, there are still many factories that … toxic gases into the air.

4 Try to reuse things as much as possible so as to … waste.

5 Switch off the lights to … energy. (5 points)

Task 3.Choose the correct answer A, B or C.

1. Washing machines use a large …… of water.

A amount B emission C crop

2. You have to cut ….. the amount of paper you use.

A up to B out on C down on

3. Hotter summers are caused by …… warming.

A environmental B natural C global

4 Ian … money to environmental organisations.

A donates B increases C congests

5 When you go to the supermarket make sure you … to the shopping list.

A stay B keep C save (5 points)

Task 4. Choose the correct item.

1 Climate change affects/effects the whole world.

2 I don't think animals should be kept at/in captivity

3 These trousers are very loose/lose on you. Get a smaller size.

4 A lot of animal species are under/in danger of extinction.

5 Would you like some dessert/desert?

6 Polar bears are under/in threat because of climate change. (6 points)

Task 5. Choose the correct answer: A, B or C

1 Cars run … gas. A with B on C in

2 We are supporters …. WWF. A about B at C of

3 We've run …. sugar. A of B from C out of

4 Hang the cage higher to protect the canary …. the cat. A from B out of C under 5 I ran … Alex yesterday on my way to work. A onto B into C to

(5 points)

Task 6. Form the correct adjective.

1 There's no way this is right. It's absolutely (POSSIBLE).

2 Don't talk like that! This behaviour is quite (APPROPRIATE)

3 You (HEAR) me; I didn't say “joy', I said “toy”.

4 He was (PLEASED) with the situation and was trying to think of a solution.

5 The police arrested him for (LEGAL) driving. (5 points)

Task 7. Choose the correct modal verb.

1. We mustn't/don't have to go swimming at this beach; sea turtles lay their eggs here.

2 You can't/ had better not buy this tinned food; it's genetically modified.

3 He wastes so much energy; he ought/has to switch off the lights when he leaves the room.

4 When you travel, you must/should try to stay at environmentally friendly hotels.

5 You ought/have to reuse plastic and paper bags; don't throw them away.

6 You can't/don't have to enter this room; it's for staff only.

7 You can't/shouldn't buy any products you don't really need. (7 points)

Total: 40 points (5 – 38-40 / 4 – 28-37/ 3 – 20-27 / 2- 0-19)

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