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Тест по английскому языку 9 класс

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9 класс


1 Listen to the dialogue and choose the best word or phrase to complete each of the sentences.

  1. The man was walking home from ...

  1. a party b) work c) the gym

  1. The robber happened in the ...

  1. street b) office c) park

  1. The robber was wearing ...

  1. sports shoes b) party shoes c) sandals

  1. The robber’s hair was ...

  1. short and wavy b) long and wavy c) long and strait

  1. The robber was ...

  1. younger than 30 b) 30 years old c) older than 30

  1. The robber took ...

  1. the right shoe b) the left shoe c) both shoes

  1. The policeman says that the robber is ...

  1. dangerous b) very dangerous c) not dangerous

2 Guess the meaning of the words.

  1. waste material (AmE) 6. a sum of money paid as a punishment

  2. to set free 7. to make less in size, price, etc.

  3. to put at ... 8. to express the intention to hurt

  4. to make air (water, etc.) dirty 9. people do it with used or waste materials

  5. to express a wish not to do something 10. to use again

3 Read the text and decide if the sentences below are true (T) or false (F)


Environmentalists are worried because many coral reefs are disappering. Today only 7 % of Jamaica’s coral reefs remain and the reefs in the Philippines and Western Indonesia are almost extinct.

Why are coralimportant ?

Thousands of fish and sea animals live around coral reefs. It is for plants to grow there because the water is warm and shallow. The animals survive by eating these plants. The reef protecs the coast from damage by waves or storms. Coral reefs are important for people, too. Doctors can use medicine made from coral to mend broken bones.

What is destroying the reefs?

Sometimes hurricanes damage coral reefs. But people cause most of the damage. People damage reefs by putting rubbish into the sea. Coral reefs must have a lot of sunlight and clean water to live. Every year thousands of tourists visit coral reefs. This makes money for country, but tourists leave rubbish and disturb the water around the reef. This damages the plants living there, so there is not enough food for the fish to eat.

  1. Coral reefs help sea animals and plants to survive. _____________

  2. Coral reefs are used for medical purposes. ___________________

  3. Hurricanes are the main enemies of coral reefs. _______________

  4. Tourists pay money to provide food for the fish. ______________

  5. Tourists drop litter into the water around the coral reefs.

4 Passive Voice. Convert the sentences from active into passive voice.

  1. Somebody cleans this room every day.

  1. This room is clean every day.

  2. This is cleaned every day.

  3. Somebody is cleaned every day.

  1. Somebody built this house in 1895.

  1. This house is built in 1895.

  2. This house were built in 1895.

  3. This house was built in 1895.

  1. They will open the new hotel next year.

  1. The new hotel will opened next year.

  2. The new hotel will be opened next year.

  3. They will be opened the new hotel.

  1. People make jam from fruit.

  1. Jam had made from fruit.

  2. People is made from fruit.

  3. Jam is made from fruit.

  1. They will open the new sports centre soon.

  1. The new sports centre will be opened soon.

  2. The new sports centre will opened soon.

  3. The new sports centre was opened soon.

  1. Her mother woke Alice up at 7 o’clock.

  1. Alice was woken up at 7 o’clock with her mother.

  2. Alice were woken up at 7 o’clock by her mother.

  3. Alice was woken up at 7 o’clock by her mother.

  1. The boys walk the dog every day.

  1. The dog is walked by the boys every day.

  2. The dog are walked by the boys every day.

  3. The boys are walked by the dog every day.

  1. A designer will make her wedding dress.

  1. Her wedding dress will made by a designer.

  2. Her wedding dress will be made by a designer.

  3. Her wedding dress made by a designer.

  1. They invited us to a concert last Sunday.

  1. We were invite to a concert last Sunday.

  2. We were invited to a concert last Sunday.

  3. We was invited to a concert last Sunday.

  1. People gather mushrooms in autumn.

  1. Mushrooms are gather in autumn.

  2. Mushrooms were gathered in autumn.

  3. Mushrooms are gathered in autumn.

5 Write a letter to your friend about your summer holidays and answer the questions:

  1. Where did you go?

  2. With whom did you go?

  3. What did you do there?

  4. What was the weather like?

  5. Did you like your summer holidays?

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