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Тест по английскому языку к учебнику Spotlight 8 класс (модуль1)


Test 1B (Spotlight - 8, module 1)

I Reading

Read the text and mark the statements below T (true) F (false) or NS (not stated).

Avatars and their Creators

In Hindu (индусский) mythology the word ‘avatar’ means a god into a physical form on Earth. Nowadays, an avatar is a visual representation of a person on the Internet. At this very moment, millions of people around the world are chatting and interacting in online games and most of them use avatars to do this.

A photographer and journalist called Robbie Cooper is very interested in the connection between avatars and the real people behind them. His book Alter Ego: Avatars and their Creators looks at particular examples in the world of online computer games. Generally, people do things in different ways. For example, some people make their avatars very similar to their real identity, either in appearance or personality. Other people use their avatars to express a different side of their personality. And occasionally people decide to make an avatar that is almost completely opposite to their real identity, showing them not as they are, but as they would like to be.

Take the example of Jason Rowe. He has severe muscular dystrophy in real life. He needs a special machine to live and breathe. But when he plays online he is a tall, strong, well-built, futuristic soldier. Jason plays online 80 hours a week and he enjoys it because other people treat him totally normally. When people meet him in real life, he finds that they are uncomfortable because of his

appearance. They forget that, apart from his appearance, he is totally normal. In his case, his avatar helps to break down barriers.

Then there is April Hatch, who says that she is a very shy person. At first, her avatar was very different from her real self, but she discovered that her avatar makes more friends when she is natural, more like the real April Hatch. Now April feels more confident and as a result she doesn’t spend so many hours playing online.

It seems that avatars are becoming more and more popular. Avatars are everywhere. But don’t forget the real people behind them.

6) Robbie Cooper wrote his book about the real people and their avatars.

7) Not everybody creates avatars in the same way.

8) Jason Rowe finds it difficult to make friends with his avatar.

9) Jason would like to become a soldier in the future.

10) April Hatch’s avatar now shows April as she would like to be, but isn’t.

11) April’s avatar has made a positive change to her life.

II Grammar and Vocabulary

Complete the sentences with one of these adjectives. There are two extra words you don’t need to use.

bald bossy funny selfish thin well-built ginger of medium build

12 Guy’s not tall but he’s ……. He works out in the gym every day.

13 His new girlfriend is tall and ……, like a model.

14 My father hasn’t got much hair but he’s not completely …… yet.

15 Don’t just think of yourself, that’s so …… !

16 My sister’s good at telling …… stories that make us laugh.

17 Have you noticed that …… people are always telling other people what to do?

Choose the best alternative in each sentence.

18 You need to eat more. You don’t look well. You look a bit skinny / slim.

19 Her son’s only two but he’s bright / clever enough to answer the phone.

20 My dad went grey / blond when he was in his twenties.

21 Suzanne ate a lot over Christmas and now looks a little bit ugly / overweight.

22 Jane’s hair is really straight / fair, isn’t it? It has no waves at all.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tense (Simple or Continuous).

23 You always …… (write) with your left hand?

24 This car …… (make) a very strange noise. You …… (think) it is alright?

25 What’s the problem now? You …… (not seem) happy.

26 I loved drinking milk when I was a kid but now I …… (prefer) juice or coke.

27 Why …you (look) out of the window?

28 I don’t know who this dog…… (belong) to.

29 I …… (have) a Geography class every Tuesday. We …… (learn) about Wales at the moment.

30 My mum and dad usually …..(not/see) my gran at the weekend, but they …… (visit) her today because it’s her birthday.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tense (Perfect Simple or Perfect Continuous).

31 We (walk) ten kilometres. We (walk) for three hours.

32 That girl (eat) eight ice-creams.

33 He (sleep) since nine o’clock. It’s time to wake him up.

34 I (lose) my key. I (try) to wake my mom by throwing stones at her window.

35 He (teach) in this school for five years.

Use the right form of the verb to fill in the gaps (will, be going to, Present Continuous or Present Simple).

36 I think he …… (do) well in the exams.

37 The library …… (close) at six this evening.

38 I …… (meet) Jane at six tonight.

39 She is working too hard. She …… (get) ill.

40 Don’t worry. I …… (pay) the bill.

III Writing

A friend of yours has passed all his/her exams. Write a greetings card to congratulate him/her. (30 – 40 words)

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