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Тест по английскому языку для 5 класса по учебнику Биболетовой

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Test 5 form ( 4 semester) к учебнику «Enjoy English»

1Open the brackets

1. They (to visit) the capital of Russia next month.

2. I can’t help you now. I (do) my homework.

3. He always (to take care ) of his sick mother.

4. The Browns (to go) to the south a week ago.

5. Helen (not to help) her friend yesterday.

6. She (to play ) tennis with us tomorrow?

7. Could I speak to Susan?-Sorry, she (to take) a shower now.

2 Refer sentences into the past

1. I see my friend and his mother.

2. We take a beautiful picture.

3. He gives me a cup of coffee.

4. He gets up at 7 o’clock.

5. Children can play hockey every day.

6. I have 5 lessons on Monday.

3 Use Participle 1or2

1He stood (watched, watching) the match.

2. I shall have dinner (prepared, preparing)by 2 o’clock.

3. We saw him (taken, taking) to the hospital.

4. They will see the work (done, doing) well.

5. Tom found a (returned, returning) letter at home.

6. The boy (read, reading) a book now is my friend.

7. She see a (cried, crying) child at the moment.

4 Put in correct order.

-You are welcome. Have a nice day.(A)

- Excuse me, can you help me?(B)

-It’s very easy. Go along the street. It’s on the left.(C)

-Yes, with pleasure.(D)

- How can I get to Westminster Abbey?(E)

- Thank you.(F)

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